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KISS FM – Monaghan Town:

It has been said that KISS FM Monaghan was the best station that ever came out of Ireland. This was a discussion in 2004 at Tony Allan’s memorial party in Dublin, 16 years after the closure. Define “best” and everyone has of course a very different view. Some would have said TTTR’s country format was the best; some may suggest K-L-A-S with the classical music output stole that qualification. But for signal, music policy and consistency, KISS took some beating. The line up from the start to the finish was the virtually the same, rare in a radio station, although the whole lifetime of KISS Monaghan was only about 9 months.

KISS FM – Monaghan Town: KISS FM 103.7 broadcast with a massive ERP from a high hill in County Monaghan, beaming into Belfast. In Scotland the FM signal was often heard, and on a good day was recordable, being on the beam!! AM was on the Radio 10 Gold frequency of 1008, but at that time Dutch Radio signed off for the night. At night time, after Holland went off, the powerful signal could be heard across Europe. Unfortunately the distant listeners never had the chance to enjoy the daytime weekday programmes, much different from the night time and weekend output.

Included in the daytime line up were offshore favourites Nick Richards and Tom Hardy, and Susan Charles. Owen Barry, well known on the pirate radio scene in Co Louth presented the afternoon show. Others included Dennis Murray, Lawrence John, engineer Miles Johnstone, Roland Burke and others.

KISS was the favourite Irish pirate station of the writer. At that time luckily, there was a working reel to reel, although not an unlimited supply of the 7 or 8 quid blank tapes. A 7 inch triple play tape gave 6½ hours per track, of which there were 4. Compare that to an MP3 cd, which can hold just under this amount, or a DVD, which will hold an amazing 6 and a bit times that amount, or even 11 times the data on an 8g disk. Thus these mp3s are unique recordings from old reels, many over 6 hours long.

KISS were plagued by problems, especially at the start from sabotaged antennas, ILR Belfast etc. The AM was moved from 1008, to 1170, and finally to 1413, before going off unceremoniously one day, and was never switched back on. This hampered reception in Scotland a bit, having to rely on an FM signal coming across 3 countries before reaching us!!

Some of the recordings of KISS had a dreadful hum on the carrier, which was not the recording equipment, but actually transmitted. I am unsure if this was trouble with the link, or NWCR on 1008 from Buncrana, causing a bit of grief. Some recordings also seemed to have a noise on the link, especially during the tests.

Monaghan boasted 4 stations, all starting very late in the day, 1987 or 1988. KISS, KITS, Radio Star Country, and Northern Star Radio. The latter could be seen by just looking out the window of KISS FM, just literally across the road, off Old Cross Square. Notice the similar names.

Radio Star Country and Radio Dublin were the only stations staying on the air after legislation in 1988, and Star is still on air in 2012.

New in May 2008, 2 long recordings made from FM, recorded in Scotland, so slight fading at times, but mostly very good and listenable, and most importantly, unique six and a half hour recordings.

