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In the months to come, this section should become an a-z history of as many of the SW Sunday morning pirate stations as we can find information on. Any information/ contributions are of course very welcome.
Radio Solent City

ABC England
A notorious Cambridge pirate, who made it onto the BBC's "Nationwide" in the 70s
ABC Europe
The station used to broadcsat via FRBC
ABC Germany
This station began under the name Radio Europe, which the QSLs are for
ABC International
A station from 1979/80 era, which was part of the 6235 network
Atlanta Radio
This station began in January 1979, and was run by Mark Stafford, heard in 1998 on European Klassik Rock, on the Astra satellite.
Bell Radio
A short lived Birmingham/ W Midlands based SW pirate
Britain Radio
Not BRI, but Britain Radio, who used to announce FM in the Scarbourgh area
Continental Radio International
An old Dutch QSL card
Empire Radio
A classic station from the Midlands area of England.
European Music Radio
This station recently returned to the air after about 14 years off the air
The Free Radio Broadcsating Company, the ultimate in free radio
Ozone International
Prince Terry's operation active to date
Radio Apollo
A well heard English pirate from the early 80s, operated by Dave Scott.
Radio Atlantis
A qsl from 1972 from Gary Hogg, including after they changed their name to Radio London International
Radio Black Fox
A short lived English based operation
Radio C
Italian station which used 31m in the mid 80s
Radio Corina
An FM station from London which later broadcast in parallel on AM and SW on the 41m
Radio Corsair
The neighbouring station to Skyport Radio, who also used to send out leaflets for the communist party.
Radio Enoch
The Voice of people against marxism. This voice from 1979 was a very unwelcome guest on the bands, because of the extreme political propeganda aired. It drew the attention of the SW stations to many unwelcome listeners. The Enoch Powell the station was named after, died in February 1998. Mr Powell was a controversial MP.
Radio Enterprise
Another one of the bouquet of Dublin SW pirates of the 80s
Radio Fax
The well heard station which used to broadcast from Co Louth in Eire, before recommencing from Co Donegal
Radio Gemini
This well heard and ancient English SW pirate station seems to have vanished. They were well known for their November time transmissions, and one of the guys can still be heard doing spots on Laser Hot Hits, on 6220, and 3930, from Ireland. The station is a sad loss to the SW pirate scene 
Radio Gloria
This German station was well heard in the mid 70s, and a legend at of it's time
Radio Impact
This entertaining station lasted a couple of years around 1979, and 80
Radio Ireland
One of the handful of Dublin based SW pirates to spring up in the 80s, and disappear again
Radio Iris
This station had connections with Radio Mi Amigo in the 70s
Radio London International
A station which used to be called Radio Atlantis in 1972, changed name to Radio London International. I wonder how many other offshore stations they called themselves after!!! A 70s station, with the voice of one of the chaps from Radio Impact.
Radio Lough Ree
A station which was a relay via WMR, based in Co Roscommon, Eire 
Radio Maniac
Radio Mercury
This station was the forerunner to Weekend Music Radio, at least one half of the operation. The second half, Stuart Clarke, went on to start ABC Radio in Tramore, Co Waterford
Radio Scandanavia
This and World Music Radio tend to be lumped together with the pirates, despite the Radio Andorra legal relays. The Radio Andorra file is on the International broadcasters page
Radio Sunshine International
This station was a regular on SW, although one MW broadcast was noted, which was thought to be from the Manchester area
Radio Valentine
A German station, popular in it's day
Radio Valleri
This Irish outfit featured prominently in the 1978 WRTH, in the article by John Campbell
Radio Viking
This Danish outfit was the forerunner to Quality Radio, ABC Denmark, as well as the 1997 return of World Music Radio
Radio Woodstock
A notorious Scottish pirate, which used to entertain Europe with live shows on a Sunday morning, with a powerhouse signal.
Radio Zenith
Another station which was part of the 6235 network 
Radio Zodiac/ Zodiac49
Again a station from the late 70s
Riverside Radio
The former name of Jolly Roger Radio
Skyport Radio
A station was extremely active for most of the 1970's and broadcast weekly for long periods of time before disappearing during late 1978. 
Time Radio
This Dutch operation announced as the brightest sound on the international radio dial
Westside Radio
The former name for Ozone International
World Music Radio
Some qsls etc of the station when it was a SW pirate as such