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The files below are historical off air recordings in our collection from past free radio stations in the Yorkshire area, from 1995 and before.

These archives will be added to as time and recordings are available.

Enjoy the memories.


ABC FM - (LEEDS) 94.6MHz - 105.2MHz

ABC FM was a soul and reggae station first heard in Leeds during late 1986 on 94.6MHz (ironically, the original BBC Radio Leeds FM frequency).  ABC later moved to 105.2MHz.  They seemed to disappear following a raid in October 1988, but then were noted with joint broadcasts with Music City Radio on 90.3MHz.

1987_07_22_wed_abc_leeds_946fm_1505-1735_doclove-gh639.mp3 New Mar 2024 Two and a half hours of ABC-FM from Wednesday afternoon, 22nd July 1987. Not sure of the first presenter, but Doc Love programmes after 4pm. Modulation not the best in places. Recorded in North Leeds from 94.6MHz in mono. 206MB
1987_12_26_sat_abc_leeds_1052fm_thefox_theyouthmanshow_princessflack-gh732.mp3 New Mar 2024 A three hour recording of ABC FM from the morning of Saturday 26th December 1986. The programming starts with 'The Fox' and is followed by 'The Youthman Show' and Princess Flack(?). Recorded in North Leeds from 105.2MHz. 242MB


DREAM FM - (LEEDS) 99.9MHz - 107.8MHz

Dream FM broadcast a variety of dance music styles and sucessfully operated for a number of years in the early to mid-1990s. Initially operating on 99.9MHz, they later moved to 107.8MHz. A relay on 107.6MHz later made their signal coverage continuous from Leeds to the York area.

1993_07_24_sat_dreamfm_999fms_0850-0937_jane_i_am_edi-ghe283.mp3 New Apr 2024 Saturday morning requests on 24th July 1993 from Jane, followed at 9am by 'I am Edi'?. Recorded in Leeds from 99.9MHz in stereo. 108MB



Genesis FM operated in Leeds during the early 1990's and took the frequency of the pioneering 1980's Music City Radio which had been off the air for a while.

1993_07_17_sat_genesis_903fm_1310-1355_mr_b-ghe284.mp3 New Apr 2024 Saturday afternoon, 17th July 1993 with Mister B. Recorded in Leeds from 90.3MHz in mono. 65MB



Peoples FM promoted the best in black music, possibly operating from the Chapeltown area of Leeds and were first heard in early 1988 under the name New Horizon Radio. By April 3rd 1988 they seemed to be calling themselves Peoples FM. The station initially broadcast on 91.8MHz, which was not a suitable channel due to BBC stations on either side, and in July 1988 moved to the clearer area of 104.7MHz. Peoples FM was still being heard into the late 1990s.

1988_03_30_wed_horizon_918fm_2215-2300-gh312.mp3 New Mar 2024 The only recording we have of the new station announcing as Horizon FM. This was from Wednesday 30th March 1988 and on 91.8MHz.  There appeared to be an issue with a programme tape being a bit chewed after 2230. The signal was a bit crackly and suffering co-channel interference. 65MB
1988_04_03_sun_peoplesfm_918fm_1425-1510_mister_b-gh312.mp3 New Mar 2024 By the time of this recording on Sunday 3rd April, Horizon Radio was calling itself Peoples FM. Mister B was your host on this recording. The signal on 91.8MHz was a little clearer than the previous week. 65MB


RAPID FM - (LEEDS) 98.1MHz - 103.6MHz - 105.1MHz

Rapid FM were a seven day operation broadcasting reggae to Leeds from around June 1988 when they operated on 105.8MHz. After a few weeks they moved to 103.6MHz before settling on 98.1MHz in September. They seemed to have been raided in mid October, but were heard again by early November. In January 1989 they moved up the band to 105.1MHz region. They were still operating in the early 1990s and  seemed to be also referring to themselves Rapid Community Radio.

1988_09_11_sun_rapid_981fm_1615-1700_the_fox-ghe253.mp3 New Mar 2024 'The Fox' on Rapid FM from the afternoon of Sunday 11th September 1988 playing some of the Rapid FM chart.  Recorded from 98.1MHz in mono. The signal was a bit crackly. 65MB
1988_09_28_wed_rapid_981fm_0725-0810_the_godfather-ghe253.mp3 New Mar 2024 Breakfast with 'The Godfather' on Wednesday 28th September 1988. As received on 98.1MHz in mono. 65MB



Radio Radar operated in Leeds from around 1985 to 1987.  It is thought to have had links to an earlier station, Radio 104, which broadcast from the same area around Morley during 1984.

1986_12_27_sat_radar_1045fm_1400-1607_signon_andymegastar-gh649.mp3 New Feb 2022 The first part of a six hour recording of Radio Radar doing a 31 hour marathon shortly after Christmas 1986. This is the sign on at 2pm with Andy Megastar and his first two hours. Recorded in North Leeds from 104.5MHz. 173MB
1986_12_27_sat_radar_1045fm_1607-1810_andymegastar_bigbopper-gh649.mp3 New Feb 2022 Part two of this recording is the last hour of Andy Megastar followed by 'Big Bopper'. Recorded in North Leeds from 104.5MHz. 170MB
1986_12_27_sat_radar_1045fm_1810-2025_bigbopper_stevesummers-gh649.mp3 New Feb 2022 The final part of this six hour recording features the end of the 'Big Bopper' show, and then at 8pm Steve Summers. Recorded in North Leeds from 104.5MHz. 181MB


SKY FM - (LEEDS) 90.3MHz

Sky FM operated in the early 1990s from the Morley area and seemed to have a link to Radio Radar which operated in the 1980s.

1993_07_26_mon_skyfm_903fms_2125-2215_paulstevens_stevesummers-ghe283.mp3 New Apr 2024 Monday evening 26th July 1993 with the last link of the night from Paul Stevens and then at 9:30pm is Steve Summer. Recorded from 90.3MHz in stereo. 108MB



Supreme FM was heard in the early 1990s broadcasting to Leeds on 104.5MHz.

1993_03_15_mon_supreme_1045fm_1845-1930-ghe305.mp3 New Apr 2024 Monday evening from Supreme FM, although there doesn't seem to be a station announcement on the recording, other than the mention of 104.5MHz. There are plenty of adverts for the Leeds area. Recorded from  104.5MHz in mono. 64MB



Radio Veronica operated on FM from a high location west of Bradford from mid 1986 to early 1988.  The station courted controversy in some quarters with some of its late night discussions around the kitchen table.  The signal, often using over 100 watts, travelled far and wide, being regularly heard near Blackpool. The station ceased regular broadcasting in February 1988 following near misses with the DTI, and also apparently due to 'anoraks' turning up in the street in the early hours disturbing the neighbours. They did however make occasional broadcasts later in 1988.

1986_10_01_wed_veronica_1049fm_2245-0115_christine_stephen-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2024 Over two hours of a late night midweek broadcast from Radio Veronica on Wednesday 1st October 1986 featuring Stephen and Christine. There are some microphone issues at the beginning. Stephen signs off at around 1:15am. Recorded in North Leeds from 104.9MHz. 141MB


Additional recordings from Yorkshire and a huge amount of material from other areas of the UK can be found at The Pirate Archive web site.