880323_KISS_1008_1141-1715_Tests_reel_4_kb.mp3 (213,217k)
880324_KISS_1008_0910-1530_Tests_inc_tone_and__tape_change_reel_4_kb.mp3 (288,296k)
880401_kiss_fm_1008_1326-1734_tom_hardy_owen_barry_good_fri_1st_day.mp3 (170,277k)
880414_kiss_fm_1008_0848-1510_nick_richards_tom_hardy_owen_barry.mp3 (220,039k)
1988_05_30_mon_kissfm_monaghan_1037fms_0958-1130_tomhardy-gh1087.mp3 New Mar 2022 Tom Hardy with a (UK) Bank Holiday Monday programme. News is read by Con McConville.  Recorded in Belfast from 103.7MHz in stereo. 216MB
880613_kiss_fm_103.7_1025-1650_tom_hardy_owen_barry_roland_news_reel_11_kb.mp3 (new May 08) (235,335k)
880614_kiss_fm_103.7_1324-1950_roland_burke_owen_barry_john_friday_monaghan_reel_11_kb.mp3 (new May 08) (256,795k)
1988_06_22_wed_1008am_close_announcement.mp3 New Sep 2021 Owen Barry reads out a KISS statement that the 1008kHz AM transmission would close that evening. 103.7MHz carried on as normal, and KISS re-appeared on AM 1170kHz a few days later on 28th June.  Recorded from 1008kHz in Belfast. 1.1MB
1988_06_22_wed_1008am_1809-1912_owenbarry_final_1008am_evening.mp3 New Sep 2021 An hour of Owen Barry during the final evening's broadcast on 1008kHz.  KISS continued as normal on 103.7MHz, and the AM had returned on a different channel of 1170kHz by 28th June. Recorded from 1008kHz in Belfast. 58MB
1988_06_24_fri_kissfm_1037fm_1458-1735_owenbarry-gh758.mp3 New Aug 2022 Owen Barry with Susan Charles on news, a couple of days after the AM transmitter was switched off in order to change frequency, and so KISS were only broadcasting on FM. Recorded from 103.7MHz near Blackpool in mono.  Due to the distance, there are some fades which increase towards the end of the recording. 216MB
1988_06_24_fri_kissfm_1037fm_1735-1915_owenbarry_patcunnane-gh758.mp3 New Aug 2022 A continuation of the above recording of Owen Barry made near Blackpool, but sadly the fades increase in regularity. The start of Pat Cunnane follows the news at 7pm with Susan Charles. Recorded near Blackpool from 103.7MHz. 149MB
1988_07_16_sun_kissfm_1037fms_2130-2300_terrihooley-gh223.mp3 New Aug 2022 Terry Hooley with his popular reggae show from Sunday 16th July 1988. Recorded in Dungannon from 103.7MHz in stereo. 211MB
880727wed_kiss1170am_0820-1020_nickrichards_tomhardy.mp3 112,068k
880727wed_kiss1170am_1020-1245_tomhardy.mp3 134,413k
880729_kiss_fm_1170_0945-1115_nick_richards_tom_hardy_1170_only.mp3 (54,644k)
881028_kiss_fm_1170_0912-1501_nick_richards_tom_hardy_owen_barry.mp3 (258,987k)
881209_fri_kiss_monaghan_1413am_0800-1115_heavy_foreign_interference.mp3 175,500k
1988_12_16_fri_kissfm_1413am_0834-0920_nickrichards-gh794.mp3 New Jan 2022 The first of a number of recordings from 16th December 1988 as recorded from 1413kHz near Blackpool. Nick Richards hosts the breakfast show with Con McConville reading news at 9am.  Some local electrical interference, but not too bad considering it was long distance AM reception during the winter months. 41MB
1988_12_16_fri_kissfm_1413am_0923-1008_nickrichards-gh794.mp3 New Jan 2022 Nick Richards finishes his morning show, and is followed by Tom Hardy after Con McConville on 10am news.  Recorded near Blackpool as above. 42MB
1988_12_16_fri_kissfm_1413am_1011-1106_tomhardy-gh794.mp3 New Jan 2022 Tom Hardy with the start of his morning show as recorded near Blackpool. 50MB
1988_12_16_fri_kissfm_1413am_1108-1229_tomhardy-gh794.mp3 New Jan 2022 More of Tom Hardy into lunchtime.  There were certainly plenty of adverts heading up to Christmas. 74MB
1988_12_16_fri_kissfm_1413am_1230-1315_tomhardy-gh794.mp3 New Jan 2022 More of Tom Hardy through lunchtime with Susan Charles on news at 1pm.  There were certainly plenty of adverts heading up to Christmas. Again recorded near Blackpool from 1413kHz. 41MB
1988_12_16_fri_kissfm_1413am_1351-1530_tomhardy_owenbarry-gh794.mp3 New Jan 2022 The last recording we have from this day as recorded from 1413kHz near Blackpool. Owen Barry takes over from Tom Hardy at 2pm.  The signal starts to suffer during Owen's show and there is a bit of a hum towards the end of this one.  It is also partially airchecked. 60MB
1988_12_17_sat_kissfm_1037fms_1035-1128_susancharles_rockinamerica.mp3 New Sep 2021 Susan Charles is followed at 11am by the Rockin America Top 30 Countdown syndicated show with Scott Shannon on this Saturday before Christmas. Recorded from 103.7MHz in stereo. 95MB
1988_12_17_sat_kissfm_1037fms_1549-1635_dennismurray.mp3 New Sep 2021 Dennis Murray on a Saturday afternoon leading up to Christmas. Recorded from 103.7MHz in stereo. 86MB
1988_12_21_wed_kissfm_1037fms_0730-0833_nickrichards_conmcconville-mj.mp3 116,000k
1988_12_21_wed_kissfm_1037fms_0833-0936_nickrichards_conmcconville-mj.mp3 116,000k
1988_12_21_wed_kissfm_1037fms_1141-1315_tomhardy_c180-mj.mp3 New Sep 2021 Tom Hardy on lunchtime during the final week of KISS. Recorded in Belfast from 103.7MHz in stereo.  Thanks to Miles for originally supplying this on a C180. 215MB
881223_fri_kiss_monaghan_1413am_0747-0839_nickrichards_foreign_interference.mp3 47,650k
881223_fri_kiss_monaghan_1413am_0841-1105_nickrichards_tomhardy.mp3 128,950k
1988_12_24_sat_kissfm_1037fms_1755-1810_dennismurray_patcunnane_c180-mj.mp3 New Sep 2021 Dennis Murray completes his final Saturday show and is followed by the start of Pat Cunnane.  Recorded from 103.7MHz in stereo. Thanks to Miles for originally supplying this on one of those very long C180 cassettes. 32MB
1988_12_25_sun_kissfm_1037fms_1550-1710_jeffcamblin_c180-mj.mp3 New Sep 2021 After the end of what sounds like a station Christmas Panto, at 4pm Jeff Camblin plays classic oldies on Christmas Day afternoon.  Recorded from 103.7MHz in stereo. Thanks to Miles for originally supplying this on a C180. 182MB
881226_mon_kissfm_1037fm_1830-2000_susancharles_hissy.mp3 180,944k
881227_tue_kissfm_1037fm_2040-2200_johnfriday_hissy.mp3 164,157k
1988_12_29_thu_kissfm_1037fms_0802-0849_nickrichards-mj.mp3 87,000k
1988_12_29_thu_kissfm_1037fms_0914-1001_nickrichards-mj.mp3 87,000k



