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North Coast radio operated from Merseyside on 1350kHz medium wave from 1987 and finally closed in March 1993 following a number of raids. (Thanks to Radar Roy for these dates). The transmissions could be heard over much of the North West of England. NCR were one of the few pirate stations on MW in the UK to make it into the 1990's, as by then most operators had opted for FM.


1987_08_30_sun_northcoast_1048fm_1755-1845_markross_test_tx-gh143.mp3 New Oct 2021 This is Mark Ross with a test transmission from the new North Coast Radio which was an amalgamation of deejays from some of the other Merseyside stations.  The FM transmitter was that of Radio Julie which had not been heard for a few weeks. They were also announcing 221m medium wave. Recorded from 104.85MHz near Blackpool, which was little crackly. 63MB
1987_08_30_sun_northcoast_1048fm_1845-1935_markross_test_tx-gh143.mp3 New Oct 2021 A continuation of the above Mark Ross show. Recorded from 104.85MHz near Blackpool. 63MB
1987_08_30_sun_northcoast_1048fm_1935-2110_markross_ritchiec_tonywest_test_tx-gh143.mp3 New Oct 2021 More of the Sunday evening test transmissions, with the last part of the Mark Ross show and then an hour of Ritchie C, followed at 9pm by the start of Tony West. Judging by annoncements, the station would also be on the following day, which was Bank Holiday Monday. Recorded from 104.85MHz near Blackpool. 127MB
1987_11_09_mon_northcoast_1350am_0810-1042_tonyscott_davemoore-gh666.mp3 First part of a 6 hour recording made near Blackpool from 1350kHz. This was from one of their Monday broadcasts and starts with Tony Scott on the breakfast show.  There is some wobbling caused by a French station on the same frequency which was a problem in winter months. 142MB
1987_11_09_mon_northcoast_1350am_1042-1314_davemoore_richiec-gh666.mp3 Second part of the above recording where the signal is suffering much less interfence. 142MB
1987_11_09_mon_northcoast_1350am_1314-1434_richiec_andyrogers-gh666.mp3 The final part of this 6 hour recording from November 1987. 75MB
1988_05_22_sun_northcoast_1350am_1020-1220_tonyhollis_markwright-gh649.mp3 New Feb 2022 The first file of a six hour recording from a Sunday in May 1988. Tony Hollis hosts until mid-day when Mark Wright takes over. The on-hour theme tune is  a bit muffled throughout the day. Recorded near Blackpool from 1350kHz - 221m. 109MB
1988_05_22_sun_northcoast_1350am_1220-1445_markwright_joewilliams-gh649.mp3 New Feb 2022 The second part of this six hout recording with Mark Wright and then Joe Williams at 2pm. Recorded near Blackpool from 1350kHz, and sadly there are some lengthy chunks of local electrical interference in this particular file. 133MB
1988_05_22_sun_northcoast_1350am_1445-1645_joewilliams_bobkemosabe-gh649.mp3 New Feb 2022 Joe Williams starts the final part of this six hour recording.  At 4pm Bob Kemosabe continues with some country music. Recorded near Blackpool from 1350kHz. 109MB
1988_12_03_sat_northcoast_1350am_0913-1225_terrymitchell_johnlewis-gh782.mp3 New Jun 2021 Three hours from a Saturday morning in early December 1988. Terry Mitchell hosts until 11am, giving out a phone number and playing a recording of the switch on of New Brighton lights.  John Lewis follows at 11am. NCR were putting out a decent signal following a lot of DTI activity the previous month on Merseyside. At one point the signal goes off which sounded like the money had run out in the meter. Recorded near Blackpool from 1350kHz. 179MB
1989_01_08_sun_northcoast_1350am_1050-1400_markanthony_tonyjay_davegranger-gh799.mp3 New Feb 2021 The first part of a 6 hour recording from January 1989. Recorded near Blackpool from 1350kHz. 179MB
1989_01_08_sun_northcoast_1350am_1445-1800_kennymg_tonyhollis-gh799.mp3 New Feb 2021 The final 3 hours of this 6 hour recording from January 1989. There is increased foreign interference towards the end. 179MB
1989_11_19_sun_northcoast_1350am_1345-1450_tonyhollis_markanthony-gh830.mp3 New Jan 2022 The end of the Tony Hollis show and into Mark Anthony at 2pm.  Plenty of adverts on the station at this time.  There is some hum towards the end of the recording from a European station in the Winter months.  Recorede from 1350kHz near Blackpool. 59MB
1989_11_25_sat_northcoast_1350am_1155-1315_signon_tonyjay-gh830.mp3 New Jan 2022 A sign on at mid-day on a Saturday with Tony Jay, complete with theme tune at wrong speed to begin with.  The line-up for the day is read out shortly after. Recorded near Blackpool from 1350kHz. 78MB
1990_10_20_sat_northcoast_1350am_1435-1500_ritchiec-gh857.mp3 New Jun 2021 Ritchie C on a Saturday afternoon, which was being announced as the penultimate AM broadcast from North Coast Radio. Recorded from 1350kHz near Blackpool. 25MB
1990_10_20_sat_northcoast_1350am_1518-1648_ritchiec-gh857.mp3 New Jun 2021 A continuation of the above Ritchie C show. Recorded near Blackpool, there is some foreign interferece breaking thorugh towards the end, as well as splatter from the BBC in Northern Ireland, which was being announced as the penultimate AM broadcast from North Coast Radio. 81MB