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Radio Caroline 1970's:

This station is by far the most famous and oldest of the mainly short lived offshore radio stations, which broadcast from the high seas, off Europe. There is no end of offshore radio enthusiasts who have produced web pages on the history of this world famous radio station..

Recordings 791125 were recorded in Scotland on a Sunday evening when the 50kw transmitter was in use, and resulting reception was quite good for much of the time. There is a bit of skywave fading, but in general listenable to anyone who used to tune in back then. The recordings for example from 790420, 790427, and 790428 are recordings made in Scotland at night with inferior recorders and during inferior reception periods, but are unique, in the fact they have not done the rounds.

2020 saw the 40th anniversary of the final broadcast from the Mi Amigo.  We recently found a handful of historic short recordings in our collection from the 10 days before the Mi Amigo sank in March 1980.  They were recorded near Blackpool and have the usual night-time fades and interference etc. which we all experienced in those days of listening to AM. The dates were estimated from the Caroline Roadshow promotions which have been extracted as shorter separate files. On the last recording, 16th March 1980, the Caroline Roadshow advertised date was after the Mi Amigo had sadly sunk.

Some tapes and recordings have come from various sources.

AW - Andy W
AC - Andy C
JP - John P
KB and GH - Ken and Gary of DX Archive
Bonnie - Web site, now off line and recordings not available anywhere to our knowledge. A few repeated on here.


