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Central Radio began around late July 1983 following a name change from Merseyland Alternative Radio which had been operating with this name around 1359kHz.  The station moved to 1386kHz later in the year and then to 1404kHz.  Central re-appeared in later years on 100.8MHz FM with regular transmissions. Sadly station founder Jim Brown passed away in November 2017. A tribute to Jim and further history and recordings of Central Radio can be found at the Concept Radio News Site. The recordings from Central Radio listed below are from our own collection.

Central Radio Recordings

1983_07_30_sat_mar-central_1359am_1500-1615_paulhunt_paulwest-gh456.mp3 New Aug 2022 Saturday afternoon 30th July 1983 with MAR Mk3 announcing that as from next week they would become Central Radio. Recorded from around 1359kHz.  Paul Hunt was followed at 4pm by Paul West. 67MB
1984_02_05_sun_central_1386am_1015-1226_jimbrown_markevans-ght10.mp3 New Mar 2022 Sunday morning with Jim Brown until mid-day followed by Mark Evans. There were plenty of adverts for local businesses. Recorded from 1386kHz near Blackpool, with some background interference which was probably from the Irish station Radio Carousel in Navan. 120MB
1984_08_27_mon_central_1386am_1412-1605_jimbrown_jeffstone-gh102.mp3 New Sep 2022 Jim Brown hosting until 3pm followed by Jeff Stone from August Bank Holiday Monday 1984. Mention is made about the station also being on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Central Radio Night Out on 29th. Recorded from 1386kHz near Blackpool, announced as 215m, with some local electrical noise. 200MB
1985_04_05_fri_central_1404am_1153-1240_jimbrown-gh1068.mp3 New Sep 2022 Jim Brown hosts on this Good Friday 1985 and announces it has been seven weeks since the station had been on the air and they were sorting equipment out, and the loud microphone for tomorrow's broadcast. Recorded from 1404kHz. 86MB
1986_03_31_mon_central_1404am_1208-1339_tomwebb-gh050.mp3 New Aug 2022 Easter Bank Holiday Monday with Tom Webb, who was actually using a link from  Concept FM 104.4MHz, and being relayed via the transmitter of Central Radio on 1404kHz / 215m.  According to the announcements for technical reasons they couldn't broadcast 'live' from the Central studios and were using the 'Merseylink'. Recorded from 1404kHz. 83MB
1986_08_30_sat_central_1404am_1400-1430_jimbrown_testtx-gh951.mp3 New Sep 2022 Jim Brown with a short 30 minute test transmission from August Bank Holiday Saturday 1986. The signal was very strong on this test and it was recorded near Blackpool from 1404kHz.  Jim was giving some technical info for Mark Evans who had been on the air up until 2pm on Anfield Community Radio 1431kHz that same afternoon. The transmitter can be heard switching on at the start and off at the end. 50MB