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Capitol Radio / Nitesky (1983 - 1988)

1017kHz - 1035kHz - 94.1MHz - 95.8MHz - 96.1MHz



Capitol / Nitesky was an album and alternative music station heard between 1983 and 1988, initially on 1017kHz AM and 95.8MHz FM, both of which were heard in the UK at various times. In early 1986, Capitol changed the AM frequency to 1035kHz, but this didn't last for long as the transmitter was understood to have been sold to Sammy Prendergast for the start of LLCR, which commenced in April 1986. Capitol then continued on their two FM frequencies. Also in 1986 the station split into two services, Capitol Radio being heard during the day, and this changed to Nightsky at 6pm. Capitol Radio closed on 31st December 1988 due to the impending legislation.

There may have been a link with this Capitol Radio and the shortlived Capitol 98 located at Robert Emmet House in Milltown, and heard during the summer of 1982 on 97.7MHz, a station which also leaned towards the album format.

We always wondered why Dublin's Capitol Radio always spell their name as CAPITOL, rather than CAPITAL??


A bright poster from Capitol / Nitesky in Dublin. Click for a full resolution scan (1.3MB)that could be taken to a pro printers and reproduced.


A Capitol Radio ratecard from 1985 when the station was still on AM 1017kHz, 94MHz and 95.8MHz.
(Click images for full size)


Above is a business card and below
an address slip, both with the Wicklow Street address.


A letterheading with different phone numbers and address.


An advert from around 1985 promoting all the frequencies used at that time.


An advert from the Sunday World of 18th May 1986 promoting the new 'Nitesky 96'.

An advert from around May 1987.


Capitol Radio / Nitesky Audio Library

An early recording of the new Capitol Radio which had an album based format. Tony Gahan with a late morning show. As received near Blackpool from 1017kHz / 294m, so with some crackling.
1983_11_01_tue_capitol_958fm_2050-2405_davekelly_tonygahan-gh490.mp3 New Feb 2024 Dave Kelly on the evening of Tuesday 1st November 1983. The show includes a concert section and he programmes until 11pm when Tony Gahan takes over. As recorded in Dublin from 95.8MHz in mono, although 96.1MHz as well as 294m MW was being announced. 274MB
1983_11_02_wed_capitol_958fm_0045-0200signoff_tonygahan-gh490.mp3 New Feb 2024 Continuing the above programme with Tony Gahan with his show after midnight on Wednesday 3rd November 1983, and up until closedown at 2am. As recorded in Dublin from 95.8MHz in mono, although 96.1MHz as well as 294m MW was being announced. 107MB
1984_10_31_wed_capitol_941fms_0839-0924-gh520.mp3 New Oct 2021 A short section of the breakfast show. We are not sure of the deejay, but Ann Hamilton reads the headlines and news at 9am. Recorded in Dublin from 94.1MHz in stereo.  The station was still also announcing 1017kHz AM as well as 95.8MHz FM at this point. 105MB
1985_10_22_tue_capitol_96fm_0750-0945_signon-gh562.mp3 New Dec 2022 The end of overnight music, followed at 8am with the Capitol Radio sign-on as 'Dublin's Real Alternative'. We are not sure of the breakfast deejay, but Anne Hamilton reads headlines and news. Breakfast show includes newspaper headlines. The station was still announcing 1017kHz AM as well as 94.1MHz and 95.8MHz FM at this point. The recording was made in Dublin from 96.0MHz in mono. 163MB
1985_10_22_tue_capitol_96fm_1410-1730_steveryan_leedavis-gh541.mp3 New Nov 2022 A three hour continuous recording from the afternoon of 22nd October 1985 featuring the end of the Steve Ryan show and followed by Lee Davis.  Recorded in Dublin from 96.0MHz in mono. The station was still also announcing 1017kHz AM as well as FM at this point. 271MB
1987_02_24_tue_capitol_958fm_1050-1250_steve.mp3 New Feb 2024 Live programming seemed to start this morning with Steve (Ryan?) from 11am announcing 94.1MHz and 96MHz. News at mid-day is also read by Steve. As received in Dublin on 95.8MHz FM in mono. 111MB
1987_02_24_tue_capitol_958fm_1250-1510_steve_davecairney-gh672.mp3 New Feb 2024 Continuing on from the above recording. Between 1pm and 2pm is the evening's gig guide at 1:30pm followed by the 'Capital Countdown'. Dave Cairney follows the news at 2pm. Mention is made of some technical work meaning the station would be off the following morning. As received in Dublin on 95.8MHz FM in mono. 125MB
1987_02_26_thu_nitesky96_958fm_1800-1924_nickcarney-gh670.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH
The changeover from Capitol to Nitesky at 6pm. Dave Cairney reads the news at 6pm and then Nick Carney presents the first of the evenings shows on Nitesky.  Recorded in Dublin from 95.8MHz in mono.
881227_tue_capitol_958fm_2230-2400_tonygahan_finalshow.mp3   173,850k
1988_12_31_sat_capitol_958fm_1303-1436_mattdempsey-pt.mp3 New Aug 2021 Part of the final afternoon of Capitol Radio with Matt Dempsey and others in the studio.  Recorded in Dublin from 95.8MHz in mono.  Thanks to Prince Terry for originally supplying this tape. 122MB
881231_sat_capitol_dublin_958fm_2240-2325_closedown_night.mp3   43,700k
881231_sat_capitol_dublin_958fm_2325-2400_final_closedown.mp3   35,120k


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