KISS 1008 AM Monaghan 28-02-88 Test Tx. From 4.15pm.mp3 27,575k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 20-03-88 Test Tx. with Miles Johnston 1600 - 1646.mp3 37,031k
KISS 1008 AM Monaghan 23-03-88 Full Test Tx. Tape 1015 - 1445.mp3 222,537k
KISS 1008 AM Monaghan 24-03-88 Test Tx. 1430 - 1530.mp3 50,251k
KISS 1008 AM Monaghan 27-03-88 Test Tx. From 7.59am.mp3 42,362k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 27-03-88 Jeff Camblin 1900 - 1957.mp3 45,479k
KISS 1008 AM Monaghan 28-03-88 Nick Richards & Tom Hardy From 9am.mp3 41,237k

APRIL / MAY 1988

KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan - April 1988 - Nonstop Music.mp3 155,525k
KISS 1008 AM Monaghan 01-04-88 Nick Richards & Owen Barry 1328 - 1635.mp3 153,071k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 03-04-88 Gary Owens Music Weekend.mp3 61,247k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 04-04-88 Tom Hardy 1000 - 1046.mp3 72,003k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 04-04-88 Owen Barry 1400 - 1446.mp3 73,744k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 04-04-88 John Friday 1900 - 1946.mp3 69,994k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 06-04-88 Nick Richards 0602 - 0647.mp3 66,402k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 10-04-88 Jeff Camblin 1600 - 1646.mp3 65,819k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 16-04-88 Overnight Music Sequencer.mp3 131,173k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 16-04-88 Denis Murray 1400 - 1446.mp3 71,093
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 16-04-88 Scott Shannon's Rockin' America Top 30 Countdown.mp3 65,803k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 16-05-88 Nick Richards From 7.59am.mp3 122,688k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 30-05-88 Tom Hardy From 10.01am.mp3 129,227k

JULY 1988

KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 17-07-88 Jeff Camblin From 5pm.mp3 116,601k
KISS 1170 AM Monaghan 29-07-88 Tom Hardy From 10.03am.mp3 37,496k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 31-07-88 Nonstop Music From 8.12am.mp3 116,189k


KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 16-12-88 Owen Larkin From 2.30pm.mp3 55,315k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 16-12-88 Roland Burke From 7.35pm.mp3 76,595k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 17-12-88 Denis Murray From 3pm.mp3 54,790k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 19-12-88 Tom Hardy From 11.21am.mp3 57,540k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 21-12-88 John Friday From 7.03pm.mp3 110,827k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 21-12-88 Nick Richards From 8.49am.mp3 56,841k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 26-12-88 Pop Quiz & Pat Cunane.mp3 48,735k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 26-12-88 Susan Charles Interviews Miles Johnston.mp3 16,645k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 29-12-88 Scott Shannon's Rockin' America From 12 midnight.mp3 110,969k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 30-12-88 Last Day Of Broadcasting 0559 - 1003.mp3 342.527k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 30-12-88 Last Day Of Broadcasting 1002 - 1400.mp3 334.419k
KISS FM 103.7 Monaghan 30-12-88 Last Day Of Broadcasting 1403 - 1806.mp3 341.629k


KISS FM 103.7 Song Mix 20 Years On (processed).mp3 366,387k
KISS FM Monaghan Jingle Composite 1988.mp3 1,775k
Charlie Van Dyke - KISS FM 103.7 Voiceover Master Reel 1988.mp3 12,087k


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