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EIRE 1981



NB. These files were recorded as .ra, "Real Audio 3" back in the very early days of audio on line, and way before the days of the common standard being mp3, and thus the quality could be obviously a lot better.

Most modern day PCs won't even play the .ra files now by default, unless on line to download the add on for Real Player. VLC player will cope with .ra, but not .rm or .ram.

The files are still here, simply because we have to go through all the old tapes to re-record them in the now standard MP3 format.
Apologies for the dubious quality. We hope this time we can push to at least complete this part of the site soon.

The long term plan of the dx archive is to have the full recordings these clips came from all available on line. This facelift in late 2010 included these audio pages, and rather than having about 11 pages of audio clips, they are all on the one index page now. It makes working through the files and replacing them with proper mp3 full bitrate files, a lot easier. The pageS were not even worthy of much of a tidy up, but we have done a little. Again though, we may phase in real recordings on this page and simply call it audio index..



ARD frequency change (245k)

This Dublin station changed AM channels every morning at around 8am, this recording is the only known recording taken from the 1134kHz channel, before retuning to the worse 1143. It suffered slop from ILR Glasgow, as it was taped in Scotland on 7th June 1981, at 0758. DJs Owen Conroy and Derek Jones (not the well known Radio Valleri DJ). 


ARD (51k)

An FM recording of the silly little tune played to retune the AM signal. This was recorded in Dublin on 14th August 1981 at 0700 on 99.9. 


Big D Radio (205k)

A recording made during their move from Camden Street, to South Richmond St. Taped on Friday 14th August 1981, while in Dublin. The studio was a temp, but they kept the station on air. (despite the terrible hummmm)  


"Big D Radio" Dublin (157k)

A couple of airchecks of veteran offshore broadcaster Tony Allen on Big D, August 19th 1981 around 1830 taken from 1116kHz. Recorded in Dublin. 


Big L (55K)

The Limerick version of Big L has a very original jingle package! Recorded in Limerick on 17th August 1981 0104 from 92.4FM. 



BLB (225K)

A recording made during our visit to BLB, on Friday 14th August 1997, morning prog around 1115. DJ was blind Joe Bollard.  


Boyneside Radio (86k)

A jingle used during the night tapes in 1981 


Boyneside Radio (79k)

Another jingle used during the night tapes in 1981. This one made by Heddy Eddie. 


Cork City Local Radio(374k)

CCLR was the first Cork station that we received on our trip as we approached the City on the road from Killarney.  This is an aircheck from 1143kHz medium wave, recorded on Monday 17th August 1981.  It was made as we travelled through the streets of Cork City attempting to find the station studios, and features the end of the John Harris programme and the start of Dave Gilmour at 4pm.


Community Radio Youghal (83k)

This country station in Co Cork, Eire, was heard Europe wide in 1980/1 on 1512kHz. Listen to this well known jingle from the station, taped in Scotland on 8th Nov 1980, around 0130 or maybe 0200. They announce as 202m, and 1485kHz!! 


Community Radio Youghal (266k)

CRY recorded in Youghal, on Tuesday 18th August 1981, just at the lunchtime sign off. Recorded from the MW 1512. 


Diamond Radio (273k)

Recorded during our visit to Dublin on Friday 14th August 1981.  This was a new station to us, announcing 190metres, which we measured on about 1580kHz, and was recorded as we travelled from visiting ARD / Radio 257 at the Crofton Airport Hotel towards the city centre.  We never found the station as the public phone we tried to use to contact them didn't work.  However we were very close judging by the strength and hum on the signal.  Presenter was Tony James who guess what, was playing those f*** clapping songs I loved so much on that trip!  He handed over to Eddie Mcrane (or something like that) at 5pm.


Double R Radio (162k)

The sign off from Double R Radio taken from 1035kHz on Friday14th Aug 81, around 2100. This was a test from their new set up at the Waldorf Hotel, Eden Key, and not from the Railway Road site. 


East Coast Radio (359k)

East Coast Radio was the station which took over the Sonic Transmitter on 1314kHz, listen to this clip from November 1981 with Nigel Roberst and Johnny Lewis, alias Steven Bishop. 


K.E.L.O. (234k)

KELO Swords, as Skip Cameron winds up the programme, to make way for Davitt Kelly on 4th May 1981, taped in Scotland from 1233kHz. The time, just before 12 midday and just after. 


