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Remember you can download some or all of the related audio files, and bring the pirate stations back to life!!

The audio here on the download area is as always "pretty variable".

In the days of touring around Ireland, many of the recordings were made on the move, and thus are subject to fades and noise. Some may be made close by the station, and suffer from overload on the radio due to a strong signal.

Many radios and cassette recorders just simply were not up to hi fi spec, but if it is all you have at the time as an enthusiast, a muffled, or tinny sounding recording is far superior to no recordings at all.

The variable quality of recorders back in those days was something that would not be understood perhaps by todays public. But let's also ask, who has the ability to record at all from the radio these days??? There were some receivers / radio sets that produced lovely pro sounding audio, and some that produced nothing short of rubbish. I have had all sorts in the past, and we would always try over the years to better our own equipment.

Many of the files listed have come from other enthusiasts, and thus we had no control over the bit rates used.

If only we could travel back in time with todays wideband SDR recorders, and record a chunk of the complete MW band from those wonderfully exciting years when the MW broadcast band was the place to be heard on.

Contributions From:

On these memories of pirate radio in Cork, you can hear some of the early pirates of Cork from 1978, courtesy of Patrick Healy in Cork.

In 1979 DS, Dave Small visited Cork and recorded some of the early pirates.

There are some longer recordings from reels, and some from cassette from SW, Steve West from his various tours, as well as KB and GH, Ken and Gary's recording.

IB has also supplied a number of recordings from various sources, which are uploaded as of early 2017. A most welcome update. Many are from the archives of Anoraks Ireland, of which some were the original tapes, bought from Paul Davidson when he folded up Anoraks Ireland.

Some of the recordings from 1980 and 1981 were made by Kevin in Cork and are a little bit hissy, but the cassette deck was peaked to it's best possible position for the tape heads.

What we have here is the best we can get from tapes that are 35 years old.

Click on the year to go directly to the year of interest.

1978 - 1979 - 1980 - 1981 - 1982 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1988


(The initial files uploaded - January 2016)

1978_02_10_cbc_cork_chris_stevens_210m_via_ph.mp3 2,781 K
1978_02_11_cbc_cork_chris_stevens_210m_dave_porter_david_hamilton_via_ph.mp3 11,655 K
1978_02_16_cbc_cork_chris_stevens_210m_via_ph.mp3 2,002 K
1978_03_xx_cbc_radio_cork_closedown_with_con_mac.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_03_18_cbc_radio_cork_noel_evans.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_03_21_cbc_radio_cork_king_tony.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_07_12_abc_radio_cork_testing_233m_chris_stevens.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_07_13_cbc_radio_cork_jeff_harris.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_07_13_abc_radio_cork_233m_paul_st_paul.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_07_16_abc_radio_cork_testing_233m_with_phil_daniels_chris_stevens.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_07_16_cbc_radio_cork_closedown_john_dolan.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  
1978_07_23_abc_radio_cork_233m_chris_stevens.mp3 PH new APRIL 2016  


1979_08_03_capital_radio_cork_1312khz_0815_via_ds.mp3 28,461 K
1979_08_03_capital_radio_cork_1312khz_1020_via_ds.mp3 28,391 K
1979_08_03_capital_radio_cork_1312khz_1916_pete_young_via_ds.mp3 21,209 K
1979_08_03_cbc_cork_ann_230m_1394khz_susan_james_0810_via_ds.mp3 21,434 K
1979_08_03_cbc_cork_ann_230m_1394khz_steve_taylor_0910_via_ds.mp3 28,336 K
1979_08_03_cork_city_local_radio_1142khz_0920-1020_via_ds.mp3 26,228 K
1979_08_03_cork_city_local_radio_1142khz_1000_via_ds.mp3 28,707 K


