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Station M "International" operated on the Wirral from early 1982 until mid 1984, first on 1386kHz and then settling on 1413kHz, announced as 212 metres.  The signal strength from the station was normally good throughout its life, covering Merseyside and much of the North West, although modulation in the early days was somewhat distorted.  Following its closure on medium wave, Station M operated on FM only for a short time until 1985.


The first few airchecks below were recorded over 20 miles from the transmission sites.  As a result the quality has suffered due to interference.  The main problem with 1413kHz away from Merseyside was that from late 1982 the Irish station Kildare Community Radio also broadcast on this centre frequency with a vfo, and tended to drift slightly causing a deep varying heterodyne to Station M.  The real audio files require the G2 player, and the mp3 files need a player such as 'Winamp'.

July 1982

Extracts of several presenters from Sunday 17th July 1982.  These include Mike Ross,  Eric Monaghan, Steven Bishop, and Tom Lodge.  Although the signal was strong, the modulation on this early transmission was distorted. Recorded near Blackpool. 
(File size = 1600k)
July 1982

Here's the man who was heard on almost all the Merseyside AM stations of the 1980's.  Who are we talking about - that man Steven Bishop of course.  This is how he sounded on Station M on Saturday 24th July 1982.  The frequency announced was the old 1386khz, so this may have been an old tape. Modulation was distorted.  Recorded near Wrexham. (File size = 500k.)
December 1982

The end of a relay of the shortwave station Radio Apollo followed by the opening links from a show by Roger Dee from Sunday 19th December 1982.   This recording was made in Blackpool during wet weather and the signal suffered from local power line interference which gradually improved.  (File Size = 1700k)
March 1983

By the time of this aircheck from Sunday 6th March 1983, both the audio quality and signal strength of the station has improved.  On this particular extract hear the end of a Tom Lodge show followed by part of a Dave Simpson guest appearance and the beginning of Pete Heaton.  These taped programmes were linked by live announcements. (File Size =1200k) 
May  1983

The end of possibly the final taped Dave Simpson guest appearance on Station M prior to the opening of  his own station, KGW.  Music levels were high, but links were low making the background hum louder.  (File Size = 300k)

Three extracts from the same Tom Lodge show from Sunday 26th June 1983.  It was recorded some 1.5 miles from the transmission site at 'The Heights' in Moreton.  Hear Tom  'sack' Eric Monaghan over the air, and mention the most recent incarnation of MAR.   Audio quality is very good and was from a 50watt  transmitter built by Tom Lodge. (Total file size = 2400k) 

Kevin Palmer from a special broadcast on General Election night in 1983.  Station M opened at 6pm with Dave Wilson and the station broadcast until 9pm with each presenter doing 30 minutes.  Radio Elenore then carried on from 9 until midnight using the same transmitter on 1413kHz.  This is a studio recording. (File Size = 1200k)