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     Radio Julie operated from The Wirral between 1986 and 1988. The signal on 104.85MHz FM (usually announced as 104.8MHz) at times covered a reasonable area of the North West.

According to Anoraks UK 'Weekly Report' the station was raided on 15th February 1987, but returned to the air shortly after with a stronger signal. All the recordings we have in our audio library were received near Blackpool after their return following that raid. The station seemed to have left the air by the summer of 1987, but then re-appeared in early 1988 and at that time were thought to have a connection to North Coast Radio which was operating on 1350kHz Medium Wave.

The clipping below is from The Liverpool Echo of Wednesday 22nd April 1987. The station returned to high power the following weekend.

1987_04_26_sun_julie_1048fm_1325-1530_kennygee_joewilliams-gh626.mp3 Recorded from 104.85MHz near Blackpool
1987_04_26_sun_julie_1048fm_1530-1735_joewilliams_petejohnson-gh626.mp3 Continuation of the above recording from 104.85MHz as received near Blackpool
1987_04_26_sun_julie_1048fm_1735-1815_petejohnson_bj_the_dj-gh626.mp3 The transmitter kept cutting and then went silent around 1815
1987_04_26_sun_julie_1048fm_1915-2050_bj_the_dj_philsmith-gh626.mp3 Apologies were given for the break of around an hour, which was said to be for moving of equipment.
1987_04_27_mon_julie_1048fm_0230-0425_scottbrennan_signoff-gh773.mp3 Scott Brennan signs off a weekend of broadcasting from Radio Julie in the early hours of Monday morning

A cutting from the Birkenhead edition of 'The News', 29th April 1987
(Click image to enlarge)

1987_05_01_fri_julie_1048fm_2235-0005_philsmith-gh638.mp3 Recorded from 104.85Mhz near Blackpool with some fading
1987_05_02_sat_julie_1048fm_0005-0145_andydavis_paulap-gh638.mp3 Continuation of the above recording from 104.85Mhz as received near Blackpool
1987_05_02_sat_julie_1048fm_1135-1350_andyrogers_larryjames-gh638 Saturday shows. Start of a six hour recording as received near Blackpool.
1987_05_02_sat_julie_1048fm_1350-1555_larryjames_neilbishop-gh638.mp3 Second part of the above six hour recording.
1987_05_02_sat_julie_1048fm_1555-1800_neilbishop_andydavis-gh638.mp3 Final part of the above six hour recording.
1987_05_23_sat_julie_1048fms_2035-2210_andysloane_andydavis-gh251.mp3 New Nov 2021 Andy Sloane on a Saturday night, with Andy Davis sitting in again for a missing deejay at 10pm. Recorded in stereo around Birkenhead.
1987_05_24_sun_juliefm_1048fm_1655-1835_philsmith_louisethompson_kennymg-gh687.mp3 New Mar 2021 There is rather a lot of continuous music on this clip from a Sunday afternoon. Recorded near Blackpool.
1987_05_30_sat_julie_1048fm_1445-1525_neilbishop-gh643.mp3 During his show, Neil gives out a list of the AM and FM stations on Merseyside that he has heard during the week.
1987_05_30_sat_julie_1048fm_1610-1700_neilbishop_markross-gh643.mp3 The changeover was around 1630, and Mark Ross comments that Neil Bishop had been on for three and a half hours.
1987_05_31_sun_julie_1048fms_1150-1235_bobkemosabe_kennygee-gh252.mp3 New Nov 2021 The end of Bob 'Kemosabe - The Lone Ranger' up to mid-day, when Kenny Gee follows with the country show. Recorded in stereo around Birkenhead.
1987_05_31_sun_julie_1048fm_1535-1710_joewilliams_sargebilko-gh643.mp3 Sarge Bilko comes on at 4pm and complains that he is once again having to fill in for someone who hasn't turned up.

The above headline in the Liverpool Echo of 20th May 1987 was a little premature, as Radio Julie was still heard on the air during June

1987_06_06_sat_julie_1048fm_2148-0040_neilbishop_phildavies-gh643.mp3 Neil Bishop hands over to Phil Davies, who after midnight says he will be playing records until 8am!
1987_06_27_sat_julie_1048fm_1607-1900_chrisrhodes_markross-gh648.mp3 Transmitter cuts off during the Mark Ross show at around 7pm.
1987_07_04_sat_julie_1048fm_1255-1605_angiecross_neilbishop_chrisrhodes-gh623.mp3 This is the last recording we have of Radio Julie from 1987 and is a 3 hour piece from Saturday afternoon.  It may have been their final weekend, as Tim Jackson reported they closed due to Andy Davis losing his flat.

Radio Julie seemed to disappear during July 1987, possibly due to heavy DTI activity at the time. In fact in the recordings of 28th June above, they were wondering how long they would be able to stay on for. The next recordings we have are from March 1988 when the station appeared with a test transmssion using high power, suggesting they had been operating for a while on low power. 

1988_03_11_fri_julie_1048fm_1756-1842_signon_tonywest-gh751.mp3 Sign on with test transmission on return to the air with high power
1988_03_11_fri_julie_1048fm_1843-1930_tonywest_davecollins-gh751.mp3 Continuation of the above recording from 104.85MHz as received near Blackpool
1988_03_11_fri_julie_1048fm_2148-2200_tonywest_paulhayes_to_station_break-gh751.mp3 The station announces a 5 minute break, but it lasts a little longer.
1988_03_12_sat_julie_1048fm_1133-1213_andydavis-gh751.mp3 Andy Davis signs the station on for the day
1988_03_12_sat_julie_1048fm_1522-1702_paulhayes_tonywest_airchecks_gh751.mp3 Paul Hayes reads out station schedule for the weekend. Airchecks of the deejays filling for RitchieC who failed to appear.
1988_03_12_sat_julie_1048fm_1750-1815signoff_andydavis_gh751.mp3 After what sounds like an argument in the studio, Andy Davis sacks RitchieC on the air and signs the station off until further notice. The station did return, but this is the last recording we have in our archive.