1980_06_21_saturday_capital_radio_cork_1336khz_ann_1286khz_steve_douglas_c90_100_kb.mp3 23,302 K
1980_06_21_saturday_capital_radio_cork_1336khz_ann_1286khz_steve_douglas_id_only_c90_100_kb.mp3 550 K
1980_06_24_tuesday_cork_city_local_radio_airchecks_1150-1230_bg_mark_lawrence_c90_100_kb.mp3 11,847 K
1980_06_24_tuesday_cork_city_local_radio_airchecks_1150-1230_id_only_c90_100_kb.mp3 609 K
1980_07_16_wednesday_cork_city_local_radio_1500_bst_1118khz_ann_1149_john_dolan_c90_100_kb.mp3 11,250 K
1980_08_31_radio_city_cork_testing_1630-1715_1512khz_pete_andrews_c90_128_kb.mp3 37,918 K
1980_09_01_radio_city_cork_1st_day_1630-1715_1512khz_carl_johnson_c90_128_kb.mp3 40,280 K
1980_12_30_capital_radio_cork_1308khz_1330-1415_tony_clarke_ian_richards_c90_210_kb.mp3 39,600 K
1980_12_31_radio_city_cork_1300-1345_1512khz_john_ashford_c90_209_kb.mp3 38,462 K


1981_01_01_radio_big_brother_cork_1625-1710_88.65_philip_lee_c90_209_kb.mp3 37,269 K
1981_01_05_cork_city_local_radio_1147khz_1335-1420_peter_martin_brian_robertson_c90_210_kb.mp3 38,874 K
1981_07_19_radio_caroline_cork_98.8_1255-1340_johno_mahony_paul_curtis_c90_347_kb.mp3 29,546 K
1981_08_17_capital_radio_cork_1305_khz_monday_1746_gh.mp3 60,858 K
1981_08_17_cork_city_local_radio_1143khz_1542_monday_gh.mp3 103,690 K
1981_08_17_radio_city_cork_95.5_monday_1550_gh.mp3 11,2125 K
(News reader loses it and abandons news!!!)
NB: Time actually Sunday about 1257-1340, not what was marked on tape.
27,280 K
1981_08_21_radio_city_cork_1640-1725_alan_reid_c90_348_kb.mp3 29,555 K
1981_08_22_cork_city_local_radio_1143khz_1400-1445_mike_reid_c90_348_kb.mp3 27,314 K
1981_08_22_cork_city_local_radio_1143khz_1400_ad_for_djs_only_c90_348_kb.mp3 400 K