1973_05_14_mon_caroline389_773am_testing_dutch_language-ib.mp3 New Jul 2023 An untimed test with mainly Dutch language links from Monday 14th May 1973.  The transmission was announced as on 390m, with American jingles and references to 'Channel 77' being mentioned, with the address of Radio Caroline, Caroline House, The Hague, Holland. At one point the deejay changes from Dutch to English and says hello to Chris, Kate and Andy if you are listening in and says 'give us a call, we miss you'. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 43MB
1973_05_15_tue_caroline389_773am_0759-0844_normanbarrington_test_transmission_laser_anorak_show-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 The 'Anorak Hour' was a feature of Laser Shortwave and normally introduced by Colin Dixon, and was probably an extension of the old 'Gemini Gem' clips heard during the Radio Gemini Days. Colin had a large collection of offshore radio recordings to draw on and here he introduces an early test transmission of Radio Caroline on 389m / 773kHz from Tuesday 15th May 1973. He announces as 770kHz, channel 77.  The test is announced by Norman Barrington and is between 0759 and 0844.  This recording is courtesy of Ian. 107MB
1973_05_15_mon_caroline389_773am_dutch_test_transmission-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 An hour of test transmission in the Dutch language from Monday 15th May 1973. There is a lengthy live concert section before the deejay changes. Courtesy of Ian. 57MB
1973_06_03_sun_caroline389_773am_0925-1010_paulalexander_test_transmission-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Paul Alexander with a test transmission from Sunday morning 3rd June 1973. The start time on this recording is believed to be 0925 and is courtesy of Ian. 43MB
1973_06_03_sun_caroline389_773am_1013-1054_paulalexander_test_transmission_laser_anorak_show-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 The 'Anorak Hour' was a feature of Laser Shortwave and normally introduced by Colin Dixon, and was probably an extension of the old 'Gemini Gem' clips heard during the Radio Gemini Days. Colin had a large collection of offshore radio recordings to draw on and here he introduces Radio Caroline on 389m / 773kHz from Sunday 3rd June 1973.  The show is from Paul Alexander from around 1013.  At one point Colin tunes away to the Dutch tests on 1187kHz and then back to 773kHz.  This recording is courtesy of Ian. 107MB
1973_06_04_mon_caroline389_773am_0728-0840_paulalexander-gh598.mp3 New Aug 2023 On the first offical day, here is the end of Johan Maasbach followed at 0730 by Paul Alexander with the first breakfast show. 64MB
1973_06_04_mon_caroline389_773am_0858_1027_paulalexander_andyarcher-gh599.mp3 New Aug 2023 The end of Paul Alexander and then at 9am is Andy Archer.  There is quite a lot of clicking and crackling on this recording. 85MB
1973_06_04_mon_caroline389_773am_1001-1027_andyarcher-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Andy Archer overlapping with the above recording from 1001 to 1027 on the first official day of broadcasting, Monday 4th June 1973.  The recording has some electrical clicking and popping and is courtesy of Ian. 24MB
1973_06_04_mon_caroline389_773am_1047-1100_andyarcher-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Another section of Andy Archer from 1047 until 11am. 13MB
1973_06_04_mon_caroline389_773am_1107-1200_andyarcher-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 The last 53 minutes of Andy Archer from the above first day programme up until mid-day when Spangles Muldoon does the announcement. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 50MB
1973_06_04_mon_caroline389_773am_1155-1240_andyarcher_spanglesmuldoon-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Overlapping the previous recording, and of better quality, this is the last few minutes of the Andy Archer show, and then the first 40 minutes of Spangles Muldoon. Again this recording is courtesy of Ian. 42MB
1973_06_09_sat_caroline389_773am_1215-1302_spanglesmuldoon-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Spangles Muldoon shortly after midday on Saturday 9th June 1973.  The show may have been on tape as Paul Alexander does live announcements at 1pm. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 43MB
1973_06_09_sat_caroline389_773am_1315-1500_spanglesmuldoon_steveengland-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Partial airchecks of the last 45 minutes of the above Spangles Muldoon show and at  2pm Steve England from Saturday 9th June 1973. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 83MB
1973_06_10_sun_caroline389_773am_paulalexander-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Paul Alexander from Sunday 10th June 1973. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 43MB
1973_06_11_mon_caroline389_773am_0914-0945_paulalexander-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Paul Alexander with 30 minutes of his show from the morning of Monday 11th June 1973. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 29MB
1973_06_11_mon_caroline389_773am_1105-1150_andyarcher-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Andy Archer later the same morning of Monday 11th June 1973. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 43MB
1973_06_11_mon_caroline389_773am_1230-1300_spanglesmuldoon-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Again on Monday 11th June 1973, here is Spangles Muldoon between 1230 and 1pm. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 29MB
1973_06_15_fri_caroline389_773am_1110-1155_robinadcroft-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 A recording of Robin Adcroft from Saturday 16th June 1973 and courtesy of Ian. The signal on this one was a bit weak, so there is some band noise and interference. 41MB
