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Radio Elenore began broadcasting during late 1980. In its early days, the station broadcast on 1183kHz, announced as 254 metres and also 234m / 1299kHz. The latter was poor during the afternoon due to winter  interference from the BBC World Service transmitter at Crowborough. 254m was better but still not  a very suitable channel, especially in winter and during the night because it was between Radio Sweden (1179kHz) and Radio Dublin (1188kHz). It was however possible to receive the signal at times in Leeds.  Deejays heard over the Christmas 1980 period included Andy Davis, Dave Simpson and Robin Blind.  Peanut Kenny and Jim Brown were also involved at this time.  The station was off the air in early 1981 and by the time the station recommenced broadcasts on 1296kHz / 232 metres several had disappeared (to later re-appear on Station J1000).

The new broadcast hours were from midnight to 1000 on Friday and Saturday nights, later extending to mid-day. During late 1981, transmissions moved to weekday evenings, 6pm to midnight,  mainly due to the number of stations operating at the weekends. Co-inciding with the changed schedule, Radio Elenore moved to 1125kHz / 266m. This frequency was used by M.A.R. at the weekend, and at night was a much clearer channel than 1296kHz.


Click here for photographs of the studio and transmitter when the station was on 1125kHz.


Above and below  are items of station memorabilia from the 1125kHz days.
For more details of the station and deejays,  have a look at the two station information sheets. 

Info Sheet No 1- July 1981 (230k)

Info Sheet No 2 - September 1981 (220k)

In 1983, the station broadcast on 1413kHz, along with several other stations at different times of the week. 1449kHz was also used for a time.   By 1984 the station had moved back to 254m, and was heard mainly on 1170kHz, but sometimes 1179kHz.  Broadcast hours were now during the day and only on a Sunday.   Radio Elenore were last monitored during September 1984, according to Tim Jackson's Merseyside Free Radio Newsheets.


December 1980 Extracts from an Andy Davis afternoon show from around Christmas 1980, possibly the Sunday before.  This was in the early days of the station, and on this aircheck, Andy mentions the two wavelengths the station has been using, and future plans.  The recording was made in Wallasey, and it is not sure if the audio distortion was due to receiver overload (too close to TX) or the modulation. (File size = 1175k)
May 1981 A clip of the Barry Cullen show from Saturday 16th May 1981.  The station had changed to an overnight format at this time, from midnight until 10am on Saturday and Sunday.  (File Size = 560k)
June 1981 Still with the overnight schedule (although the station had extended its hours to mid-day), this clip features the station signing off at noon on Saturday 17th June, with Phil Weston.  The interference was due to receiver overload by being too close to the Merseyland Alternative Radio (1125kHz) aerial.  (File Size = 620k)