K.E.L.O. (26k)

John Clark passed through KELO briefly in mid 1981, before going on to join Radio Nova, and later RTE. This clip is taken from 28th May 1981 from 1233kHz, taped in Scotland. The time was just before 3pm.  


Kerry Local Radio (74k)

This Tralee station had us beaten, but there was some fine recordings made of it. DJ Mike Donovan is heard here with a full station ID. 17/8/81, 99.9 around 1308 in the afternoon, recorded in Tralee 


Radio Carlow(365k)

This clip was taken from our brief visit to Radio Carlow on Wednesday 19th August 1981.  Although the signal on 1413kHz, 212metres did not appear to travel too far at that time, their audio quality was probably one of the finest we heard on medium wave during the trip.   The station had obviously not been on the air long, as DJ John Dempsey can be heard here asking for new presenters to contact the station.


Radio Carol-Ann (78k)

This station with two names I suppose can be heard here with Big DJ Mark Anthony, as well as the Carol-Ann ID and the Midland Radio jingle, which included the wrong frequency. Recorded on Sunday 16th August 1981, at 1657 from the 1125 channel. 


Radio Carrick (187k)

Radio Carrick fron Carrick-Upon-Suir had a fairly weak signal on 1512kHz. This recording was made on 18th August 1981, at the station. Hear the sign off announcement at the early time of 6pm. 


Radio City Cork (74k)

A unique recording of Alan Reid, at the time City DJ, now Henry Owens of Atlantic 252, recorded in Cork 17/8/81 4pm from the FM 95.6 service.  


Radio City Dublin (279k)

August 82, while we were in Ireland 


Radio Dublin (86k)

A classic clip from The Captain's news bulletin on Sunday 9th August 1981, talking about the hetrodyne caused by WKRC operating off channel, on 1250kHz. This was recorded in Scotland from 6910kHz around 1350 BST. 


Radio Dublin (236k)

A typical Sunday afternoon, after the station news overund, Shay West hands over to Leo Malone. This was perhaps when Radio Dublin was at it's best, signal and audio wise. The date on this one, 5th April 1981, from 1188kHz, around 2.20pm, and it was recorded in Scotland.  


Radio Dublin (356k)

A recording of Radio Dublin, taped in the city while we were in the station, on Sat 15th August 198. from 1188kHz. This was the announcement which attracted the violence, as per the 1981 story!


Radio Leinster (244k)

An aircheck or two, while we headed towards the station, on Saturday 15th August 1981, from around the 4pm mark. DJ Derek Nally is on air on 738kHz, with the old telephone number of 983251  


Raidio Luimini (555k)

A very unique station used to broadcast to Limerick. This long sample of part of John 'The Man' Frawley doing his traditional breakfast show. Sadly this amazing fellow has passed away. This recording was made in Limerick on 17th August 1981, from MW 1368kHz, between 8am and 9am. 


Radio North West (32k)

From Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim, a jingle and quick link from this top of the dial station. Date on this one 16th August 1981, 1355, on 1615kHz. This was recorded in Drumshanbo. 


Radio Sligo (117k)

This rarity was recorded on Sunday 16th August 1981 in Sligo, from the MW 1260 frequency. It is an advert for the charity marathon radio show, as per the 1981 story. 


Sonic Independent Radio (159k)

This Shankhill, South Dublin station was heard on the SW as well as regularly on 1314kHz. This clip was taken off 1314kHz on 14th August 1981, while we visited the station. Hear Bob Nailor handing over to Dave Anderson for his first show on Irish MW radio. 


Southside Radio (45k)

A rare recording, made on 1998kHz on the evening of 10th August 1981, just before 2300UTC. This shows how strong the signal was in Scotland on the harmonic.  



Southside Radio (85k)

A rare news report from Sybel Fennel, later to become well known on Radio Nova Dublin. Recorded in the Dublin area around 1230 while on the road to Sunshine. 14th August 81, 999kHz. Also Steven Bishop/ John Lewis celebrates the MOA by playing the Fortunes and Caroline. Quality is a little noisy as we were on the move as the tape was running. 


