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ARCHIVES OF RADIO DUBLIN: This are the start of our Radio Dublin audio files index. There are many other Radio Dublin files in the archives that are in need of sharing. Many are from Cooke's News that was broadcast every Sunday around 1330(ish) usually 15-20m later!!





1980_01_07_mon_dublin_1188am_1501-1532_djlee-gh213.mp3 New Nov 2021 DJ Lee with part of his afternoon show.  There seemed to be an issue with one of the tape players, as some jungles and adverts were very low level. Recorded in South Dublin from 1188kHz. 


1981_02_28_sat_radiodublin_6240_1300-1435_top40.mp3 87,983k
1981_03_22_sun_dublin_6910sw_1400-1417_station_news_shaywest-gh.mp3 New Jul 2022 20 minutes from the shortwave outlet of Radio Dublin which had recently moved to the unusual 6910kHz as recorded in Leeds. Previously they had used 6240kHz and 6290kHz. The station stayed on 6910kHz until legislation.  The shortwave audio was much louder and clearer in the early days, if somewhat over modulated.  It became a little muffled in later years.  This recording is the end of station news on a Sunday, and then Shay West comes back to apologise for lack of time for requests.  The name of the lady presenter following Shay is not known.
1981_04_14_tue_dublin_1188am_1550-1615_dj-lee-airchecks-gh755.mp3 New Oct 2021 A short set of airchecks of DJ Lee.  There are some promotions for the annual Easter Egg Appeal. Recorded in Dublin from 1188kHz.  The levels on the audio are a little variable.


1982_08_14_sat_dublin_1188am_1120-1255_piakinsella-gh428.mp3 New Oct 2021 A Saturday morning programme from Pia Kinsella (we believe), including the top 40 from 1130am.  Pia was broadcasting live from the Dublin Bazaar in Thomas Street, with Gerry Marsden controlling things back in the main studio.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz.  The signal was strong, but the modulation at this time was a little distorted and with a hum at times, but this could have been due to the fact it was a live 'outside' broadcast. There is also a bit of splatter from Telstar on 1197kHz.
1982_10_27_wed_dublin_channel2_91fm_1935-2202_johnhughes_gerardroe_16thbirthday-gh436.mp3 New Apr 2024 Some Radio Dublin Channel 2 programming from the evening of Radio Dublin's 16th Birthday celebration, 27th October 1982. This was recorded from the Channel 2 frequency of 91MHz and starts with John Hughes.  Gerard Roe follows with his FRC show which includes some memories of Radio Dublin from years before 1982. Most of the station staff were at the birthday celebration in the 'Television Club' leaving just one or two manning the station. The recording is slightly airchecked, and was made in the centre of Dubln from 91MHz in mono.  This was also being relayed on the main Radio Dublin 253m / 1188kHz outlet. John Hughes was back after Ger, and followed at 10pm with the first link of James Stewart and the rock show.
1982_10_28_thu_dublin_98fm_0030-0200_tombyrne-gh436.mp3 New Apr 2024 Later on in the evening of the 16th birthday, here is Tom Byrne from half past midnight until 2am on Thursday 28th October 1982. Judging by announcements this was Radio Dublin on all frequencies. Recorded from the 98MHz frequency is Central Dublin.


1984_11_01_thu_dublin_975fm_0734-0920_mikebaron-gh539.mp3 New Oct 2022 105 minutes of breakfast with Mike Baron on Thursday 1st November 1984. Recorded in Booterstown from 97.5MHz in mono.  There is some crackling on the signal.
1984_11_01_thu_dublin_975fm_0955-1310_mikebaron_traceyevans_gerrymarsden-gh539.mp3 New Oct 2022 This three hour recording includes the last few minutes of Mike Baron's breakfast show from the same morning as the above recording. Tracey Evans can be heard at the end his show before she follows him at 10am. This recording features her entire show, and after the news at 1pm with Anne Marie Redmond, there is the first 5 minutes of Gerry Marsden.  Recorded in Booterstown from 97.5MHz in mono.  There is some crackling on the signal.


