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729 - 1026 - 101




The ABC photos and stickers have been on line here since the early days of the web in 1997, and scanned at a ridiculously low resolution. Some images we were proud at the time to say were only 6k etc. It showed in the quality. The original images have been rescanned, and resized to suit current requirements, and should show some kind of decent res image that will be suitable for 2013+ web users, and not faffing around making everything low res for dial up users!! Gone are these sympathies!!

Left: The ABC early studio in the caravan at Tramore, with the simple Tandy style mixer. This time around we give you the original image, as it was taken with the small 110 cartridge camera, and not rotated to a strange angle..lol.

Right: Andy Ellis on ABC during late March 1982.

Left: The ABC caravan at Tramore, with Clive Derek, and Andy Ellis looking out the window.

Right: Andy Ellis (Radio Zenith sw), Stuart Clarke (Radio Mercury sw), Dave Hunt (Radio Zodiac sw) at ABC during late March 1982. The old Cortina belonged to Andy Ellis, but don't ask me car models...

ABC MW / FM Mast at the Carpet Warehouse, Tramore, obviously an attempt at a close up detailed photo, and thus two images allegedly joined! David Bailey we were not in those days. (And still are not.. lol)


ABC ATU at Tramore in 1986, taken by Steve West during his travels. Right: KEEP OPUT sign at the bottom of the ABC mast.


The old 729kHz transmitter in the caravan, March 1982


ABC studio. Who is on air? Notice on the right, the telephone is the old type, and has the locks that the owners thought stopped djs using the phone, especially on other stations. Little did they realise that tapping the receiver the number of times, eg to dial nine, tap it nine times, worked with these old phones!!! LOL.


ABC sign on the caravan studio door, November 1983.



Left: The ABC caravan studio at Tramore, April 1983 with Robin Ross at the controls. Robin has the dubious privelage of being the first voice heard from the Ross Revenge during the test broadcasts on 963khz, prior to the relaunch of Radio Caroline on 20th August 1983..

Right: Stuart Clarke (Radio Mercury sw) at ABC during April 1983.


Nigel Roberts on air at ABC in the caravan at Tramore, and right, Clive Derek, Mike Cottee and Big Chris! Both from November 1982


The 1026 MW transmitter, 1kW set up. This was heard often in the middle of the night in Scotland, even though 1026 wasn't the best of night time channels, with all the UK ILR activity. The above two images, and below left were taken during a visit in April 1983.

ABC 1kW MW transmitter at Tramore in 1986, taken by Steve West during his travels.


ABC mast looking up, taken in 1983 probably, and right, the ABC caravan in Tramore, and the mast in the background


ABC caravan April 1983, and right, Steve Silby and Kevin Turner on the way to / from Tramore, March 1982. That old Mini Van did a load of miles that week, and never gave a minutes trouble. The Community Radio Drogheda sticker had been seen in Drogheda by Heddy Eddie on the way South. We were informed so, after calling in at CRD on the way north again..

1986 - 1988

Tony Morell on air at the ABC studio in Arundal Square, Waterford 1986, during a visit by Steve West. ABC in 1988, again taken by Steve, in August of that year during his travels.


ABC in 1988, again taken by Steve, in August of that year during his travels. I dig the cheesy American style moustache Dave ..lol


A photo taken by Steve West 1988 of the ABC record library above Egan's.


ABC came from the top floor in Egan's lounge bar, in 1988, when Steve West visited.

Left - An early QSL sheet from Short Wave, and right a QSL which has probably got the wrong time written in, as the ABC signal was a dx signal at night, not armchair daytime like the Dublin and more northerly stations..


Irish tour 1982

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