1982_01_03_capital_radio_cork_1314khz_0113gmt_loop_tape_heard_scotland_c90_399_kb.mp3 new feb 2016- KB 1,976k
1982_03_06_1050-1130_south_coast_cork_peter_madison_alan_reid_aie_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_03_11_southcoast_104fms_0727-0835_petermadison_partly_airchecked-gh.mp3 New Aug 2021 An early recording of South Coast Radio when they only appeared to be announcing as 104MHz FM.  Recorded in Cork from FM in stereo, although the exact frequency is not known.  The recording is partially airchecked, but most of the hour is continuous. 43MB
1982_03_31_wed_southcoast_1557am_2351-0037_alanreid_recorded_in_blackpool.mp3 GH new feb 2016 43,992k
1982_04_01_thu_southcoast_104fms_0845-1205_airchecks_aprilfools-gh575.mp3 New Apr 2022 South Coast TV with Peter Madison and Hugh Brown's Bus were the April Fool on this day back in 1982.  Peter Madison hosted Breakfast TV, and Hugh Brown was 'live' from a bus driving around Cork City. Keith York can also be heard at times on the 'bus'. This is an airchecked recording of some of this broadcast between 8:45am and mid-day. News is read by Mark Lawrence. Recorded from 104MHz in Cork City. 137MB
1982_04_05_mon_caroline_cork_1630-1800_signoff_davehammond.mp3 GH new march 2016 83,044k
1982_04_05_mon_capital_cork_1312am_1945-2000_signoff_paulsheehan.mp3 GH new feb 2016 14,873k
1982_04_05_mon_cclr_1131am_1905-1920.mp3 GH new feb 2016 19,787k
1982_04_05_mon_cclr_1131am_1950-2150_fergushunter_stevearcher.mp3 GH new feb 2016 115,457k
1982_04_05_mon_citycork_955fm_1852-1930-gh414.mp3 New APR 2021 An early evening show recorded from 95.5MHz in mono during a visit to Cork. 54MB
1982_04_05_mon_citycork_955fm_2052-2155_lukeward-gh414.mp3 New APR 2021 A later evening Radio City show recorded from 95.5MHz made during a visit to Cork City 89MB
1982_04_06_tue_capital_cork_1312am_0700-0930_signon_jimoflynn.mp3 GH new feb 2016 144,150
1982_04_06_tue_leeside_cr_1023fm_0944-1012.mp3 GH new feb 2016 25,748K
1982_04_06_tue_southcoast_104fm_0700-0835_signon_peter_madison.mp3 GH new feb 2016 90,964 k
1982_04_06_tue_southcoast_104fm_0840-1130_petermadison_hughbrown.mp3 GH new feb 2016 151,078k
1982_04_06_tue_southcoast_104fm_1557am_1230-1350_hugh_brown_pete_o_neil.mp3 GH new feb 2016 73,814 k
1982_04_06_tue_midleton_cr_97-98fm_1140-1142_short_extract.mp3 GH new feb 2016 2,490k
1982_04_13_south_coast_radio_cork_1659-1833_keith_york_mark_lawrence_aie_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_06_03_thu_leeside_98fm_1203-1335_markwilson-ai_via_ib.mp3 New Sep 2021 Lunchtime show with Mark Wilson.  Recorded in Cork from 98 MHz FM in mono.  123MB
1982_06_08_tue_southcoast_1021fms_2234-0006_marklawrence_nickrichards-ai1740_via_ib.mp3 Updated Sep 2021 A re-recorded version of this tape with Mark Lawrence and the South Coast Countdown followed by Nick Richards at midnight with Nightline. Recorded during a period when the station was being jammed on 104MHz and they were forced to move to 102.1MHz.  The recording still has some dropouts, but sounds a little brighter than the original copy. 204MB
1982_08_23_eri_ballycotton_0653-0827_stewart_scott_bit_toppy_aie_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_00_00_tue_eri_1305am_0012-0052_stevemarshall-gh819.mp3 NEW DEC 2020 29M
1982_10_29_south_coast_cork_103_fm_1850-2025_yorkie_nick_richards_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_10_29_fri_cclr_955fm_1915-2013_robrichards.mp3 GH new feb 2016 54,772k
1982_10_29_fri_cclr_955fm_2142-2200_signoff_robrichards.mp3 GH new feb 2016 18,017k
1982_10_29_fri_southcoast_1029fms_1902-1947_nickrichards_steviegordon_on_news.mp3 GH new APRIL 2016  
1982_10_29_fri_eastside_ballycotton_1305am_2012-2116_paulgraham.mp3 GH new march 2016 54,976k
1982_10_29_fri_eastside_ballycotton_1305am_2142-2155_paulgraham.mp3 GH new march 2016 11,272k
1982_10_30_sat_eastside_ballycotton_1305am_0800-0935_paulgraham.mp3 GH new march 2016 82,542k
1982_10_30_sat_eastside_1305am_0840-0925_paulgraham.mp3 GH new APRIL 2016  
1982_10_30_sat_eastside_ballycotton_102fm_1024-1151_tonywilliams.mp3 GH new march 2016 83,533k
1982_10_30_sat_eastside_ballycotton_1305am_1839-2125_johnlyons.mp3 GH new march 2016 146.998k
1982_10_30_south_coast_radio_cork_1845-2020_saturday_yorkie_stevie_dunn_fm104_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_10_30_sat_midleton_cr_975fm_short_extract_adverts_no_id.mp3 GH new march 2016  
1982_10_30_sat_cclr_955fm_0848-0930_robrichards.mp3 GH new feb 2016 38,013k
1982_10_30_sat_cclr_955fm_2210-2305_briandowney_mikeread.mp3 GH new feb 2016 53,163k
1982_10_31_sun_cclr_955fm_0806-0858.mp3 GH new feb 2016 41,226k
1982_12_24_south_coast_radio_cork_1800_1930_stevie_dunn_sa_poor_aie_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_12_26_south_coast_cork_1315_1400_pete_oneil_alan_reid_aie_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_eri_ballycotton_test_stewart_scott_a_exc_audio.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1982_eri_ballycotton_test_stewart_scott_b_exc_audio.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  