Southside Radio(45k)

A short extract from Southside Radio with Steven Bishop on the breakfast show announcing the short-lived second channel of 1566kHz in parallel to 999kHz, and 104MHz FM.  The date was around October / November 1981 shortly before his departure for Sunshine Radio.


Suirside Radio (271k)

An early tape of Dave Hunt on the afternoon delight programme on Suirside Radio, Waterford. This recording was made in Waterford on Tues 18th August 1981, from FM 97.9. 


Sunshine Radio (130k)

Sunshine Radio extended their original hour of sign off from 6pm, to 9pm. This sign off was recorded in Scotland with Siobhan Walls, closing up the station for the night, on 16th June 1981, 


Telstar Radio (93k)

A unique recording I suppose, made in Waterford, when WLR was off air for maintenence. Sign off was midnight on Tues 18th August 1981, from 1197kHz. 


Tipperary Community Radio (25k)

This is about all we have of this station from the trip. It was recorded in the evening of 17th August 1981, around 8pm, from MW 1327kHz. The signal was rather poor, even in Youghal. The only ided as TCR unfortunately.  



TTTR (304K)

A relatively longish few airchecks of TTTR in the very early days. They had began in the Summer of 1981, heard in Scotland on 945. The date for these clips, Sat 15th Aug 81, from 945, heading towards Greenacres Country Club, which became known as the Nova Park.  



WABC (108k)

WABC recorded in Scotland on 8th August 1981, with a local DJ, and a classic commercial with a 2 digit telephone.  



WABC Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon (183k)
An aircheck from this well known at the time AM and SW station. Listen to the sign on from Eamon Brooks who was Roger Mathews on Radio Caroline in the 70s. The date for this log actually Sunday morning 16th August 1981, at 0900 on 1368. Recorded on our holidays at the station site.



Waterford Local Radio (283k)

The station sign on, the day we were there, on FM only, because the AM was still off air, despite a sign off the night before to shift location. Date for this, Wednesday 19th August 1981, from 88.8FM.  


WCLR (Wexford County Local Radio) (346k)

A recording made on 19th August 1981, as we passed through Wexford. In fact we were in the studio at the time, as you can hear...


WKRC Newbridge Co Kildare (86k)

Hear the "Radio 14" jingle they hijacked from the States, probably assuming it meant nothing. In reality 1400 kHz was the frequency of their rival up the road, Kildare Community Radio!! This aircheck was made on our arrival at the station Sat15th August 1981, taken from their 1250kHz AM signal, just before 8pm.



And finally despite there being no radio jingles in this audio file, this music for me offers something really special, and will always remind me of the Irish pirates. The clip is from the record "Summer In Dublin" by "Bagatelle", from their first album in 1981. I think I speak for all of us when I say it has a special meaning.





ABC Dunlaoire (321k)

This station used 96FM for a time, before developing into South City Radio. They were all very short lived these stations, and by the time the legislation was introduced in 1988, they were long forgotton. This recording was made in Dublin on 7th April 1982 signing off at 0100, with Ken Martin, as well as a clip of the breakfast show.


ABC Tramore (326k)

An extract of ABC from 729kHz, taped in Waterford, of an Andy Ellis show just after the station came on the air in March 1982. Monday 29th March 1982.  Time around 1330/1430, and includes an advert for a television dealer who was going to do a set up for £8! Changed days.


Boyneside Radio (98k)

The announcement heard on the MW band from a reformed CRD and Boyneside Radio. This was recorded in Scotland, and was heard on 2nd May 1982, 0120BST, on 1305kHz.


Big D Automated (81k)

A clip taken from 6th April 1982, taken from 1116kHz. Recorded in Dublin during their automated days. This project sadly failed and the station folded shortly after.


Community Radio Fingal (115k)

Community Radio Fingal recorded in Dublin mid morning from 1584kHz, Sunday 4/4/82. This clip includes the address of the Rockabil Hotel, their original studio site. They later moved to 1575, and used the former South Dublin Radio transmitter well heard on 6243 at the time. This rig has about 20 807 valves all strapped together, and seemed to work surprisingly well.


ICBS (184K)

The Irish Christian Broadcasting Service, with Gary St John, who used to run Skull and Bones Radio System, as well as the 6318 transmitter from WLR/ Stella in 1987/8. This test was taken from 1071kHz, 3/4/82, and recorded in Blackpool by Gary.


