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The two designs of QSL cards sent out by Radio Mercury
(click image for high resolution version)

Radio Mercury Audio Files

1979_02_04_sun_mercury_6260sw_studio_0900-0930_daveanderson-ght18.mp3 New Feb 2022  Dave Anderson signs on the station for the first birthday broadcast. This recording and those below from 4th February 1979 were copies made in 1979 from the original studio recordings. 41MB
1979_02_04_sun_mercury_6260sw_studio_0930-1000_stuartclark-ght18.mp3 New Feb 2022  Stuart Clark from 0930 until 10am. Copied from the original studio recording back in 1979. 40MB
1979_02_04_sun_mercury_6260sw_studio_1000-1100_steveyork_markboland-ght18.mp3 New Feb 2022  German DJ Steve York is followed at 1030 by Mark Boland.  Steve York worked on other shortwave stations at the time including Radio Partisan. Mark Boland was also on the air at Southside Radio on 999kHz in Dun Laoghaire and produced an FRC Show on that station.  On his Radio Mercury show this week he features Alternative Radio Dublin. Copied from the original studio recording back in 1979. 82MB
1979_02_04_sun_mercury_6260sw_studio_1100-1130_connieferrin-ght18.mp3 New Feb 2022  New DJ Connie Ferrin between 1100 and 1130 with a rocky show. Copied from the original studio recording back in 1979. 42MB
1979_02_04_sun_mercury_6260sw_studio_1130-1200_karen-ght18.mp3 New Feb 2022  The final show for the day was from 'Super Sunday' Karen, who was one of the editors of the Dutch 'Free Radio Magazine'.  She produced a bi-lingual show in Dutch and English. 40MB
1979_09_00_sun_mercury_daveanderson_brief_signoff-gh51.mp3 New Feb 2022  A brief sign off from Dave Anderson, on what what was possibly one of the final broadcasts in September 1979.  Recorded in Leeds, but the actual frequency was not noted on the tape. 0.4MB


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