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Listeners to the AM band on Merseyside began hearing Radio Elenore during late 1980. It seemed to have appeared following splits in staff at MAR shortly after their first birthday.  In its early days, the station broadcast around 1181kHz, announced as 254 metres and also 234m / 1299kHz. Although reception was good in the local area, the latter was not clear in fringe areas during the afternoon due to winter interference from the BBC World Service transmitter at Crowborough. 254m was better but still not  a very suitable channel for distant reception, especially in winter and during the late evening because it was between Radio Sweden (1179kHz) and Radio Dublin (1188kHz). It was however possible to receive the signal at times in Leeds, especially when Radio Sweden signed off.  Some of the deejays heard over the Christmas 1980 period included Andy Davis, Phil Weston, Jimbo Jim Brown, David Jason, Peanut Kenny, Alan Stacey, Dave Simpson and Robin Blind.  In early 1981 the station moved permanently to the on-channel 1296kHz / 232m.  The new broadcast hours were from midnight to 0900 on Friday and Saturday nights, later extending to mid-day. During late 1981, transmissions moved to weekday evenings, 6pm to midnight,  possibly due to the number of stations operating at the weekends. Co-inciding with the changed schedule, Radio Elenore moved to 1125kHz / 266m. This frequency had been used by M.A.R. at the weekend, but they had disappeared around August 1981, and at night was a clearer channel than 1296kHz. In the next three years of operations, Radio Elenore were heard on other channels including, 1170kHz, 1179kHz, 1413kHz and 1449kHz.


Click here for photographs of the studio and transmitter when the station was on 1125kHz


Above and below  are items of station memorabilia from the 1125kHz days.
For more details of the station and deejays,  have a look at the two station information sheets. 

Info Sheet No 1- July 1981 (230k)

Info Sheet No 2 - September 1981 (220k)

In 1983, the station broadcast on 1413kHz, along with several other stations at different times of the week. 1449kHz was also used for a time.   By 1984 the station had moved back to 254m, and was heard mainly on 1170kHz, but sometimes 1179kHz.  Broadcast hours were now during the day and only on a Sunday.   Radio Elenore were last monitored during September 1984, according to Tim Jackson's Merseyside Free Radio Newsheets.  At this time, they were sharing 1179kHz with Radio Merseywaves, who signed on after Elenore closed for the day. Following the closure of Radio Elenore, many of the deejays went to work on Radio Merseywaves.


1980_11_22_sat_elenore_1290am-234m_davidjason_janice_andydavis-EM67.mp3 This is from an early broadcast from Radio Elenore featuring David Jason and Andy Davis with an announced frequency of 1290.3kHz. The first few minutes of Andy Davis are hosted by Janice the Tea Lady. This recording has a number of commercials and announces their earlier address in Bidston, before it changed to 71 Ashville Road. Andy Davis also mentiones that official broadcasts start on 29th November. Many thanks to Eric Monaghan for this recording made in Liverpool. 59M
December 1980 (Real Audio) Extracts from an Andy Davis afternoon show from around Christmas 1980, possibly the Sunday before.  This was in the early days of the station, and on this aircheck, Andy mentions the two wavelengths the station has been using, and future plans.  The recording was made in Wallasey, and it is not sure if the audio distortion was due to receiver overload (too close to TX) or the modulation. 1175k
1980_12_20_sat_elenore_1181am-254m_1945-2015_philweston_jimbrown-EM258.mp3 The station was off the air most of the day but resumed in the evening with Jim Brown for 30 minutes following a tape of Phil Weston who gave a run down of the schedule that should have been broadcast. Some whistles and noise on the signal on this one. Thanks go to Eric Monaghan for this recording made in Liverpool. 27M
1980_12_21_sun_elenore_1181am-254m_1754-1825_jimbrown_iandale-EM258.mp3 The end of Jim Brown and then Ian Dale. Again a lot of noise on the signal. Many thanks to Eric Monaghan for the recording 27M
1980_12_25_thu_elenore_1181am-254m_1800-1900_philweston-EM21.mp3 An hour of Phil Weston on Christmas Day 1980 after his turkey dinner. Some whistles from the transmitter on this one. Thanks go to Eric Monaghan for this recording made in Liverpool. 55M
1980_12_26_fri_elenore_1181am_254m_1525-1610_jimbrown-EM107.mp3 Boxing Day afternoon show from Jimbo Jim Brown. Whistles were due to the frequency being in between two other stations. Thanks hanks go to Eric Monaghan for this recording. 43M
1980_12_26_fri_elenore_1181am_254m_1615-1700_jimbrown-EM107.mp3 More of the Boxing Day afternoon show from Jimbo Jim Brown. Whistles gradually getting worse as darkness approaches. 43M
June 1981 (Real Audio) Still with the overnight schedule (although the station had extended its hours to mid-day), this clip features the station signing off at noon on Saturday 17th June, with Phil Weston.  The interference was due to receiver overload by being too close to the Merseyland Alternative Radio (1125kHz) aerial. 620k
1981_06_13_sat_elenore_1296am-232m_0730-0815-cliffmarsh_iandale-EM2.mp3 New Sep 2021 Saturday morning breakfast time with Cliff Marsh followed by Ian Dale. Recorded in Liverpool and courtesy of Eric Monaghan. 41M
1981_06_20_sat_elenore_1296am_232m_0700-0800_barrycullen.mp3 57M
1981_07_11_sat_elenore_1296am-232m_0830-0900_signoff_philweston-gh334.mp3 Recorded in the car whilst on the move in Liverpool as the station signed off at 9am. 27M
1981_12_25_fri_elenore_1125am-266m_1000-1130_barrycullen-EM79.mp3 Barry Cullen morning show from Christmas Day 1981. Thanks to Eric Monaghan for this tape. 83M
1981_12_25_fri_elenore_1125am-266m_1459-1545_nickjames_iandale-EM6.mp3 New Sep 2021 Nick James finishes his Christmas Day show at 3pm and hands over to Ian Dale.  A phone-in number is given out for requests, but had a fault on it. Many thanks to Eric Monaghan for supplying this tape. 40M
1981_12_25_fri_elenore_1125am-266m_1545-1600_iandale-EM6.mp3 New Sep 2021 A continuation of Ian Dale on Christmas Day from the above tape up to 4pm. 13M
1981_12_27_sun_elenore_1125am-266m_signoff_with_trevorbenson_bertwilliams-EM203.mp3 Trevor Benson and Bert Williams sign off an extended Boxing Day 1981 transmission in the early hours of Sunday 27th December. Bert had been doing one of his 'radio documentaries', although this recording only features his story from late 1981. Thanks to Eric Monaghan for this tape. 25M
1983_11_06_sun_elenore_1449am_1100-1245_tonyreeve_barrycullen-gh492.mp3 This recording was made near Blackpool when Radio Elenore were broadcasting on 1449kHz. This was an unusual channel, as it was right next to Radio Luxembourg on 1440kHz which used to splatter quite a lot, especially during winter months. 98M