Laois Community Radio (233k)

Some classic early tests from this land locked town of Mountrath. The date for these broadcasts were Monday 5th April on 1160kHz AM and Tuesday 6th April 1982, from 102.3MHz FM.


Leeside Community Radio (184k)

This Cork station recorded in Cork during April 82


Midleton Community Radio (213k)

This station was very local to the town, just outside Cork City. Unfortunately, the station only ids here as MCR, and is the only aircheck available. Date Tuesday 6th April 82.


Radio Caroline Cork (124k)

This rarity signed off at the early hour of 1800. Recorded by Gary in Cork at the time, the audio had improved dramatically since the previous August. The date Monday 5/4/82, from 98.8FM. Shortly afterwards, the station had an AM outlet on 1188kHz, then 1560, or 1557.


Radio Leinster(42k)

A rare recording made during the stations copy cat automated period, of only a few weeks. Recorded on 7th April 1982, in Dublin, from 738kHz.


Radio Nova (92k)

Radio Nova announcements regarding the damage to equipment, and reward money being offered. Recorded in Leeds from 846kHz, in March 1982


Radio Nova (93k)

Jamming announcement from 1st July 1982, from 846kHz, recorded in Leeds at 7pm newstime. John Clarke has the first announcement.


South Coast Radio (371k)

South Coast Radio sign on with Peter Madison, on 6th April 1982, at 0700, recorded in Cork. This was taken from the 104FM service. This was when the station had just moved from the Metropole Hotel, to a new location, and the AM service on 1557kHz had not yet been switched back on.


Suirside Radio (257k)

Suirside Radio with Richard Staines, during a morning show, on Wednesday 31st March 1982, taken off the FM signal 98.7, taped in Waterford. This was at the time there were SW transmissions regularly from Suirside.


Westside Radio (417k)
A rare recording from a station which began life in 1981 as Double R Radio, before moving premises a few times, and changing name. This tape was made in Dublin by Gary on 1035kHz, in the early hours of Thurs 8th April 1982, signing off at 0200. There is also a rare request for another station, this in the shape of TTTR Radio!!





Alternative Radio Dublin

ARD had been on the air in competetion to Radio Dublin.  In January 1978 they were joined by Doctor Don and risked operating 7 days per week.  Doctor Don was well known across Europe from his days on Westside Radio on shortwave during 1975 and 1976.  Not only did they begin to operate a seven day schedule, but pushed to be a fully commercial station.  Here are three clips from the early commercial days of the station following commencement of  those daily broadcasts.  They were recorded from 1143kHz. The station later moved to 1161kHz.   The April extracts were recorded outside Dublin, hence the occasional splatter from Piccadilly Radio in Manchester.

Clip 1.  (267k) The famous  Doctor Don during a Sunday afternoon show in June 1978 introducing Dave C on a promotion for the ARD Summer Roadshow.  Also features an impressive ARD jingle.

Clip 2.  (373k) ARD were the first station to seriously press for advertising.  Here is a commercial looking for those potential advertisers from April 23rd 1978.  Also from the same day, is the start of the  Sunday request show with Dave C and Paul Downey.

Clip 3. (213k)  Another clip, but of poorer quality from Sunday 23rd April 1978 featuring Arno St Jude, who would become more well known in later years as Declan Meehan on RTE 2, Sunshine Radio and Radio Nova .  The station was having technical problems during his programme and had to close down to replace components.


BBC Television  -  (Yes really) (367k)

The audio track of a BBC TV news report about the upsurge in 'pirate activity' on the airwaves of Dublin.  This was broadcast on 31st May 1978.  Hear a 'young' Kate Adie (years prior to her famous war reports) visit the Dublin stations in those early full time days.  Does anyone have the video part of this particular report??


Capital Radio (Dublin City) (356k)

We are unsure as to whether this was the same as the Capital Radio which broadcast on Sundays in the mid 1970's.  This particular Capital broadcast on an announced 226metres, which we think was around 1330kHz, although the DJ announces 1322kHz. Hear Ed MacDowell fill in until the late arrival (due to a late bus) of  Chris Barry for the sports show on Saturday afternoon 3rd February 1979, not 1978 as announced on the programme.  Capital could be heard most evenings across the UK after the Italian station had signed off on 1332kHz.  Unfortunately at times there was heterodyne (whistle) on this side of the Irish Sea with Hereward Radio which was possibly due to an old crystal being used following the International frequency changes of October 1978. The whistle can just be heard on the latter part of this extract.