1973_06_15_fri_caroline389_773am_1159-1244_robinadcroft_normanbarrington-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Continuing the above recording with the end of Robin Adcroft at mid-day and first part of Norman Barrington's show. Norman mentioned it was a Friday, so the information on the tape may be wrong. 41MB
1973_06_21_thu_caroline389_773am_1000-1130_johnnyjason_andyarcher-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Johnny Jason at 10am and followed at 11am by Andy Archer on the morning of Thursday 21st June 1973. This recording is courtesy of Ian. 84MB
1973_06_21_thu_caroline389_773am_1140-1200_andyarcher-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 The last 20 minutes of the above Andy Archer show from Thursday morning 21st June 1973. 18MB
1973_06_21_thu_caroline389_773am_1500-1604_johnnyjason-ib.mp3 New Aug 2023 Following Paul Alexander with his last link, this is another show from Johnny Jason from later the same day as above, of Thursday 21st June 1973, this time in the afternoon and isourtesy of Ian. 59MB
1973_06_25_mon_caroline389_773am_steve_england_laser_anorak_show-ib.mp3 New Jul 2023 The 'Anorak Hour' was a feature of Laser Shortwave and normally introduced by Colin Dixon, and was probably an extension of the old 'Gemini Gem' clips heard during the Radio Gemini Days. Colin had a large collection of offshore radio recordings to draw on and here he introduces Radio Caroline on 389m / 773kHz from Monday 25th June 1973.  The show is from Steve England commencing around 6am.  This recording is courtesy of Ian. 116MB
1973_06_25_mon_caroline389_773am_rogerday_laser_anorak_show-ib.mp3 New Jul 2023 What was almost a continuation of the above 'Anorak Hour' featuring Caroline 389 from Monday 25th June 1973, this time with the first Roger Day breakfast show on Caroline since March 1968.  The recording starts around 0730 and is courtesy of Ian. 116MB
750100_caroline_259_0300-0500_dave_owen_aw.mp3 (date unknown) (aw)
780120_miamigo-caroline_962_1750-1900_includes_changeover_75.mp3 (gh)
780120_caroline_962_2247-2320_brianmartin_75.mp3 (gh)
780120_caroline_962_2320-0051_brianmartin_stuartrussell_75.mp3 (gh)
780121_caroline_962_sat_0330-0500_rogermatthews_75.mp3 (gh)
1978_10_14_sat_caroline319_962am_0045-0130_samantha-gh.mp3 New Mar 2024 Samantha from after midnight on Saturday 14th October 1978.  As received in Leeds on 962kHz. 42MB
1978_10_15_sun_caroline319_962am_2340-0010_brianmartin_samantha-gh.mp3 New Mar 2024 Brian Martin with the end of a personal top 30 of Andrew Linton on Sunday night 15th October 1978. Samantha follows at midnight into Monday 16th October 1978.  As received in Leeds on 962kHz.  This is the last recording we have in our collection of Radio Caroline in 1978 before the generator failure on 20th October 1978. 34MB
790415_1700-1930_caroline_319_tom_hardy_dominee_airchecked_poorer_towards_end_(jp_tape).mp3 (kb via jp) (106.082k)
790415_caroline_319_1930-2013_tom_hardy_bonnie_54.mp3 (bonnie) (60,971k)
790415_caroline_319_2014-2059_tom_anderson_bonnie_55.mp3 (bonnie) (64,414k)
790415_caroline_319_2059-2113_tom_anderson_bonnie_56.mp3 (bonnie) (19,698k)
790415_caroline_319_2113-2144 Tom Anderson_bonnie_57.mp3 (bonnie) (43,729k)
790415_caroline_319_2144-2231_tom_anderson_2200_tony_allan_bonnie_58.mp3 (bonnie) (66,217k)
790420_caroline_319_2335-0000_tony_allan_including_s_off.mp3 (kb)
790425_caroline_319_2200-2245_stephen_bishop_c90_1407_via_ac_kb.mp3 (kb via ac) (23,535k)
790427_caroline_319_2330-0000_tony_allan_including_s_off.mp3 (kb)
790428_caroline_319_2320-0000_tony_allan_including_s_off.mp3 (kb)
790509_caroline_319_2000-2200_tony_allan_kb_via_jp.mp3 (kb via jp) (48,313k)
790609_caroline_963_sat_09jun79_1900-2030_stephenbishop_tonyallen_gh.mp3 (gh) (83M)
790615_caroline_963_fri_2030-2200_stephenbishop_signoff_gh.mp3 (gh) (83M)
790801_caroline 319_1815_tony_allan_greenpeace_special_via_jp_kb.mp3 (kb via jp) (32,615k)
790826_Caroline 319_2041-2200_stuart_russel_stephen_bishop_ships_tour_c60 37_c90 25_kb.mp3 (kb) (50,508k)
790826_caroline_319_2038-2102_stuart_russell_stephen_bishop_ships_tour_bonnie_69.mp3 (bonnie) (34,742k)
790826_caroline_319_2102-2128_stuart_russell_stephen_bishop_ships_tour_bonnie_70.mp3 (bonnie) (34,125k)
790826_caroline_319_2128-2200_stuart_russell_stephen_bishop_ships_tour_bonnie_71.mp3 (bonnie) (67,212k)
790902_caroline_319_2005_stephen_bishop_top30_mark_smith.mp3 (kb)
790911_1700_963_caroline_tom_hardy_via_andy_c_reel_33_kb.mp3 (ac) (34M)
791003_caroline_319_2238-2323_tom_hardy_skywaving_c90_35_kb.mp3 (kb) (26M)
791026_1500_cet_963_caroline_stevie_gordon_buzby_via_andy_c_reel_33_kb.mp3 (ac) (40M)
791125_caroline_319_2208-2323_nice_n_easy.mp3 (kb)
791125_caroline_319_2323_stevie_gordon_nick_richards.mp3 (kb)
791227_caroline_319_2158-2309_spaceplay_stuart_russel_rough_sea.mp3 (kb)
800222_caroline 319_0056_inc_break_down_stevie_gordon_c90_58_kb.mp3 (kb) (7,875k)
1980_03_09_sun_caroline_963am_0225-0315_nickrichards-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (18,050k)
1980_03_09_sun_caroline_963am_0300_caroline_roadshow_ad_nickrichards_on_hour_weather-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (18,050k)
1980_03_09_sun_caroline_963am_0512-0530_nickrichards_then_religious_prog-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (18,050k)
1980_03_14_fri_caroline_963am_0220-0305_steviegordon_to_sign_off_for_maintenance-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (40,779k)
1980_03_14_fri_caroline_963am_0300_steviegordon_signs_off_for_maintenance-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (1,311k)
1980_03_16_sun_caroline_963am_0325-0430_tomanderson-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (63,110k)
1980_03_16_sun_caroline_963am_0400_caroline_roadshow_ad_tomanderson_on_hour_weather-gh917.mp3 New 07/20 gh (1,238k)





