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Including both Radio Rainbow, and stations that were relayed

FREQUENCIES USED: 6231kHz or 6240kHz / 1521kHz / 96.5MHz (various FM)


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1985_07_28_sun_rainbow_6240sw_1010-1100_jimagnew_first_day-gh.mp3 New Jun 2022
Sunday 28th July 1985
1040-1120 approx
Announced by Jim Agnew as the first 'regular' programme. The date on the tape is missing, but we presume it is 28th July 1985 as the previous week was a test transmission. and the recording below follows on.
Sunday 28th July 1985
1205-1400 Sign Off
First regular broadcast with Jim Agnew followed by  Heady Eddie up to Sign Off at 2pm. The tape is a bit muffled compared to the one above.
Sunday 28th July 1985
1245-1345 Another version of part of Heady Eddie's show from the first official day.
Sunday 12th January 1986
1128-1300 Sign Off Received on 6240kHz in Leeds, this recording starts with Kieran Murray and his 'Free Radio Show' which includes airchecks of the final hour of ARD in 1979 and an interview with Jim Agnew. There is some deep shortwave fading and local electrical noise in places on the signal and a teleprinter towards the end, showing all the issues of listening on shortwave. Heady Eddie takes over after mid-day with his 'Going Back in Time Show' up to station sign-off at 1pm.
1986_07_27_sun_rainbow_6240sw_1st_birthday_headyeddie-gh949.mp3 New May 2024
Sunday 27th July 1986
1243-1300 Sign Off The last 17 minutes of the 1st Birthday celebration with Heady Eddie, Jim Agnew and Kieran Murray. The station signs off at 1pm. Recorded in Leeds from 6240kHz.
Sunday 9th September 1986
1150-1300 Sign Off Recorded whilst at the studio and transmitter site from 12480kHz as the main signal overloaded the receiver. The recording is courtesy of Steve West. There is part of Kieran Murray's Free Radio Show number 33, followed by some live programming from Heady Eddie with some visitors to the studios from Scotland.  Due to the proximity of the 400 watt transmitter, the audio is a little distorted in places.
1987_01_25_sun_rainbow_kieranmurray_frshow44_radio_carousel_story_studio_copy-gh46.mp3 New Dec 2022  Sunday 25th January 1987   A stereo studio copy of Kieran Murray's Free Radio Show number 44 courtesy of Heady Eddie.  This was thought to have been broadcast on Sunday 25th January 1987, and included an excellent hour long feature on Radio Carousel which Kieran made in around 1980.  Radio Rainbow had not been regular during this period due to commitments to Boyneside Radio. 140MB
1987_03_15_sun_rainbow_kieranmurray_frshow45_studio_copy-gh46.mp3 New Dec 2022  Sunday 15th March 1987   A stereo studio copy of the Kieran Murray Free Radio Show number 45 courtesy of Heady Eddie. 140MB
1987_03_15_sun_rainbow_1521am_1205-1300_kieranmurray_frshow45-gh433.mp3  Sunday 15th March 1987 1205-1300 Radio Rainbow returned after being off the air for a number of weeks. Here is Kieran with most of Free Radio Show 45.  The signal was received near Blackpool on 1521kHz and was a little distorted in places as there seemed to be some problem with modulation. The station had returned to the air using AM and FM as well as SW. FM was announced as 97.8MHz 50MB
1987_03_22_sun_rainbow_1521am_1120-1300_ianscott_kieranmurray_frshow45-gh675.mp3  Sunday 22nd March 1987 1120-1300 Ian Scott with a singles preview show, followed at mid-day by Kieran Murray and Free Radio Show 45. This seemed to be a repeat from the previous week, probably due to the tx problems then. Audio and signals this week were very good. 95MB
Sunday 5th April 1987 1200-1300 A studio quality copy of Kieran's Free Radio Show Number 47 as broadcast on 5th April 1987, courtesy of Eddie.
1987_04_05_sun_rainbow_1521am_1110-1300_ianscott_kieranmurray_frshow47-gh615.mp3  Sunday 5th April 1987  1110-1300 Ian Scott followed by Kieran Murray's Free Radio Show Number 47 at mid-day. Recorded from 1521kHz near Blackpool. 103MB
1987_04_12_sun_rainbow_1521am_1105-1335_ianscott_kieranmurray_frshow48_sunrise-gh615.mp3 Sunday 12th April 1987 1105-1335 This is a nice recording from 152kHz starting with Ian Scott with his singles preview, followed at mid-day by Free Radio Show Number 48 from Kieran. At 1pm after an advert by Heady Eddie, Kieran announces the first relay of Sunrise Radio. 139MB
1987_04_13_rainbow_1521am_frshow49_kierans_unfinished_symphony.mp3  April 1987   Eddie called this part finished Free Radio Show 49, Kieran's 'Unfinished Symphony'. Free Radio Show Number 49 was being recorded by Kieran and was part finished (47 minutes) when Boyneside Radio were raided on 13th April 1987. Many thanks to Eddie for the recording. 44MB
1987_05_10_sun_rainbow_1521am_1110-1340_radiohexagon_kieran_frshow_49_goodnewsradio-gh.mp3 Sunday 10th May 1987 1110-1340 Following the end of the Radio Hexagon relay at mid-day, is the first of Kieran's Free Radio Shows after the raid on Boyneside Radio. It includes an interview with Heady Eddie about the raid.  This is the complete show number 49 which was part finished when the authorities entered the premises at Donaghy's Mill to raid Boyneside Radio.  After a short gap, the first broadcast of Good News Radio follows the end of the Free Radio Show.  As received near Blackpool on 1521kHz. 57MB
