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The Liverpool Broadcasting Company, or L.B.C as it was later announced was another station in which Bert Williams was involved.  The station seemed to begin out of the test transmissions of Radio 252 in the early Summer of 1981.  By August, Bert was operating that station as Liverpool Broadcasting or LBC on 1170kHz, but still announcing as 252m.  The change in frequency could have been because an Irish station called Telstar Radio in Dundalk was putting out a good signal on 1197kHz using 1kW of power, the old Radio 252 channel.  After some time off, the station was later heard in December 1982 and is thought to have lasted until around March 1983.  In its latter days, LBC tried to broadcast daily from 0900, announcing 259 metres, and attempted to pay for itself through advertising.   The heading below was from an invoice sent to Anoraks UK to advertise their  'loop aerials'.



1981_08_22_sat_liverpool_broadcasting_1170am-252m_1323-1425_bertwilliams-EM63.mp3 New Nov 2021 An early recording of Liverpool Broadcasting, where Bert mentions he hasn't been on for a long time, and says he is back.  Bert initially announced the frequency as 1197kHz but then 1170kHz, 252m, and that they were on as Radio 252 six weeks previous.  There are a few crackles as well as some tv interference, and the shows include commercials. Many thanks to Eric Monaghan for this recording made in Liverpool. 55MB
1981_09_13_sun_liverpool_broadcasting_1170am-252m_1400-1700_bertwilliams-bw.mp3 New Nov 2021 Three hours of a studio recording of Bert Williams from September 1981 when the station was still relatively new.  The announced frequency was 1170kHz, 252m. 252MB
1982_12_28_tue_liverpool_broadcasting_1170am_1040-1220_nickjames_markwright-gh477.mp3 New Nov 2021 Nick James sitting in for Phil Weston on a Tuesday morning, is followed at mid-day by Mark Wright.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1170kHz 91MB
1982_12_28_tue_liverpool_broadcasting_1170am_1220-1350_markwright-gh477.mp3 New Nov 2021 A Mark Wright on a Tuesday afternoon between Christmas and New Year.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1170kHz. 83MB


January 1983 Barry Cullen hosts a Sunday mid-day programme from Sunday 9th January 1983.  LBC transmitted on 1170kHz.  The recording was made near Southport.  (File size = 664k)