1983_00_00_eastside_radio_eri_jingles-gh819.mp3 NEW DEC 2020 29M
1983_01_15_sat_eri_102fm_ 0820-1000_stuartscott_62mins.mp3 UPDATED FEB 2021 An updated version of this Saturday breakfast show from Stuart Scott, with Andrew Hewkin on news at 10am.  The recording covers 0820 until just after 10am, but is edited to 62 minutes long. 58M
1983_02_01_tue_eri_102fm_0858-0945_paulgraham-gh207.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 Part of an ERI breakfast show with Paul Graham. Sean O'Sullivan is on news at 9am. Recorded in Cork from 102MHz FM in mono. 64MB
1983_02_16_wed_southcoast_104fms_2348-0032_johnkenny_keithyork-gh207.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 End of a late night show from John kenny and then into Keith York at midnight standing in for Nick Richards on 'Nightline'.  Recorded in stereo from FM, which was announced as 104MHz. 80MB
1983_02_18_eri_cork_0910_eric_andrew_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1983_02_26_sat_eri_cork_1305am_0645-1015_andyarcher_stevemarshall_airchecks.mp3 New Mar 2016 87,965k
(Hewkin's final day, fishy audio, like mic??) GH new march 2016
830403_sun_1020-1105_103.7_south_coast_radio_cork_don_stevens_(via_ib).mp3 33,601k
1983_04_12_tue_caroline_cork_991fm_1246-1332_steven-gh721.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 A lunchtime show from Radio Caroline Cork with possibly a presenter called Steven. Sadly the audio on the FM broadcast was a bit distorted in places. It was announced as stereo on 98.9MHz, but was measured as 99.1MHz. An AM outlet on 253m was also being announced and was thought to have been on 1188kHz. 88MB
1983_04_12_tue_southcoast_1032fms_1859-1946_keithyork-gh721.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 The news with Siobanh Walls and Andrew Hewkin starts this recording, before going into the final hour of the Keith York show. Recorded in Cork City from 103.2MHz in stereo, although announced as 104MHz. 110MB
1983_04_12_tue_cclr_955fm_1859-1916_fergushunter-gh458.mp3 New Aug 2021 The start of an evening show with Fergus Hunter. Recorded in Cork City from 95.5MHz in mono 23MB
1983_04_12_tue_cclr_955fm_1916-2039_fergushunter-gh458.mp3 New Aug 2021 A continuation of the above show from Fergus Hunter. Recorded in Cork City from 95.5MHz in mono. 115MB
1983_04_13_wed_eri_cork_102fm_0838-0923_stevemarshall_donallen_paulgraham-gh408.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 66MB
1983_04_13_wed_southcoast_1027fms_0840-1110_hughbrown_peteoneil-gh1027.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 Partly airchecked recording of Hugh Brown on breakfast followed by Pete O'Neil, and with Jim Lockhart on news. Recorded from FM in stereo with some signal hiss. The station always announced 104MHz, but at this time the transmissions were on 102.7MHz.  221MB
1983_04_13_cork_city_local_radio_wed_95.5fm_0910-0955_gh.mp3 41,966 K
1983_04_13_wed_cork_city_local_radio_955fm_1005-1045-gh408.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 59MB
1983_05_19_eri_cork_1305kc_0905-1035_paul_graham_via_ib.mp3 69MB
1983_05_23_eri_cork_1305khz_long_boring_news_clip_C60_kb.mp3 2,248 K
1983_05_23_south_coast_radio_cork_just_returned_nick_richards_andrew_hewkin_C60-kb.mp3 41,680 K
1983_05_25_wed_southcoast_1557am_2340-2353_johnkenny-gh205.mp3 New Jul 2022 John Kenny with a short extract heading towards midnight on Wednesday 25th May 1983. This clip is interesting as he reads out live, the text about the upcoming independent radio march in Dublin on Friday 27th May.  It was more or less the same text from the promo by Tony Allan being broadcast on Radio Nova about the march, and is followed by PHD with 'I Won't Let You Down'.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1557kHz, with some night-time fading but showing the strong signal from the 10kW transmitter. 13MB