Downtown Radio  (Dublin City) (296k)

On this recording from a Saturday in June 1978 there seemed to be a bit of confusion as to where the station broadcast on the medium wave. DJ Alan Jackson stated 217m whilst Tony West mentioned 220m, so the exact frequency is not known.  A brief history of Downtown Radio is available in the A-Z..


East Coast Radio (Dublin City)

East Coast Radio began broadcasting during the latter part of 1978 and announced a wavelength of 260 metres, although the exact frequency is not known.  It was probably around 1143kHz as this would put the station between ARD on 1161kHz (257m) and Big D Radio 1116kHz (273m). This particular recording was made on the afternoon of Saturday 3rd February 1979 and featured a male/female duo with Dave and Karen in the studio with a lively show.  It is thought that this station eventually turned into Radio City at the end of the year following a period calling itself Downtown Radio. Downtown were listed on 1149kHz in the December 1979 edition of Danish SW Clubs ....  When ARD closed down on 1st January 1980, Radio City swiftly moved into the 257m spot on 1161kHz.


Independent Radio Dundalk (576k)
This old recording from 21st August 1979, is taken off air in Drogheda/ Dundalk area, and frequency likley to have been 220m, around 1367kHz. 


Radio Caroline Dublin (191k) (405k)
A classic recording of a rare Radio Caroline Dublin broadcast from 6th April 1980, 1357BST, from 1386kHz, taped in Scotland.  DJ Mark Bolland of Southside Radio gives some news of the stations latest break in, which forced them off the air. 


Radio Carousel Dundalk (207k)
The well known station from the Dundalk shopping centre, from 3rd January 1979. Reference made to Eric Vaughn 


Radio Dublin (213k)
A rare recording of Dr Don on Radio Dublin when he and Prince Terry announce that Capitol Radio had been raided. Around 1975. Listen to Don as he is critical of Prince Terry's old banger of a radio!!!


Radio Dublin (275k)
After the most adventurous period of broadcasting of the time, Radio Dublin wound down their festive period of continous broadcasts. Listen to "The Captain" close the station announcing all queer channels. I think the Irish whiskey may have had it's effect by the early hour in the morning, taken from 1187kHz recorded in Leeds at around 0100 in early January 1978, after the 1977 continous broadcast over the festive season.





EXIDY 738 (218K)

The first attempt to have the 50KW station on 738kHz while Nova was on 819. There is some Nova breakthrough, and the plug was pulled. Hear Tony Allen testing in the late morning of 23rd May 1984 from 738kHz, recorded in Scotland


Energy 106 (194k)

    An amazing sample of the type of radio this Belfast pirate broadcast during the Summer of 1997. Recorded in Belfast, this sample is taken from 12th April 1997 around 12 midday. Listen to their amazing commercials and jingles.
(Energy history) 




Capital Radio International

A well heard and documented station from the past, ran by the late Aiden Hughs. This clip came from 25th October 1981, from 6268kHz, at 0810. Recorded in Leeds. 



Radio Valleri International (260k)
Listen to one of the first well heard Irish SW pirates, Radio Valleri in the early days in 1974. The freq is the well known Irish channel of 6317, from around possibly April or May. This station received some good coverage in the 1978 World Radio TV Handbook, in an excellent article by John Campbell, which may be elsewhere on this site soon. The DJ by the way is Derek Jones, who can still be heard on the Dublin airwaves on radio Caroline Dublin. 







The Loveship jingle (145k)

One of the many versions of the loveship jingles made by the amazing Tony Allen in the late 70s, used in 77, and certainly in 79. There was also at least one Dutch version played on Radio Mi-Amigo back then also.


Radio Caroline(317k)

I suggest no true Radio Caroline fan, who was tuned into the format and goings on of the station in 1979, can listen to this next clip without the haird on the back of your neck standing on end. Listen to a clip of daytime programming when they play a little song made by Richard Thomson, otherwise known as Busby. Time was coming up to 5pm Dutch time, 4pm in England, on 319m, 963kHz, on Christmas day 1979.. From the Mi Amigo.


