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A sticker from the late 70s

April 1984 Ratecard Front / Back
November 1984 Ratecard Front / Back
Radio Jackie Envelope

Radio Jackie window sticker from the 70's
A window sticker from the 1970's

An old time Radio Jackie sticker courtesy of Andy Walker

Radio Jackie Recordings (Up to February 1985)

1976_09_19_sun_jackie_1331am_1000-1100_signon_davestevens.mp3 New Jul 2022 A sign on from 19th September 1976 at 10am with Dave Stevens who hosts the first hour of programming for that Sunday, which was between 10am and 4pm.  The old C120 tape was a bit muffled. 54MB
1976_10_10_sun_jackie_1331am_0955-1055_signon_pauldavis.mp3 New Jul 2022 A month later 10th October 1976 and a sign on from Paul Davis.  This time with some test music prior to the theme tune at 10am.  The station was again operating for 6 hours this particular Sunday until 4pm.  Again the old C120 sounded a bit muffled. 59MB
1977_04_03_sun_jackie_1331am_1400-1500_nickymarshall.mp3 New Jul 2022 Nicky Marchall with the dedication show between 2pm and 3pm in April 1977.  Programmes hours this time had started from 9am. 54MB
1977_12_00_sun_jackie_1331am_1040-1140_davestevens_richardjackson.mp3 New Jul 2022 Dave Stevens followed by Richard Jackson at 11am on an unknown Sunday in early December 1977.  Some nice promotions for pubs and bars with real ale.  Station operating hours were still Sunday 9am until 4pm. 54MB
1979_12_30_sun_jackie_1332am_0915-1000_davesmall_richardjackson-gh97.mp3 New Jul 2022 Dave Small with the breakfast programme until 10am when Richard Jackson takes over.  This recording a bit hissy as it was recorded at a distance from the transmitter. 42MB
1979_12_30_sun_jackie_1332am_1206-1244_philhazelton-gh97.mp3 New Jul 2022 The recording location had improved a bit on this Phil Hazelton extract from the same day as above.  Still a bit hissy. 34MB
1979_12_30_sun_jackie_1332am_1300-1416_michaelknight_jimmyking-gh97.mp3 New Jul 2022 A continuation of the 30th December 1979 shows from Radio Jackie with Michael Knight at 1pm announcing his last show for a while.  Jimmy King takes over at 2pm.  The recording was hissy. 70MB
1981_12_26_sat_jackie_1323am_1155-1240_dickieallen_michaelknight.mp3 New Jul 2022 Boxing Day 1981 with Dickie Allen and Michael Knight. 42MB
1982_01_17_sun_jackie_1323am_0755-1140_tx_switchon_signon_stuartjeffreys_the_two_daves.mp3 New Jul 2022 Three files totalling several hours of broadcasting from 17th January 1982, starting with the transmitter switch on and test music before sign-on at 8am with Stuart Jeffreys followed by 'The Two Daves'. Recording starts near Kew Gardens and then is recorded on the move at different spots in South West London.  Foreign stations can be heard at the start. 204MB
1982_01_17_sun_jackie_1323am_1201-1258_mikeknight.mp3 New Jul 2022 More from the same day as above, this time with Mike Knight starting his show and recorded closer to the transmitter site. 52MB
1982_01_17_sun_jackie_1323am_1355-1450_mikeknight_jimmyking.mp3 New Jul 2022 The end of the above Mike Knight show with Jimmy King at 2pm. 52MB
1983_03_13_sun_jackie_1323am_1745-1845_dennisjason.mp3 New Jul 2022 An hour of Dennis Jason from Mach 1983. 53MB
1983_04_05_tue_jackie_1323am_0957-1005_davesmall_signoff_for_aerial_maintenance-gh455.mp3 New Aug 2022 Following the 10am IRN news, Dave Small announces that due to aerial problems the station will be leaving the air and will be back tomorrow. Recorded in Ickenham from 1323kHz. 9MB
1983_08_08_mon_jackie_1323am_0743-0850_davestevens-gh466.mp3 New Aug 2022 Dave Stevens with a breakfast show on Monday 8th August 1983.  Recorded in Ickenham from 1323kHz. 63MB
1983_08_30_tue_jackie_1323am_0856-1030_davestevens_dickieallen-gh480.mp3 New Sep 2022 The last link of Dave Stevens on his breakfast show on Tuesday 30th August 1983, followed by Dickie Allen after the 9am news from IRN.  Partially airchecked due to interference and recorded in Ickenham from 1323kHz. 81MB


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