1983_05_25_wed_southcoast_1557am_2356-0042_johnkenny_nickrichards-gh205.mp3 New Jul 2022 Up to midnight and news read by Andrew Hewkin, followed by the first part of Nick Richards 'Nightline'. After the news is a promo for South Coast Radio and its local connections. Recorded near Blackpool from 1557kHz. 42MB
1983_05_27_fri_southcoast_1557am_2340-0025_johnlewis_nickrichards-gh724.mp3 NEW APR 2021 The end of John Lewis' first programme on South Coast Radio. Nick Richards takes over at midnight. Recorded near Blackpool, with the old AM night-time atmospherics, but showing the strength of the nightime signal at such a great distance. 43MB
1983_05_28_sat_southcoast_1557am_0028-0113_nickrichards-gh724.mp3 NEW APR 2021 Nick Richards continues his overnight show. Again recorded near Blackpool, when the station was operating with 10kW. 43MB
830603_0041_0048_1557_south_coast_radio_nick_richards_c90_620_kb.mp3 5,256k
830603_0100_0220_1557_south_coast_radio_nick_richards_c90_620_kb.mp3 53,015k
830609_south coast_radio_cork_0650_1557kc_don_stevens_taped_scotland.mp3 28,471k
830610_0115_1557_south_coast_radio_nick_richards_c90_628_kb.mp3 34,651k
1983_07_03_eri_cork_1600-1730_102fm_don_allen_via_ib.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Don Allen with his 'Country and Western Jamboree'.  147MB
830719_0032_1557_south_coast_radio_nick_richards_c90_654_kb.mp3 29,659k
830719_0611_1557_south_coast_radio_don_stevens_c90_654_kb.mp3 30,959k
1983_08_06_sat_southcoast_104fms_0325-0410_nickrichards_lukeward-gh559.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Nick Richards with his early Saturday morning show, followed at 4am by the first few minutes of Luke Ward. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo.  Frequency announced as 104MHz, but possibly on 103.2MHz. 108MB
1983_08_06_sat_eri_106fms_1036-1122_liamquigley-gh559.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Liam Quigley hosts a Saturday morning show on ERI. John O'Connor reads the news at 11am. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo, which was thought to be 106MHz. 108MB
1983_08_06_sat_southcoast_104fms_1134-1220_jimlockhart_keithyork-gh782.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Jim Lockhart completes his Saturday morning show, and is followed at mid-day by Keith York with the Top 40. News is read by Siobhan Walls. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo. Frequency announced as 104MHz, but possibly on 103.2MHz. 108MB
1983_08_06_sat_southcoast_104fms_1449-1535_keithyork-gh782.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Keith York with more of the Top 40. News is read at 3pm by Andrew Hewkin. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo. Frequency announced as 104MHz, but possibly on 103.2MHz. 108MB
1983_08_06_sat_southcoast_104fms_1600-1735_johnlewis-gh792.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 John Lewis with his 'Mad Saturday Afternoon Get Together'. News is read by Andrew Hewkin. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo. Frequency announced as 104MHz, but possibly on 103.2MHz. 216MB
1983_08_07_cclr_cork_marshal_[a_few_gaps]_1325_1143khz_am_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1983_08_07_sun_eri_106fms_1533-1621_donallen-gh791.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Don Allen with his Sunday afternoon 'Country and Western Jamboree'. News is read by Linsey Shelbourne. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo on an announced 106MHz. 108MB
1983_08_07_sun_eri_106fms_1626-1712_donallen-gh791.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 A continuation of the Don Allen 'Country and Western Jamboree'.  Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo on an announced 106MHz. 108MB
1983_09_26_mon_southcoast_104fms_0128-0215_johnlewis-789.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 John Lewis with an after midnight show. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo on an announced 104MHz. 105MB
