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During the early 1970's WNYW was one of only three stations operating from the United States on shortwave, other than the government sponsored Voice of America and AFRTS (The American Forces Radio and Television Service).  The others were religious stations WINB from Red Lion, Pennsylvania and KGEI from California as well as the well known time signal station WWV from Fort Collins, Colorado.  WNYW or Radio New York Worldwide as the station announced, was the only commercial operator and was affiliated to the CBS Network. Their transmitters were located in Scituate, Massachusetts, just a short distance South of Boston.  The station was bought by the Family Radio Network, and continued to broadcast as WYFR for a time from the same site.  The last WNYW entry in the World Radio and TV Handbook was in 1973.  The Scituate site was closed some years later when WYFR moved to Florida.



The schedules and details below came from the 1969 (above)
and 1970 (below) edition of the World Radio and TV Handbook.

The 1969 edition of the WRTH contained several advertisements for the station. These included:

1. Full pages for the station itself (156k)

2. The Spanish service (117k)

3. Half pages for the WNYW Listeners Club (73k)

4. And sister station in New York WRFM (78k)

5. The 1970 edition of the WRTH also contained a one page advertisement (135k) for WNYW.


1972 A sign-on from the station recorded during 1972.  At this time WNYW commenced transmissions to Europe at 1600GMT.  This is an extract from the loop tape which went out for around 5 minutes up to the start of daily programmes. (File size = 435k)


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