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Radio Sovereign broadcast to London 7 days per week on an announced 200m (either 1494kHz or 1503kHz) between May 1983 and January 2nd 1984. It was probably the first pure oldies station in the UK to operate 7 days per week, preceding the latest 'gold' stations by decades.


Crispian St John in the Radio Sovereign studio on 31st December 1983, and the same studio 10 minutes after the final 3pm closedown on 2nd January 1984 (see clock).


A QSL letter received by Ken in 1983 when the station was on 1494kHz.


Radio Sovereign Audio Library

1983_05_21_sat_sovereign_1503am_1300-1430_johnkenning-kb.mp3 New Mar 2024 An early recording of Radio Sovereign from Saturday 21st May 1983 and featuring John Kenning in the afternoon.  The recording was from 1503kHz and the levels are a bit up and down and muffled due to problems with the old tape. 83MB
1983_07_03_sun_sovereign_1503am_1548-1845_stevecolman_jimlawrence-gh471.mp3 New Mar 2024 Three hours of Sunday afternoon programming from Steve Colman and Jim Lawrence on 3rd July 1983. Recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz. 164MB
1983_07_03_sun_sovereign_1503am_midnight_signoff_muffled_audio-gh471.mp3 New Aug 2022 A rather wobbly and muffled midnight sign off from Crispian St John, who actually announces 1503kHz and gives the lineup for Monday.  'Overture From Tommy' from The Assembled Multitude is used as the closedown theme. Recorded in Ickenham. 5.3MB
1983_07_04_mon_sovereign_1503am_0723-0919_crispianstjohn-gh471.mp3 New Aug 2022 After a late sign on at 0723, almost two hours from Crispian St John on Monday 4th July 1983 - the audio was blank until this time.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz, announced as 200m. 106MB
1983_07_04_mon_sovereign_1503am_1223-1323_robrandall-gh471.mp3 New Aug 2022 Rob Randall at lunchtime for an hour on the same day as above.  The station seemed to be suffering from some modulation issues.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz, announced as 200m. 55MB
1983_07_04_mon_sovereign_1503am_1518-1619_johnkenning-gh471.mp3 New Aug 2022 An hour of John Kenning on Monday 4th July 1983. There was some local electrical interference during this recording.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz, announced as 200m. 55MB
1983_08_06_sat_sovereign_1503am_0834-1032_johnkenning-gh466.mp3 New Aug 2022 Saturday breakfast 6th August 1983, followed at 9am by John Kenning.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz, announced as 200m. 85MB
1983_08_06_sat_sovereign_1503am_1206-1345_nickpiercey-gh466.mp3 New Aug 2022 From the same day as above, Nick Piercey at just after mid-day.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz, announced as 200m. 96MB
1983_08_06_sat_sovereign_1503am_1528-1715_crispianstjohn-gh466.mp3 New Aug 2022 Another almost two hours from Saturday 6th August 1983, this time with Crispian St John in the late afternoon.  Again recorded in Ickenham from 1503kHz announced as 200m. 102MB
1983_08_27_sat_sovereign_1494am_1507-1605_kevinturner_berniesimmons-gh460.mp3 New Sep 2022 Kevin Turner in the afternoon of Bank Holiday Saturday 27th August 1983. Kevin programmed until 4pm when Bernie Simmons took over. 52MB
1983_08_27_sat_sovereign_1494am_1645-1733_berniesimmons-gh460.mp3 New Sep 2022 More of Bernie Simmons later in the above show on Bank Holiday Saturday. There is some crackling towards the end. 44MB
1983_08_29_mon_sovereign_1494am_0954-1115_crispianstjohn_robrandall-gh480.mp3 New Sep 2022 The morning of Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 1983, with Crispian St John followed at 1030am by Rob Randall.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1494kHz. 73MB
1983_08_30_tue_sovereign_1494am_0708-0853_crispianstjohn-gh480.mp3 New Sep 2022 A Tuesday breakfast show from Crispian St John on 30th August 1983.  Recorded in Ickenham after the station had moved to 1494kHz, but still announcing as 200m. 97MB
1984_01_02_mon_sovereign_1494am_1415-1445_kevinturner-kb.mp3 New Mar 2024 Part of the final hour with we think Kevin Turner between 2:15pm and 2:45pm.  Recording is a bit muffled and made from 1494kHz. 29MB
1984_01_02_mon_sovereign_1494am_1450-1505_closedown_kevinturner-kb.mp3 New Mar 2024 The final 15 minutes of Radio Sovereign up to 3pm on Monday 2nd January 1984, again we think with Kevin Turner.  Recording is a bit muffled and made from 1494kHz. 17MB


There are also several other excellent sites around with memorabilia and memories of Radio Sovereign, including the following: