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ZEE 103 - Omeath, Co Louth (1986 - 1988)



ZEE 103 broadcast on 103.25MHz in stereo, and was possibly the first high power, FM only station to specifically broadcast towards Northern Ireland from County Louth. It was first heard with test transmissions during October 1986, and for some of these tests, was heard giving out a P.O. Box address in Armagh. This changed soon afterwards to the Co Louth address.  Official programming started on 11th November 1986.

The station could also be heard regularly on the West coast of the U.K. ZEE 103 continued operating until 31st December 1988, when, like most other stations, it closed just prior to the new broadcasting bill becoming law. In January 1989 ZEE 103 re-commenced broadcast for a short period, closing for the the final time apparently at mid-day on Tuesday 7th February 1989 following a raid on Radio Dublin.

ZEE 103 produced a four page information leaflet, which included a brief history of the station and a coverage map (369k pdf)

ZEE 103 INFO LEAFLET (369k pdf)
Click image for the Full 4 Page Leaflet in PDF format

An early 103.25 flyer, and a ratecard.
Click image for full size.


ZEE 103 Audio Library (Pre 1988 Legislation)

1986_11_00_zee103_10325fm_airchecks_test_transmission-gh866.mp3 New Jan 2023 Airchecks of a ZEE 103 test transmission from early November 1986. The exact date of the recording is not known.  A PO Box address in Portadown was being announced. It was received near Blackpool on 103.25MHz in mono, and has one or two fades due to the distance.
Zee 103.3 Omeath 11-11-86 First Programme From 7.30am.mp3 Part of the opening broadcast from ZEE 103 on 11th November 1986 with Donagh McKeown. The recording starts ot 0730 and is by kind courtesy of Rodney.
1987_01_22_thu_zee103_10325fm_0915-1000_grahammarks-gh127.mp3 New Oct 2023 The last section of the Graham Marks breakfast show of Thursday 22nd January 1987. The levels are a bit variable and there is also some distortion on this recording which was received near Blackpool on 103.25MHz in mono.
1987_01_22_thu_zee103_10325fm_1143-1157_kennytosh-gh127.mp3 New Oct 2023 A short few minutes of Kenny Tosh just before mid-day on Thursday 22nd January 1987.  It was received near Blackpool on 103.25MHz in mono.
1987_01_22_thu_zee103_10325fm_1240-1310_kennytosh_andrewgold-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2023 A half hour of lunchtime programming from Kenny Tosh followed at 1pm by Andrew Gold.  It was received near Blackpool on 103.25MHz in mono, and has some distorted pieces and starts to fade at the end as it was on the edge of the station reception area.
1987_03_08_sun_zee103_10325fm_1415-1551_roymckee-ai.mp3 New Dec 2023 A Roy McKee with a Sunday afternoon show, including the start of the weeks 'Listener's Chart' at 3:30pm.  The recording was made from 103.25MHz in the Dundalk area and suffers from some crackling on the signal.
Zee 103 Omeath Good Friday 1987 Radio Caroline Tribute.mp3 A tribute to Radio Caroline with Kenny Tosh from Friday 17th April 1987. The recording is courtesy of Rodney. 64MB
1987_05_07_thu_zee103_10325fm_1230-1402_kennytosh-gh833.mp3 New Jan 2023 Kenny Tosh with his lunchtime show up until 2pm. News at 1pm and 2pm is read by Georgina Clinton. Recorded near Blackpool from 103.25mHz in mono.  One or two slight fades, but not too bad for the distance.
Zee 103 Omeath 27-06-87 Brian Johnson From 4.59pm.mp3 A Saturday afternoon show with Brian Johnson. The recording is courtesy of Rodney. 134MB
1987_08_23_sun_zee103_10325fms_2333-0110_mikemiller-gh111.mp3 New Dec 2023 Late on Sunday night 23rd August 1987 with Mike Miller.  Recorded somewhere in the primary reception area from 103.25MHz in stereo.
Zee 103 Omeath 26-08-87 Kenny Tosh From 12.36pm.mp3 Kenny Tosh on Wednesday lunchtime, 26th August 1987. The recording is courtesy of Ian. 67MB
Zee 103 Omeath 26-08-87 Graham Marks From 3.13pm.mp3 Graham Marks from mid afternoon, the same day as the above Kenny Tosh show. The recording is courtesy of Ian. 70MB
Zee 103 Omeath 27-08-87 Stuart Scott From 7.40am.mp3 From Thursday 27th August 1987, here is Stuart Scott with his last guest breakfast show on ZEE 103. The recording is by kind courtesy of Ian. 214MB
Zee 103 Omeath 27-08-87 Kenny Tosh From 10am.mp3 Kenny Tosh follows on from Stuart Scott after the 10am news, and has a short chat with Stuart as it was his last show and was about to head off for Cork. The recording is courtesy of Ian. 45MB
1987_11_02_mon_zee103_10325fm_1550-1940_andrewgold_roymckee-gh624.mp3 New Jan 2023 Almost four hours of afternoon programming from Monday 2nd November 1987 including the end of 'The Golden Hour', 'Drive' from Andrew Gold followed at 7pm by Roy McKee. News on the hour is read by Lorraine Duncan.  Recorded near Blackpool from 103.25MHz in mono.  There are one or two slight fades, but otherwise not bad for the distance of the receiver.
1987_11_07_sat_zee103_10325fm_1315-1400_top10countdown-gh658.mp3 New Jan 2023 The last 45 minutes of the chart show from Saturday afternoon 7th November 1987. As received near Blackpool on 103.25MHz in mono.
Zee 103 Omeath 30-12-88 Final Programme with Noel McStay 2127 - 2359.mp3 The final two and half hours broadcast from ZEE 103 courtesy of Rodney. 190MB

ZEE 103 Audio Library (Post 1988 Legislation)

Zee 103 Omeath 19-01-89 Re-Opening with Noel McStay.mp3 Thursday evening 19th January 1989 saw ZEE 103 return to the air.  Here is a recording of first programme with Noel McStay from 8pm. The recording from 103.25MHz in stereo is by kind courtesy of Rodney. 115MB
Zee 103 Omeath 22-01-89 Roy McKee (owner) From 3pm.mp3 Sunday 22nd January 1989 with a show from station owner Roy KcKee. The recording is by kind courtesy of Rodney. 117MB
Zee 103 Omeath 23-01-89 Owen Barry From 11am.mp3 Owen Barry with a morning show from 11am on Monday 23rd January 1989. The recording is by kind courtesy of Rodney. 123MB
Zee 103 Omeath 23-01-89 Graham Marks From 3pm.mp3 More of the first full day back on Monday 23rd January 1989 with Graham Marks from 3pm. The recording is by kind courtesy of Rodney. 116MB
Zee 103 Omeath 29-01-89 Mike Miller From 10.59pm.mp3 Mike Miller with a late night show from Sunday 29th January 1989. This is our last recording of ZEE 103, which went off the air a week or so later on 7th February 1989, following a raid on Radio Dublin. The recording is by kind courtesy of Rodney. 122MB


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