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Radio Corina started as an FM station in 1979 on 92.4MHz broadcasting to North London. The station was operated by Tony Rodgers on a Sunday morning between 10am and mid-day when Radio Invicta took over the frequency.  The station was raided during October 1979, apparently  by an off-duty policeman walking his dog.  There was a short broadcast on 21st October to inform listeners of the situation.  Radio Corina made a broadcast at Christmas 1980 broadcasting on FM and SW.  In early 1981 broadcasts on shortwave were heard on 7380kHz for several Sundays.

Radio Corina (International) Audio Library

1979_09_02_sun_corina_924fm_airchecks_tonyrodgers-gh.wav Updated Sep 2023 Recorded at Alexandra Palace, some airchecks of Tony Rodgers on Radio Corina from the late morning of Sunday 2nd September 1979. 7MB
1980_12_25_corina_924fm_0805-0907_tonyrodgers-ghe556.mp3 New Oct 2023 The first of several files from Christmas 1980.  Here is an hour of Tony Rodgers from just after 8am on Christmas Day. The source and location of the recording of these first two is not known, and although presumably from 92.4MHz FM, sounds more like MW due to the poor tape quality. Tony mentions that the shortwave transmission is being switched on 7380kHz at 9am.  It is interesting to note there some interference on this recording at around 0855 which could well be the shortwave transmitter being tuned up. 57MB
1980_12_25_corina_924fm_0912-1015_tonyrodgers-ghe556.mp3 New Oct 2023 Another hour of Tony Rodgers from Christmas Day 1980 this time from 0910-1010. Poor audio due to tape as mentioned in the previous comment from an unknown source. 57MB



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