1986_04_26_sat_dublin_0000-0047_patjennings_radiodublinhistory_part1-pt.mp3 New Aug 2021 Part one of 4, with Pat Jennings doing a three hour programme of a history of Radio Dublin with Prince Terry and The Captain in the studio.  Thanks go to Prince Terry for these recordings.
1986_04_26_sat_dublin_0047-0135_patjennings_radiodublinhistory_part2-pt.mp3 New Aug 2021 The second part of the above programme. 64MB
1986_04_26_sat_dublin_0135-0220_patjennings_radiodublinhistory_part3-pt.mp3 New Aug 2021 The third part of the above programme.
1986_04_26_sat_dublin_0220-0305_patjennings_radiodublinhistory_part4-pt.mp3 New Aug 2021 This is the fourth part of the above programme. 60MB
1986_04_26_sat_dublin_patjennings_radiodublinhistory_final_part5-pt.mp3 New Oct 2021 This is the last of the Pat Jennings show featuring Prince Terry and The Captain. 17MB
1986_10_06_mon_dublin_1188am_0802-0958_mikebaron-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2024 From Monday 6th October 1986, here is the end of a religious programme followed by Mike Baron on breakfast until 10am. The recording was made near Blackpool from 1188kHz and suffers from foreign interference in the first part due to time of year.  There is also some crackling and splatter from Telstar Community Radio on 1197kHz. 105MB
1986_10_06_mon_dublin_1188am_0958-1221_tracyevans-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2024 Over two hours of Tracy Evans who follows Mike Baron on Monday 6th October 1986 at 10am. As recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz. The signal suffered from some crackling. 130MB


1987_02_17_tue_dublin_fms_0845-0931_mikebaron-gh516.mp3 New Dec 2021 Mike Baron on breakfast.  Recorded in Dublin City from FM in stereo, but not sure of the exact frequency.
1987_02_17_tue_dublin_fms_0933-1020_mikebaron_mikeeastwood-gh516.mp3 New Dec 2021 Side 2 of the above tape with Mike Baron on breakfast, followed at 10am by Mike Eastwood.  Recorded in Dublin City from FM in stereo, but not sure of the exact frequency.
1987_02_23_mon_dublin_105fm_0752-0932_mikebaron-gh673.mp3 New Mar 2021 The following 4 files make up a 6 hour continuous chunk of Radio Dublin daytime programming from a Monday in February 1987.  This first file starts with Mike Baron on the breakfast show, broken up by 'Bob Gas' at 8am.  Recorded in Dublin City centre from 105MHz in mono.
1987_02_23_mon_dublin_105fm_0932-1112_mikebaron_mikeeastwood-gh673.mp3 New Mar 2021 The second file has the mid-morning Mike Baron and Mike Eastwood changoever. 93MB
1987_02_23_mon_dublin_105fm_1112-1253_mikeeastwood-gh673.mp3 New Mar 2021 This file is all Mike Eastwood through lunchtime until just before 1pm.
1987_02_23_mon_dublin_105fm_1253-1420_mikeeastwood_brianedgar-gh673.mp3 New Mar 2021 Finally, Mike Eastwood hands over to Brian Edgar and the recording finishes during his show. 79MB


