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Radio Merseywaves was one of the longest running AM free radio station on Merseyside.  The station was started in October 1983 by Merseyside's free radio legend, the late Bert Williams.  At first it was only on during various evenings on 94.8MHz. In January 1984, AM was added on 1197kHz / 252m medium wave with broadcasts commencing at 6pm on a Sunday.  As with most of Berts previous medium wave ventures, the signal quality was excellent, although on the air he always seemed to be dissatisfied with it.    In spring 1984, Radio Merseywaves moved the AM frequency to 1179kHz and began sharing the channel with Radio Elenore. When Radio Elenore signed off on their regular Sunday broadcasts at 6pm, Radio Merseywaves would sign on for the rest of the evening. At one point the frequency was moved to 1170kHz. In late September 1984, Radio Elenore closed down permanently, and some of their former staff joined Radio Merseywaves enabling it to extend Sunday hours. In late 1984, the station began using 1242kHz in the evenings, instead of 1179kHz, in order to avoid foreign interference. Eventually the frequency was permanently changed to 1242kHz / 244m, although for some reason it was always announced as 1233kHz / 244 metres. Radio Merseywaves continued on 1242kHz until around 1990, although intermittently at the end. The station was still heard at the start of the 1990's, but was only monitored on 101.7MHz FM.  By 1992 two 'historic pirate' frequencies used on Merseyside, 1197kHz and 1242kHz had become clogged up with Virgin Radio relays.

Below is a sticker from the late 1980's

The station was off the air for a time due to multiple raids and attempted raids. 
The poster below advertised their return. Click on images for larger resolution.


Below are a couple of flyers which were sent around to advertise the station
during its heyday, when it broadcast from Friday through to Monday. Click on images for larger resolution.