1983_09_26_mon_southcoast_104fms_0216-0301_johnlewis_paulcassidy-789.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 A continuation of John Lewis and then the first link of Paul Cassidy at 3am.  Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo on an announced 104MHz. 105MB
1983_10_05_wed_southcoast_104fms_1950-2230_keithyork_johnkenny_airchecks-gh788.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 The last link of a Keith York show followed by airchecks of John Kenny from 8pm from a Wednesday evening.  Andrew Hewkin reads the news. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo on an announced 104MHz. 72MB
1983_10_05_wed_southcoast_104fms_2359-0031_nickrichards-gh788.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 Andrew Hewkin reads the midnight news, and is followed by the start of Nick Richards with his early Thursday morning show. Recorded in Cork City from FM in stereo on an announced 104MHz. 72MB
1983_10_14_fri_cclr_cork_0603_steve_marshal_98fm_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1983_10_14_fri_cclr_cork_0922_steve_marshal_98fm_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1983_10_30_sun_southcoast_1029fms_1335-1445_johnlewis_keithyork_at_danlowreys-gh483.mp3 Recorded during the Cork Jazz Festival wth a live music broadcast from Dan Lowrey's. John Lewis is in the studio and Keith York at the venue. There was an issue with jamming of the FM transmitter and also link from the pub to the studio.  There are some interesting engineering announcements mentioning this jamming as coming from Spur Hill. The late 2pm news is read by Andrew Hewkin. Recorded in Cork City from 102.9MHz FM in stereo, although announced as 104MHz. 100MB
1983_10_30_sun_southcoast_1557am_1530-1700_johnlewis_stevedouglas-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 John Lewis is followed at 4pm by Steve Douglas, during the Cork Jazz Festival. Recorded in Blarney from 1557 AM. 81MB
1983_10_30_sun_southcoast_1557am_1700-1712_stevedouglas-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 A short extract of Steve Douglas following on from the above recording. Recorded in Blarney from 1557 AM. 17MB
1983_10_30_sun_cclr_979fm_1530-1715_stevemarshall_robrichards-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 Steve Marshall with the Cork Top Twenty rundown on a Sunday afternoon. Rob Richards follows at 4:30pm. Recorded in Blarney from 979.9MHz FM in mono. 140MB
1983_10_30_sun_eri_1001fm_1725-1855_donallen_derryocallaghan-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 Don Allen with his 'Country and Western Jamboree' for a Sunday afternoon.  Don is followed after the 6pm news with Sean O'Sullivan, by Derry O'Callaghan. Recorded in Blarney from 100.1MHz FM. 121MB
1983_10_30_sun_southcoast_1029fms_1930-2100_georgelong-gh483.mp3 George Long on a Sunday evening during the weekend of the Cork Jazz Festival. Recorded in Blarney from 102.9MHz in stereo, although announced as 104MHz. 122MB
1983_10_31_eri_cork_0630-0800_hugh_brown_anna_craig_100.1fm_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  
1983_10_31_mon_cclr_979fm_0625-0940_stevemarshall-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 Steve Marshall with three hours of CCLR Breakfast. Recorded in Blarney from 97.9MHz FM in mono. 262MB
1983_10_31_mon_eri_1001fm_0628-0800_hughbrown_annacraig-gh497.mp3 New Jul 2022 Hugh Brown on ERI Breakfast with Anna Craig, and Sean O'Sullivan on news at three minutes to the hour. Recorded in Blarney from 100.1MHz FM. 126MB
1983_10_31_mon_eri_1001fm_0830-0910_hughbrown_annacraig-gh497.mp3 New Jul 2022 A later section of Hugh Brown from the above day's breakfast show. Recorded in Blarney from 100.1MHz FM. 56MB
1983_10_31_mon_southcoast_1557am_0020-0150_nickrichards-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 Nick Richards with the after midnight show in the early hours of Monday morning. Recorded in Blarney from 1557kHz AM. 81MB
1983_10_31_mon_southcoast_1557am_0625-0937_donstevens-gh491.mp3 New Jul 2022 Don Stevens with three hours of South Coast Breakfast. Recorded in Blarney from 1557kHz AM. 174MB