1988_05_16_mon_dublin_1188am_1155-1300-gh624.mp3 New Nov 2023 Monday lunchtime on 16th May 1988.  As received near Blackpool on 1188kHz. 65MB
1988_12_04_sun_dublin_1049fm_1400-1445_gerrymarsden_station_history_part1-ai_via_ib.mp3 New Sep 2021 The first part of 'Radio Dublin - This is Your Life', a history of Radio Dublin narrated by Gerry Marsden.  Recorded from 104.9MHz in mono.  There is some buzz on the audio which sounds as though it was on the original broadcast. 62M
1988_12_04_sun_dublin_1049fm_1445-1530_gerrymarsden_station_history_part2-ai_via_ib.mp3 New Sep 2021 A continuation of 'Radio Dublin - This is Your Life', a history of Radio Dublin narrated by Gerry Marsden.  Recorded from 104.9MHz in mono.  There is still some buzz on the audio. 62M
1988_12_25_sun_dublin_1188am_1100-1400_shaywest_johndean_captains_news_poor_signal_and_audio.mp3 The last Sunday morning of 'legality' with Shay West also including the final 'Station News' before legislation. 172,210k
RadioDublin--Dublin1188kHz--December30th1988--1930.mp3 Thanks go to radiowaves.fm for this recording 73M
1988_12_31_sat_dublin_1188am_0905-1100_robbieprior_final_breakfast_show-gh789.mp3 New DEC 2020 Two hours of the last breakfast show with Robbie Prior. This was recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz and the reception and audio is sadly quite poor.  The end of the programme is also included in the file below, but that one is better quality even though it was also recorded near Blackpool. The aerial and receiver was much better in that recording. 104M
1988_12_31_sat_dublin_1188am_1045-1132_robbieprior_davefelton_tonyquinn-gh821.mp3 New DEC 2020 The end of the last breakfast show with Robbie Prior, followed by Dave Felton and Tony Quinn hosting a show discussing station closures and featuring recordings from stations which closed on Friday.  Recorded near Blackpool, and suffers variable audio and splatter from Telstar (Dundalk) on 1197kHz. 43M
1988_12_31_sat_dublin_1188am_1133-1220_davefelton_tonyquinn-gh821.mp3 New DEC 2020 A continuation of the above, during which they play the end of Sunshine 101, and Heartbeat FM.  Again quality is not good in places as microphone levels seem to be up and down.  There is also a hum on the audio in places. 43M
1988_12_31_sat_dublin_1188am_1220-1306_davefelton_tonyquinn-gh1019.mp3 New JAN 2021 More of the Heartbeat close and then phone calls and station staff call in. Low audio on phone calls sadly makes for difficult listening. Received near Blackpool. There is also a hum on the audio in places. 43M
1988_12_31_sat_dublin_1188am_1306-1354_davefelton_tonyquinn-gh1019.mp3 New JAN 2021 More phone calls and chat with Dave Felton and Tony Quinn about the coming closedowns. Recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz, so foreign interference is creeping in. 43M
RadioDublin--Dublin105.3MHz--December31st1988--1632.mp3 New JAN 2021 Thanks go to radiowaves.fm for this recording from the late Saturday afternoon before legislation. 201M


RadioDublin--19890102--2220--Dublin_BG.mp3 New Oct 2021 One of the early programmes following legislation after the station went into illegality. The recording from 2nd January 1989 was recorded from 1188kHz in Dublin, and is by kind courtesy of Brendan Gaffney via radiowaves.fm


1989_01_03_tue_dublin_1188am_0830-1000-gh1041.mp3 New Mar 2021 One of the first 'live' breakfast shows on Radio Dublin following legislation which is possibly presented by Mike Baron. The show finishes at 10am, and at the end of the recording are a few airchecks from the next show. Recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz and there is a bit of hum on the early part of the signal.  The shortwave transmitter on 6910kHz was also mentioned in this programme.


1989_01_19_thu_dublin_1188am_0925-0946_esb_cut_electric.mp3 Some of the programmes in the initial days of 1989 had very few deejay links. Here is the point in the breakfast show when the ESB cut the power to 58 Inchicore Road.


1989_01_19_thu_dublin_1188am_1528-1610_drivetime.mp3 The power was restored and Radio Dublin returned shortly afterwards. This recording was made near Blackpool later in the afternoon.


1989_01_22_sun_dublin_1188am_1300-1400_brianpage_captains_news.mp3 50,730k
1989_03_03_fri_dublin_101fm_adrianstjames_pt1-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 Following the second raid on the station in February when the AM and SW transmitters were taken, Radio Dublin returned on FM only for a number of weeks.  Initially programmes were only for a few hours per day and were on tape. Here is Adrian St James with one of those taped shows from early March.  The station was announced as being on 101FM, but the exact frequency is not know. There was a 'live' announcement at the end of the recording, possibly by Mike Wilson with some information about funding the upcoming court case. This recording was made in Dublin.


1989_03_03_fri_dublin_101fm_adrianstjames_pt2-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 More of Adrian St James from this Friday evening. This recording was made in Dublin.