1987_05_10_sun_rainbow_1521am_1156-1305_kieranmurray_frshow49_boyneside_raid.mp3 Sunday 10th May 1987 1156-1305 Free Radio Show number 49 extracted from the above recording and featuring an interview with Heady Eddie talking about the raid on Boynesode Radio a few weeks earlier.  AS received near Blackpool on 1521kHz. 57MB
1987_05_17_sun_rainbow_1521am_1100-1300_sovereign_test_kieranmurray_frshow50-gh628.mp3  Sunday 17th May 1987  1100-1300 An initial test transmission from Radio Sovereign using the transmitters of Radio Rainbow. This was in preparation of a Radio Sovereign re-launch from Ireland. Kieran's Free Radio Show Number 50 was aired in between the Sovereign tests. 110MB
1987_05_24_sun_rainbow_1521am_1158-1300_sovereign_test_kieran_frshow51-gh624.mp3  Sunday 24th May 1987 1158-1300 A test announcement from Radio Sovereign, followed at mid-day by Kieran Murray and Free Radio Show Number 51. Recorded from 1521kHz near Blackpool. 54MB
Sunday 19th July 1987
0820-1145 A test transmission tape from Radio Sovereign on continuous loop as heard near Blackpool on 1521kHz.
Sunday 2nd August 1987
1st Official Day of Radio Sovereign with Chris Elliott at 6am and Paul Graham at 9am.  Recorded from 1521kHz near Blackpool.
Sunday 2nd August 1987
1st Official Day of Radio Sovereign with Chris Elliott at 6am and Paul Graham at 9am.  Recorded from 1521kHz near Blackpool.
1987_08_30_sun_rainbow_1521am_1157-1300_headyeddie_test_before_return-gh.mp3  Sunday 30th August 1987 1157-1300 Heady Eddie with a pilot broadcast announcing the return of Radio Rainbow after the Radio Sovereign relays of previous weeks. Eddie mentions the return to normal shows as from the following week, in which Kieran's Free Radio Show would be telling the the real story of what happened to Radio Sovereign. Recorded near Blackpool from 1521kHz. At 1pm closedown there was an announcement of a QSO with Jim at Radio Stella on 7384kHz, but we do not have a recording of this. 58MB
1987_09_06_sun_rainbow_1521am_0950-1300_wlr_kieranmurray_frshow53-gh.mp3 Sunday 6th September 1987 0950-1300 Continuous oldies followed at 10am by a two hour relay of WLR from Scotland with John Dean. Kieran and his Free Radio Show Number 53 is broadcast at mid-day until after 1pm. Recorded near Blackpool from 1521kHz. 134MB
1987_09_06_sun_rainbow_1521am_1300-1430_end_of_frshow53_relay_of_boyneside-gh.mp3  Sunday 6th September 1987 1300-1430 The end of Kieran's Free Radio Show 53, followed by continuous oldies and offshore jingles and then a live relay of Heady Eddie on Boyneside Radio. Kieran reads the 2pm news. Recorded from 1521kHz near Blackpool. 60MB
Sunday 4th October 1987
1100-1315 This recording starts with the Radio Rainbow theme, and then a relay of Radio Clash is broadcast. Kieran then hosts the Free Radio Show and announces frequencies of 1521kHz, 6240kHz, and 96.2MHz.  There are some old extracts from Dublin stations in 1978 in this FRC show. Heady Eddie then starts his 'Going Back in Time Show' at 1pm.
Sunday 6th December1987
1150-1300 Riverside Radio relay from Radio Rainbow, with Joe Vincent, as recorded from 1521kHz near Blackpool
1988_01_17_sun_rainbow_1521am_wlr_johndean_1st_update-gh.mp3  Sunday 17th January 1988 1200-1300 The first weekly WLR Free Radio Update show from John Dean. Heady Eddie signs off at 1pm and announces frequencies as 1521kHz, 6240kHz and 96.3MHz. 67MB
Sunday 3rd April 1988
0958-1200 This recording starts just before 10am with Heady Eddie announcing the Sunday broadcasts of Radio Rainbow on 1521kHz, 6240kHz and 95.8MHz.  Guernsey Sound is on from 10am until 11am when WLR takes over with John Dean.
Sunday 24th April 1988
0940-1300 Continuous music is followed at 10am with a Radio Rainbow announcement by Heady Eddie with frequencies 1521kHz, 6240kHz and 95.8MHz.  Paul Charles then hosts a relay of Guernsey Sound until 11am when WLR takes over with John Dean. At mid-day is Cruisin Solid Gold with Kenny King. Recorded near Blackpool from 1521kHz. There are one or two signal dropouts, including a long one between the WLR and CSG shows. Transmitter issues are commented on by Eddie between the shows.
Sunday 1st May 1988
0950-1200 Continuous music followed at 10am with Heady Eddie announcing 1521kHz, 95.8MHz and a temporary 6230kHz to improve SW reception. Guernsey Sound is the relay with Paul Charles, followed at 11am by WLR with John Dean. Recorded near Blackpool from 1521kHz.
Sunday 25th December 1988
1000-1300 Part of the final WLR relay from Radio Rainbow International. Paul Graham starts at 10am, with John Dean at 11am and then Bill West.  Recorded from 6231kHz, although we are not sure of the location. The tape goes a bit wavy at the end.

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