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Radio West Audio Library
1982_07_28_wed_west_925fm_2308-2355-gh108.mp3 New Dec 2023 A late night show from an unknown presenter on Wednesday 28th July 1982. The recording was made in Mullingar from 92.5MHz FM in mono, and mention is made that the station was on 1071kHz / 290m medium wave and would soon be on FM.  So presumably this was received on an early FM test, and the levels were a bit variable. 63MB
1983_04_14_thu_west_994fm_1250-1335_johndean_lunchtime_news-gh1003.mp3 New Aug 2021 This recording is mainly of the lunchtime news. It starts with 10 minutes of John Dean up to a relay of the Independent Radio News from Nova at 1pm, which Radio West used in those days. Helen Bradley then reads the local news from Mullingar.  Recorded in Mullingar from 99.4MHz in mono. 63M
1983_04_14_thu_west_994fm_1345-1430_johndean_davegibson-gh1003.mp3 New Aug 2021 Following the news, John Dean hosts the afternoon show until 2pm. Dave Gibson follows the news relay from Nova. Recorded in Mullingar from 99.4MHz in mono. 63M
1983_05_19_thu_west_765am_2200-2400_closedown_after_raids-gh468.mp3 Following the raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio, the owner of Radio West decided to closedown for security reasons on Thursday evening 19th May 1983. Here is the final two hours from 10pm until midnight. Recorded from 765kHz near Blackpool.  Radio West returned a few days later. 56MB
1983_09_24_sunday_west_765_1355-1530_ollieclark_davemurphy.mp3 new 01/13 gh 89MB
1983_04_14_thu_west_994fm_1345-1430_johndean_davegibson-gh1003.mp3 New Jul 2022 Summer 1984. 63M
1985_05_20_mon_west_765am_0717-0855_daverogers-gh178.mp3 New Dec 2023 Dave Rogers hosts the breakfast show on Monday 20th May 1985.  The recording was made near Blackpool from 765kHz and suffers from slight splattering by an adjacent UK station. 87MB
1985_05_28_tue_west_965fm_1617-1702-ds.mp3 New Dec 2023 Tuesday afternoon from 4:17pm up until the 5pm news read by Arlene O'Kelly.  Recorded from 96.5MHz in Mullingar and by kind courtesy of Dave Small.  The station seems to be having an issue with muffled audio on the adverts. 21MB
1985_07_14_sun_west_765am_2333-2410signoff_mikemcartney-gh1030.mp3 New Nov 2023 The last half hour of we think Mike Mcartney up until sign off at midnight. Recorded near Blackpool, from 765kHz. As it was late at night, there is some atmospheric fading and a foreign station slightly in the background, but otherwise quite reasonable signal. The station signs off with the National Anthem. 34MB
1986_03_30_sun_west_765am_1120-1235_philhilton_seancoyne_first_anorak_show-gh587.mp3 UPDATED 11/20 GH 70MB
1986_04_01_tue_west_765am_1339-1520_philhilton_williehart-gh587.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 93MB
1986_05_04_sun_west_765am_1050-1201_philhilton_captainwest_anorakshow-gh598.mp3 Updated Aug 2021 The Anorak Show for Sunday 4th May 1986 with Phil Hilton and Sean Coyne (Captain West).  Recorded near Blackpool from 765kHz. 66MB
1986_05_11_sun_west_765am_1102-1206_philhilton_captainwest_anorakshow-gh598.mp3 New Aug 2021 The Anorak Show for Sunday 11th May 1986 with Phil Hilton and Sean Coyne (Captain West). There is a phone call from Community Radio Wexford with Terry Moran. Recorded near Blackpool from 765kHz. 59MB
1986_06_01_sun_west_765am_010686_anorak_philhilton_seancoyne.mp3 Phil Hilton with the 'Anorak Show' from Sunday 1st June 1986 between 11am and mid-day.  Phil is joined by 'Captain West'. The tape runs out just before the end of the programme. As received near Blackpool on 765kHz. 58MB
west_220686_anorak_philton_scoyne.mp3 (Inc long call Heddy Eddie) 59MB
1986_07_06_sun_west_765am_1040-1215_philhilton_seancoyne_bobgallico-gh1045.mp3 Updated Dec 2023 The last part of the Phil Hilton Sunday show from 6th July 1986 before the 'Anorak Show' with station manager Sean Coyne (Captain West), before being joined by Bob Gallico. Recorded near Blackpool from 765kHz. 86MB
west_july86_anorak_bgallico.mp3   55MB
west_270786_anorak_bgallico.mp3   29MB