Radio Caroline(356k)

Radio Caroline in a very rough night. Listen to the end of Spaceplay with Michael Light, or as he is better known, Mike Haggler, followed by Stuart Russel trying to read the weather at 10 past 10pm, as the sea crashes into the ship and sends stuff flying. Date 27/12/79, 963.


Radio Caroline (258k)

A unique recording, made only days before the Mi Amigo sank, Tom Hardy reads the weather before requesting a spare part. It sounds something like parts for the genny, or alternatively send out the genny engineer! The date for this, Friday 14th March 1980, recorded in Scotland, from 963kHz. Stevie Gordon is doing the roadshow advert.


Radio Caroline (120k)

The last broadcast from the Mi Amigo. I become tired of reading very inaccurate transcriptions of this, the final announcement before Stevie Gordon and Tom Anderson, went onto the lifeboat, along with Nick Richards, the ship's canary Wilson, and Dutch DJ, Hans Verlaan. (Hans was only 17 at the time, but went on to become director of Sky Radio.) The time was around midnight on 963kHz for this recording. 




Radio Caroline (156k)

Simon Barrat, returned to the North Sea after 8 years away. This was one of many broadcasts Simon made from the Ross Revenge when Caroline restarted broadcasting in 1983. He quickly picked up the name "Wally" Simon was the author of the book, "10 days in the life of a lady", about the drifting and raid on the Mi-Amigo in 1975. The date for this clip, 20th September 1983, from 963kHz, taped in Scotland, around 1055pm.


Radio Caroline (270K)

Classic recordings of Andy Archer during his last stint in offshore radio, when he never called himself by name. This was because he had been nicked coming ashore in a tender just previous. The station lost it's anquor and was apparantly sailing back to it's anquorage this morning, hence the comments, "we're just testing out engines". This is certainly one for the records, and was recorded in Scotland on Wed 25th Jan 1984 from 963kHz around 0630/0730. The ship of course was the Ross Revenge.



The last news bulletin of 1973, recorded in Holland from FM originally, although it must be a 20th generation copy. Robb Eden on news, along with a catchy jingle, 31/12/73 @ 11pm. I actually have a recording made here in Scotland from MW, 1367, although quality is not so good.




A very early recording of Radio Free London on 255m, recorded during September 1968, with DJ Jason Wolf, who later appeared on Radio Northsea from the Mebo 2. These transmissions were tests in preperation for the opening on October 13th 1968 (145k) 
Kenny Myres via the transmitter of European Music Radio on 6265 and 7315 on 16th September 1979. (228k) 
John Dawson from 1979, on 92FM. John was a really lively DJ at this stage, and the station was sounding great. (173k)
Andy Walker on his high horse about the Dutch station which turned into the Farmers from Holland. They drifted onto the top of RFL while they were on 6285kHz regularly. Aired 19th May 1996 on 6210. (250k) 
Eric May and Jack Russel in the studio, 25-26th August 1996 aired on 3945 and 6400 (116k) 
Terry Philips for the 24-25th August 96. Aired 3945 and 6400 (120k)

Sunday 2nd September 1979

The airchecks in this section were recorded during a trip to the Great British Beer Festival in September 1979.  The Festival was located at Alexandra Palace in North London and the recordings were made in front of the old 1936  TV tower from which there is an excellent view over the city. At this time in its life, Radio Free London broadcast on 92.0MHz between 2pm and 7pm.   This particular Sunday saw problems at sign-on due to a chewed tape for several minutes of the Kenny Myers show.  Eventually this was sorted and a good quality signal was put out until 7pm closedown. The first two hours were mono, and after a break at 4pm stereo was announced at the start of the Mark Ashton show. There is a full sign-off including the station theme, at the end of the Jerry James show.