1985_05_26_eri_cork_96.7_stereo_via_ds.mp3 42,686K
1985_05_26_radio_caroline_cork_98.8_via_ds.mp3 15,100K
1985_05_26_sunday_north_cork_comm_r_100_fm_via_ds.mp3 21,391K
1985_10_29_wben_cork_1730-12900_test_tx_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017  


1986_06_25_wben_cork_98fm_1525-1625_nick_richards_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017    
1986_06_25_wben_cork_98fm_1822_approx_20m_francis_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017    
1986_10_01_wben_cork_1640-1725_from_98_fm_via_sw.mp3 new feb 2016   60,976 k
1986_10_01_wednesday_eri_cork_2057_rec_kinsale_c90_1205_kb.mp3   32,506 K
1986_10_02_thursday_eri_cork_0847_barry_falvey_rec_kinsale_c90_1205_kb.mp3 (Tnx for name correction 225)   34,000 K
1986_10_23_thu_sunshine_cork_96fm_0821-0925_johnpatrick-ai_via_ib.mp3 New Aug 2021 John Patrick with a breakfast show on Cork's Sunshine Radio. Recorded from 96MHz in mono. 80MB


1987_01_27_tue_eri_969fm_1803-1849_pamelawilson-gh025.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 An evening programme from Pamela Wilson. This tape from FM was a little over recorded and sounds distorted in places. 110MB
1987_01_27_tue_eri_969fm_1852-1940_pamelawilson-gh025.mp3 NEW FEB 2021 More of Pamela Wilson with Joe Riley on news at 7pm, then into the slow part of the show. 109MB
1987_02_20_wben_cork_98fm_1715-1800_steve_oneil_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017    
1987_02_20_wben_cork_98fm_1825-1915_rob_allen_via_ib.mp3 NEW FEB 2017    
1987_03_29_sun_centrefm_cork_101fms_1855-2030_stevie-gh1001.mp3 NEW Jul 2021 A Sunday evening show from Stevie.  The audio is not the best, but at present it is the only recording of Centre FM we have. Recorded in Cork City from 101MHz. 172MB
1987_07_03_north_cork_community_radio_1402-1430_approx_fm_via_sw.mp3 new feb 2016   25,932 K
1987_07_03_wben_98fm_1442_approx_via_sw.mp3 new feb 2016   22,834 k
1987_07_03_eri_cork_97_fm_1420-1445_approx_fm_via_sw.mp3 new feb 2016   19,486k
1987_11_03_tue_eri_975fms_1920-2050-owenbarry-gh490.mp3 NEW NOV 2020   173,158k


1988_07_31_sun_eri_977fm_0140-0300_peteoneil-gh665.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 104,665K
1988_07_31_sun_north_cork_community_radio_1386am_1529-1631_johnnagle_top40-gh648.mp3 New Jul 2021 Part of a Sunday afternoon Top 40 show from this community station in Mallow, presented by John Nagle(?). The recording was made some distance away in Ballycotton from 1386kHz, and you can hear some co-channel interference underneath from Boyneside Radio in Navan. 58MB
1988_07_31_sun_north_cork_community_radio_1386am_1635-1805_johnnagle_top40_then_golden_oldies_show-gh648.mp3 New Jul 2021 A continuation of the above Top 40 show, followed at 5pm by 'The Golden Oldies Show. At 6pm there is an interesting promotion for local community radio.  This was also recorded in Ballycotton.  There were a couple of  breaks when the audio cut out, but the transmitter was still on. 83MB
1988_08_01_mon_eri_977fm_1717-1802_markedwards-gh665.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 64,035K
1988_08_01_mon_eri_977fm_1805-1850_markedwards-gh665.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 64,076K
1988_08_01_mon_eri_977fm_1855-2015_markedwards-gh665.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 105MB
1988_08_02_eri_cork_1305khz_tuesday_mark_edwards_c90_1246_kb.mp3 (Actually from FM, not MW. Tnx 225) 67,882K
1988_08_02_tue_eri_97.7fm_0735-0905_steve_oneil_gh.mp3 80,697K
1988_08_03_wed_eri_977fm_1012-1126_steveoneil-gh665.mp3 NEW NOV 2020 104.696K
1988_08_03_eri_cork_1755-0300_via_sw.mp3 398,483K
1988_08_04_eri_cork_0700-0847_via_sw.mp3 133,553K
1988_08_04_thu_wklr_bandon_100fm_1143-1246-gh639.mp3 New Mar 2021 These two recordings were made during a day in Cork City. WKLR, from Bandon, were very strong in the city on 100MHz and they were announcing they were the 'New Voice of Cork', suggesting  a change in format. The recordings were made in mono. 118MB
1988_08_04_thu_wklr_bandon_100fm_1249-1500_johngreen-gh639.mp3 New Mar 2021 A continuation of the above recording into the afternoon show with John Green. 240MB
1988_08_05_fri_sunshine_cork_96fm_1430-1500_gerryoconnor-gh704.mp3 New Aug 2022 A short recording from the afternoon of Friday 5th August 1988, made whilst on the move in the car driving through Cork City centre, so there are one or two fades. The station was announcing as 96FM, but the exact frequency was not measured. The extract features Gerry O'Connor and there a few advertisements. 46MB