1984_03_25_sun_merseywaves_948fm_1800-1845_signon_bertwilliams.mp3 A sign on from Bert Williams in the stations early days when it operated only on a Sunday evening.  The station was also announcing 252m / 1197kHz at this time. 55M
1984_03_25_sun_merseywaves_948fm_2000-2045_bertwilliams.mp3   55M
1984_10_07_sun_merseywaves_1179am-254m_1235-1320_johnfreeman_tonyreeve.mp3 After Radio Elenore closed in September 1984, many of the deejays moved to Radio Merseywaves, allowing it to extend broadcasting hours.  On this recording, John Freeman and Tony Reeve are on air. By this time the station was also sharing the former Radio Elenore frequency of 1179kHz, announced as 254m. 42M
1984_10_07_sun_merseywaves_1179am-254m_1335-1420_tonyreeve_pauljay.mp3 The end of Tony Reeve and into the Paul Jay show. Paul had been on Radio Merseywaves since the beginning of the year. 41M
1984_10_24_sun_merseywaves_948fm_1829-1914_tinachristian_bertwilliams.mp3   55M
1984_10_24_sun_merseywaves_948fm_1914-2000_bertwilliams.mp3   55M
1984_11_04_sun_merseywaves_1179am-254m_1120-1240_mistert_tonyreeve.mp3   74M
1986_03_30_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1430-1625_pauljay_bertwilliams-gh587.mp3 Easter Sunday programming.  Bert dedicates a Beatles song to the DTI 107.8M
1986_03_30_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1625-1725_bertwilliams_markwright-gh587.mp3 Continuation of the above recording with Bert 52.7M
1986_03_31_mon_merseywaves_1242am-244m_0815-0915_signon_davecollins-gh587.mp3 A Monday sign on and breakfast show from Dave Collins as received near Blackpool. 50.2M
1987_02_15_sun_merseywaves_1242am_0000-0047_tonywest_radarroy-gh252.mp3 New Nov 2021 Tony West and Radar Roy read out plenty of listeners letters and requests in this midnight show. Recorded near Birkenhead from 1242kHz. 43MB
1987_03_01_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1450-1610_barryneville_tonycoltrane_bertwilliams.mp3 New Apr 2021 Last part of the Tony Coltrane show and following the extended theme tune into the Bert Williams Show. Bert comments on the raid of two weeks ago. Recorded near Blackpool from 1242kHz (announced as 1233kHz). 96MB
1987_03_01_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1610-1638_bertwilliams.mp3 New Apr 2021 Continuing the Bert Williams show as recorded from a communications receiver near Blackpool from 1242kHz, hence the tinny quality. 37MB
1987_03_01_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1640-1700_bertwilliams.mp3 New Apr 2021 Last part of the above Bert Williams show. Towards the end Bert announces DJC has arrived in the studio. Again a bit tinny, as recorded from a communications set near Blackpool. 28MB
1987_04_19_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1500-1650_kaymorris_bertwilliams-gh619.mp3 New Jun 2021 Kay Morris takes the first part of Bert Williams show after 3pm as he had to sort out some 'personal issues'. Bert returns after 40 minutes and goes on to ask for people in high rise flats who may be able to host some station equipment to call in. Recorded near Blackpool from 1242kHz. The co-channel interference is from Laois Community Radio. 100MB
1987_05_22_fri_merseywaves_1242-244m_2300-2347_kevinjordan-gh694.mp3 New Mar 2021 At one stage the station operated on a Friday, and this is a late night extract of Kevin Jordan as recorded close to the station, although sadly there are some tape dropouts. 44MB
1987_05_23_sat_merseywaves_1242-244m_0025-0110_tonywest-gh694.mp3 New Mar 2021 Side two of the above cassette from the same evening, but this recording features Tony West after midnight. Again there are some dropouts due to the old tape. 44MB
1987_06_14_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1502-1708_bertwilliams.mp3 A full Bert Wiliams show with a few crackles as it was recorded near Blackpool, and also background interference from Laois Community Radio in Ireland. Bert talks about a recent raid on 15th May. 114.6M
1987_06_14_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1527-1700_bertwilliams-gh509.mp3 New Feb 2021 The same show as above recorded local to the transmitter, much clearer but only 95 minutes. Sent to Gary in 1987 by the late Dave Collins. 88M
1987_06_28_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1358-1503_tonycoltrane_petesetrine-gh668.mp3 New Jun 2021 An hour of Tony Coltrane with an early Sunday afternoon show until 3pm when Pete Setrine takes over. Recorded near Blackpool with some background interference. 60MB
1987_06_28_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1555-1910_petesetrine_peterthomas_djc_davebenitez_donthejuan-gh668.mp3 New Jun 2021 Peter Thomas takes over from Pete Setrine at 4pm for an hour and is followed by DJC.  Dave Benitez hosts an hour until 7pm and their is the first link from Don The Juan. Recorded near Blackpool with some background interference. 180MB
1987_08_29_sat_merseywaves_1242am_0830-1500_pauljay_markpalmer_daveralph_markwright-gh729.mp3 This was the return of Radio Merseywaves on 1242kHz following a raid on 14th August. The signal was very good, and this was received near Blackpool. This is rather a large file and consists of 6 hours of programming from the morning and afternoon. 359M
1987_08_29_sat_merseywaves_1242am_2000-0215_keiththechief_pauljay_tonymarshall_tonyhollis_dontheone-gh729.mp3 This is another 6 hours of programming from the same Saturday, this time in the evening through until after 2am Sunday.  The signal was good enough to give clear listening despite the foreign stations underneath. 359M
1987_10_11_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1030-1115_brianjohnson_peterthomas_testtx-gh652.mp3 Return to the air with 'live' test transmissions after being on and off the air for several weeks. Brian Johnson and Peter Thomas on this one.  Recorded near Blackpool. 42MB
1987_10_11_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1116-1202_peterthomas_testtx-gh652.mp3 Side 2 of the above cassette with Peter Thomas to mid-day.  Recorded near Blackpool. 42MB
1987_11_08_sun_merseywaves_1242am_0945-1215_markpalmer_waynescott-gh666.mp3 Part of a weekend broadcast following a number of the station staff appearing in court during the previous week.  Recorded near Blackpool. 139.3M
1987_11_08_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1217-1453_waynescott_petesetrine-gh666.mp3 Continuation of the above recording, again received near Blackpool. 139.3M
1987_11_08_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1453-1613_bertwilliams-gh666.mp3 On the final part of this 6 hour recording made near Blackpool from 1242kHz, Bert Williams tells the story about the court case a few days before. 73.7M
1988_01_17_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1505-1550_bertwilliams_station_history_pt1-gh127.mp3 New Jun 2021 Bert Williams hosts his Sunday afternoon show shortly after 3pm and begins a history of Radio Merseywaves. Recorded near Blackpool. 42M
1988_01_17_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1551-1635_bertwilliams_station_history_pt2-gh127.mp3 New Jun 2021 A continuation of Bert and his history of Radio Merseywaves up until late 1986. The rest of the story was promised for a future programme which sadly we do not have on tape. Recorded near Blackpool. 42M
1988_04_03_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1505-1630_bertwilliams-gh658.mp3 New Feb 2021 An Easter Sunday programme from Bert Williams. In this show he comments on the raids on the station in the previous couple of months.  This may have been a new transmitter as there was hum on the signal with the Irish station Laois Community Radio, also on 1242kHz. Recorded near Blackpool. 79.7M
1988_04_03_sun_merseywaves_1242am-244m_1630-1715_bertwilliams_djc-gh658.mp3 New Feb 2021 The last half hour of Bert Williams, who then overruns as the next deejay, DJC, turns up late. It was interesting that after years of announcing the station as 1233kHz, it was now being given as the correct frequency of 1242kHz.  Again recorded near Blackpool. 47M
1988_05_07_sat_merseywaves_1242am_0855-1055_markpalmer-gh631.mp3 New Jun 2021 Saturday morning and following some continuous music, Mark Palmer hosts until 11am. The signal was very strong this day. Recorded near Blackpool from 1242kHz. 110M
1988_05_07_sat_merseywaves_1242am_1055-1240_markpalmer_tonycoltrane-reel631.mp3 New Jun 2021 The end of Mark Palmer and then Tony Coltrane takes over for two hours. Again recorded near Blackpool. 98M
1988_12_18_sun_merseywaves_1242am_1430-1522_samanthalee_simonjackson-gh780.mp3 48.4M
1991_00_00_merseywaves_1188am_bertwilliams_no_freq_announced.mp3 Bert Williams with a taped show announcing that Radio Mersywaves was returning. Although not announced, the frequency was 1188kHz and signal strength was tremendous considering this was recorded near Blackpool. This was the only time it was logged on 1188kHz, on which we normally heard Radio Dublin. 88M
1991_08_26_mon_merseywaves_1017fm_bertwilliams_test_announcement.mp3 A rather crackly recording received near Blackpool of Bert Williams announcing an 'Engineering Test Transmission' on 101.7MHz in stereo, in preparation for a return to the air after being off for a long time. 4MB
1991_09_14_sat_merseywaves_1017fm_bertwilliams_pauljay-gh732.mp3 New Mar 2021 A Saturday afternoon changoever from Bert Williams to Paul Jay after the station came back on with regular programming. Recorded near Blackpool from 101.7MHz. 132MB

A newspaper report in the Wirral Globe from 26th March 1986.
Click on image for higher resolution.