Kenny Myers - 2-3pm (590k)

Steve Ego - 3-4pm- (730k)

Mark Ashton - 4-5pm (560k)

Mike Burnett - 5-6pm (190k)

Jerry James - 6pm - closedown (680k)





Radio Kaleidoscope (177k)

One of the most innovative Pirates to broadcast in Britain, Kaleidoscope followed a strict format which was popular on American Top 40 stations of the time.They originally began in Essex in 1970, but it wasn't until early '73 when operations were transferred to South London that the station became a force to be reckoned with. Even the well established Radio Jackie was left behind, indeed most of Jackie's best known presenters left to join "Big K". Transmissions took place every Sunday from 10 am on 1133 khz, announced as 266 metres. The station broadcast mobile from various sights around South London with programmes being recorded earlier in the week. The station suffered almost weekly raids by the then GPO, but on many occassions staff were able to flee the site with all the equipment. An FM service was also broadcast on 94.4 mhz on Thurday nights as part of the London transmitter of Independant Radio. Kaleidoscope continued weekly transmissions until February 22nd 1976 when at 1300 Pat Edison closed the station down. It is a fitting tribute that most of the Big K staff went on to work on the new ILR stations around the country. The aircheck on line features the station in its heyday signing on at 1000 hrs on Sunday December 29th 1974.


Radio Jackie (208k)

One of the first pirates to broadcast in London, Jackie was first heard in 1969 as part of the Helen Network on 197 metres. After its demise Radio Jackie continued broadcasting moving to its well known frequency of 227 metres. Regular Sunday broadcasts were heard throughout the 70's and an FM service periodically took to the air. Jackie was raided many times by the GPO, resulting in heavy fines and a prison sentence for station operator Nick Catford (Mike Knight). The station commenced daily broadcasts in 1983 and gained respectability providing a community radio service for South London. However in March '84 the station was raided three times in the course of a weekend resulting in its final closure. The recording on line features Phil Hazelton (aka Lee Alvin) one of the original and best Jackie presenters on the last transmission of 1979.






WNYW (432K)

Classic recording of the well known SW station, which turned into WYFR Scituate Ma. Big file but a piece of history, recorded by Gary Hogg in 1972


Radio Bucharest Romania (410k)

A historic broadcast of Radio Bucharest after the fall of communism in the country. The triumphant announcer must be listened to, and although a large file, is well worth downloading. Date on this one, Saturday 23rd December 1989, around 1400UTC, 11940kHz. The clip of the multi lingual loop tape lasts about 4 minutes, although the length of time each language was played was more like 10m. This was recorded in Scotland.


ABC Europe (157k)
ABC Europe began broadcasting from The Netherlands in 1973 and filled the gap left by the recently raided World Music Radio.For two years the station broadcast every Sunday mainly on 6250 khz with what were considered professional programmes,some presented by former WMR dj's.Following a complaint from the UK, ABC was raided at 1158 on Sunday November 5th 1975 by a force of Dutch PTT officials. The station did make a short comeback in 1978 via the transmitters of UK based FRBC.Some of the staff later went to Italy to set up Radio Nova International on the Riviera. 
European Music Radio (78k)
This SW pirate has attempted to make a come back in the 90s, but received only 3 letters for their first efforts. Back in 1980, a dramatic appeal was aired for mail. "If you don't write, we'll close down", was the threat. I don't think these threats would work now, but in 1980, over 150 letters were received! The date for this recording Sunday 16/3/80, on 6235 and 7325kHz. 
Radio Solent City
Read the history of this station elsewhere on this site. Here are 2 audio clips from
1. August 1977 with Michael Jay
2. August 1978 with Michael Jay

Radio Valentine (207k)
After an abortive raid in November 1976, Valentine was raided and closed the following month by a joint force of German and Belgian PTT and Police. The station returned to the air for a farewell broadcast on Sunday January 2nd 1977 via the transmitter of Radio Titanic.The station planned to return from a legal base and eventually set up an FM station in Italy,Radio Fortuna. In the late 80's Johnnie O Brian,the station founder,was involved with Radio 101 and Radio Galaxy.Sadly Johnnie,alias Paul Huber died a couple of years ago. 
Radio Woodstock (263k)
This long gone Scottish SW pirate from the past was heard in 1980 with powerful live signals across Europe. That was until one day they had a knock at the door. Listen to the voice of Luis Nieto, a Chilean Exile, living in Falkirk, Scotland, who obviously still had Spannish as his mother tongue, ask the gentlemen if they want to come in!! Hear his wife on the phone telling the caller that "The GPO's here!". Hear the final gasp as the GPO rip the record off the turntable. The date for this raid 9th November 1980, on 7315kHz around 1030. Recorded in Scotland, although not in Falkirk.