1989_03_03_fri_dublin_101fm_adrianstjames_pt3-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 The last part of Adrian St James from this evening This recording was made in Dublin.


1989_03_03__fri_dublin_101fm_2133-2217_countrymusic_pauldowney-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 After some live country music, Paul Downey takes over at 10pm with 'Old Gold Retold', and is joined in the studio by Jim Arnold. This recording was made in Dublin from 101MHz FM in mono.


1989_03_03_fri_dublin_101fm_2217-2305_pauldowney_bobgas-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 A continuation of Paul Downey and Jim Arnold, until 11pm which Bob Gas does his piece. This recording was made in Dublin from 101MHz FM in mono.


1989_03_03_fri_dublin_101fm_2310-2356_bobgas_pauldowney-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 The end of Bob Gas, and back into Paul DOwney with the Friday Elvis Radio Circle until just before midnight. This recording was made in Dublin from 101MHz FM in mono.


1989_03_03_fri_dublin_101fm_2400-signoff-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 The station sign off at midnight on Friday. This recording was made in Dublin from 101MHz FM in mono.


1989_03_19_sun_dublin_101fm_1350-1405_station_news-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 Station news and other radio news from around the country. It has been five weeks since the last raid. This recording was made in Dublin from 101MHz FM in mono and there are one or two transmission cut outs.


1989_03_26_sun_dublin_101fm_1345-1355_station_news-gh759.mp3 New Jan 2022 Station news during which a letter is read out from Prince Terry. Mention is made that is six weeks since last raid and that the shortwave is being worked on next. This recording was made in Dublin from 101MHz FM in mono.


1989_04_14_fri_dublin_101fm_1500-1545_adrian_st_james-gh223.mp3 New Aug 2022 Adrian St James with one his pre-recorded shows which were being broadcast at the time.  At the end of the recording are some live announcements. This recording was made in Dublin from an announced 101MHz FM in mono.


1989_04_14_fri_dublin_101fm_1545-1630_cont_mx-gh223.mp3 New Aug 2022 A continuation of the above recording, with the conclusion of the live announcements and then into continuous music and jingles. This recording was made in Dublin from an announced 101MHz FM in mono.















1990_02_04_sun_dublin_1188am_1420-1440_joedoyle_station_news-gh645.mp3 New JAN 2021 18M
1990_02_00_sun_dublin_1188am_1300-1430_gh870.mp3 86,355k
1990_02_25_sun_dublin_1188am_1356-1504_chrisadams_station_news-gh840.mp3 New Oct 2022 Station News from Sunday 25th February 1990 sandwiched within the Chris Adams show.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz / 253m.  The audio was somewhat muffled on the AM.  Chris also announced they were on 101.4MHz FM. 62MB
1990_04_09_mon_dublin_1188am_0825-1025_joedoyle_gh818.mp3 109,364k
1990_04_15_sun_dublin_1188am_1400-1500_joedoyle_station_news-gh744.mp3 New Nov 2023 Station News from Sunday 14th April with Joe Doyle.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz / 253m.  The audio was somewhat distorted. 52MB
1992_06_07_sun_dublin_1188am_1420-1505_station_news-gh996.mp3 New Apr 2022 Station News from Sunday 7th June 1992, when the station seemed to be calling itself Community Radio Dublin.  Recorded near Blackpool from 1188kHz / 253m.  The audio was somewhat distorted. 42MB


1997_07_09_wed_dublin_100fm_1802-1934_johnleonard_willpower-gh1107.mp3 New Aug 2021 This Wednesday evening recording starts with John Leonard who finished his programme a little early. There is some continuous music before Will Power takes over at 7pm. This was recorded from 100MHz near Blackpool during an FM lift and has some crackles. The station had recently moved to a country music format which had been missing in the city since the closure of Treble T R Radio in December 1988. 127M

2001_12_16_sun_dublin_100fm_1115-1230_tommylee_jimmy.mp3 New Jan 2022 The end of Tommy Lee on the Sunday morning Elvis show.  At midd-day he is followed by Jimmy.  There is a promo saying thanks for all the new deejays who responded to a recruitment drive. 68M