1986_08_03_sun_west_765am_1100-1207_anorakshow_philhilton_captainwest-gh828.mp3 New Mar 2022 The Sunday morning Anorak Show with Phil Hilton and Captain West. It was Phil's first time back after a holiday during which Bob Gallico sat in for a couple of weeks. At mid-day there is the first few minutes of the Céilí show. Recorded near Blackpool from 765kHz. 61MB
west_051086_anorak.mp3   58MB
west_021186_anorak.mp3   58MB
870224tue_west_94_1130-1230_daraghnelson.mp3   57MB
870224tue_west_94_1259-1401_daraghnelson.mp3   56MB
1987_04_28_tue_west_702am_1031-1303_derekflood-gh773.mp3 New Dec 2023 Over two hours of Derek Flood from Tuesday 28th April 1987. Linda Larkin reads the hourly news. Recorded near Blackpool from 702kHz. 137MB
1987_07_29_wed_west_973fm_1250-1415_derekflood_williehart-gh117.mp3 New Dec 2023 Derek Flood on lunchtime and followed at 2pm followed by Willie Hart. Kathy Lester is on news at 1pm. As received on 97.3MHz in County Dublin from the Radio West Dublin City relay transmitter. There is an advert for the new service to Galway, showing how wide the Radio West coverage area was by 1987. There is some FM band noise and the audio levels are a little variable, especially in the first half. 117MB
west_080387_anorak_sean_coyne.mp3   61MB
west_190487_anorak_boyneside_raid.mp3   31MB
1987_12_05_sat_west_702am_1205-1520-gh723.mp3 New Mar 2024 Three hours of Radio West programming from the afternoon of Saturday 5th December 1987. As received on 702kHz near Blackpool. 176MB
1987_12_11_fri_west_702am_0825-1145_neilmcleod_derekflood-gh681.mp3 New Feb 2023 From 11th December 1987, here is over 3 hours of weekday programming starting with Neil McLeod on breakfast, followed by a morning show from Derek Flood. News is read by Marion Enright. There are plenty of Christmas adverts on the station which was putting out an excellent AM signal at the time. As received on 702kHz near Blackpool. 180MB
west_270388_anorak_whart_scoyne.mp3   68MB
west_anorak_nodate.mp3   39MB
1988_05_17_tue_west_702am_1020-1215_kevinpalmer-gh633.mp3 New Mar 2024 Two hours of Kevin Palmer from Tuesday morning 17th May 1988. As received on 702kHz near Blackpool. 106MB
1988_05_17_tue_west_702am_1215-1335_kevinpalmer-gh633.mp3 New Mar 2024 A continuation of the above Kevin Palmer show from Tuesday 17th May 1988. As received on 702kHz near Blackpool. 74MB
Radio West Mullingar 11-12-88 Anorak Show with Sean Coyne.mp3 Updated Dec 2023 The penultimate Anorak Show with Sean Coyne, this week with famous transmitter builder Gerry Reilly in the studio. As received on the Dublin FM relay on 97.3MHz and by kind courtesy of Rodney. 36MB
Radio West Mullingar 18-12-88 Final Anorak Show with Sean Coyne.mp3 Updated Dec 2023 The final Anorak Show with Sean Coyne on Sunday 18th December 1988. Heady Eddie is on the phone at the end, chatting with Sean along with Gerry Reilly. As received on the Dublin FM relay on 97.3MHz and by kind courtesy of Rodney. 43MB
1988_12_20_tue_west_702am_0859-1058_landlink_ianscott_derekflood-gh780.mp3 New Dec 2020 First part of a continuous 6 hour recording made from 702kHz in Blackpool the week before Christmas, featuring Ian Scott and Derek Flood 109MB
1988_12_20_tue_west_702am_1058-1311_derekflood-gh780.mp3 New Dec 2020 Second part of the above recording made from 702kHz in Blackpool the week before Christmas with Derek Flood 121MB
1988_12_20_tue_west_702am_1311-1520_derekflood_williehart-gh780.mp3 New Dec 2020 Final part of the above recording featuring the end of Derek Flood and into the Willie Hart show. Received on 702kHz in Blackpool the week before Christmas. Radio West were operating on reduced power on 702kHz at this time and foreign interference becomes a big problem towards the end. Radio Andorra also used to operate on this frequency 116MB
1988_12_30_fri_west_702am_final_day_0942-1025_aidennolan_derekflood.mp3 Part of the final morning of Radio West as recorded from 702kHz in Blackpool. There is some side splatter from BBC Radio 2 on 693kHz. 43MB
1988_12_30_fri_west_702am_final_day_1037-1300_derekflood_cw_jamboree.mp3 More of the final morning and lunchtime of Radio West as recorded from 702kHz in Blackpool. Derek Flood is followed by the final Country Jamboree. More side splatter interference. 132MB

Radio West Mullingar 30-12-88 Last Programme with Don Allen From 8.34pm.mp3 (via Rodney)

(Audio is rough, but it is the best recording we have.)