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Radio Alpine began broadcasts during November 1981.   It was one of the stations at that time which broadcast on weekdays. In particular, Radio Alpine's normal programmes were from mid-day until 6pm on Monday to Friday. They did however, occasionally do other hours.   The signal was particularly good across the North West of England in its latter days due to the fact that Southside Radio in Eire (also 999kHz) had recently closed, and Red Rose Radio in Preston (later Magic 999 and currently just a relay for Greatest Hits Radio) had yet to commence test broadcasts.   Radio Alpine closed down during May 1982 after seven months on the air.



1981_12_24_thu_alpine_999am-299m_1405-1450_paulkay-EM.mp3 New Mar 2021 Christmas Eve was the final afternoon of broadcasting after 6 weeks. This is the last show from Paul Kay, but he says they would be on 4th January 1982.  Recorded in Liverpool.  The tape has some dropouts and is a bit up and down in places. Many thanks to Eric Monaghan for the recording. 42MB
1981_12_24_thu_alpine_999am-299m_1455-1540_paulkay_johnjames-EM.mp3 New Mar 2021 Side 2 of the above tape with Paul Kaye handing over to John James. The recording has some dropouts as per side one. 41MB
1982_01_26_tue_alpine_999am-299m_2318-0003_mikestand_daveyjones-EM167.mp3 Updated Apr 2021 The end of Mike Stand towards midnight making an appearance as part of a 36 hour marathon broadcast. Recorded in Liverpool and kindly supplied by Eric Monaghan. There were some foreign interference, and the microphone is a little low in places. 42MB
1982_01_27_wed_alpine_999am-299m_0807-0852_johnjames-EM167.mp3 Updated Apr 2021 John James with part of a weekeday breakfast show from January 1982. He was also announcing that Andy Davis would be on at 10am until midday before the normal programmes for the day. Recorded in Liverpool and kindly supplied by Eric Monaghan 42MB
1982_02_05_fri_alpine_999am_1259-1344_paulkay-gh1067.mp3 New Feb 2021 The start of the second hour of Paul Kay from a Friday afternoon.  Recorded near Blackpool from 999kHz. 41MB
1982_04_19_mon_alpine_999am_1316-1452_paulkay.mp3 New Feb 2021 90 minutes of a Monday afternoon show from Paul Kay. Recorded from 999kHz / 300m near Blackpool. 79MB
Friday 14th May 1982 (Old Type Real Audio File) Extracts from the final Paul Kay show during the afternoon of Friday 14th May 1982. The programme consisted of old offshore airchecks and some of the regular records played during the previous seven months.  This was believed to be the final day of transmission from the station. 730k