Radio Caroline 1980's:

In 1983 when the Ross Revenge came into the North Sea, there was a feeling of triumph amongst the listeners and fans. But on the programming front, there was a real feeling of disappointment and missed opportunity. I may seem a big fan of Dixie Peach, because of the number of recordings below, but I really did not like him at the time. I still don't. The recordings were made because our favourite station had returned, and because of some misguided sense of loyalty. There is such a lot of the dreaded Peach and his sorry efforts to turn our beloved album station we had known in the late 70's into some kind of a reggie outfit. But these are historical recordings and never copied anywhere before. My own tapes were recorded here in Scotland, maybe around 350 miles from the ship, under skywave conditions, but at that time of night, the channel was usually very good, as you can hear.

Also from the ROSS REVENGE, the radio ship which still survives to this day, a set of unique recordings never before circulated, from the SW frequency of 6210, and 6215. There may be more of these to come. All taken from old reels, recorded on 7" triple play tapes at slow speed, giving six and a half hours per track. Hence we have some long continous recordings here.

In 2012, a collection of long recordings made by Steve West have been uploaded. There is around 10g worth of Caroline and Laser. Most of the Caroline material seems to be from around 1990. These are from Steve's old reels, recorded around 160 miles from the ship.

Unfortunately some of his earlier mp3 transfers have been made using exceptionally poor bitrates. But that said, these are unique recordings from that time of Caroline's life.

On the 40th anniversary of Radio Caroline returning from the Ross Revenge, we have added several recordings from the first couple of weeks, including some tests and first official programme. In the early days, the format was mainly music, with little chat.  There were also no commercials or jingles for a few weeks.

The Santander navigation booklet from the Ross Revenge
issued in 1983 whilst the ship was being fitted out in the port.


In 2013, an excellent chronological story, including news bulletins, newspaper images and audio clips up to the return Radio Caroline from the Ross Revenge in August 1983 was written, and can be read by clicking here.
1983_08_00_caroline_return_itv_news_report-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 The audio of an ITV news bulletin from the week before the restart. The exact date was not noted on the tape. 2.6MB
1983_08_00_caroline_return_tv_news_report_channel4-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 The audio of a Channel 4 tv bulletin from an unknown date in early August. 6MB
1983_08_10_caroline_963am_test_tone_tx_switchoff-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Test tones were heard on 963kHz at various times in the 2 week before Caroline's re-launch. Although no station ID on these, here is one as recorded in Leeds on we think 10th August 1983.  It is interesting listening to the transmitter switch off which showed how strong the signal was as the foreign station comes up underneath. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 5.3MB
1983_08_00_caroline_963am_test_alicesrestaurant-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Another brief recording from the early tests on 963kHz.  This was the first time any of us at dxarchive heard music tests, and this was from around 5am one morning, again on an unknown date around 10th August.  Although no ID was given, there was only one station that would be playing 'Alices Restaurant' from Arlo Guthrie.  These two recordings are here for completeness and 'anorak' interest. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 4.1MB
1983_08_17_wed_radio_finland_963am_2200.mp3 New Aug 2023 If anyone wondered what was on 963kHz before Radio Caroline returned, here is the answer.  This Radio Finland extract was recorded around 2200 on Wednesday 17th August 1983, the night before full music tests began from the Ross Revenge. It is nice to hear another long lost international station interval signal.  Recorded in Scotland from 963kHz. Ironically, Radio Caroline had to move several years later due to Radio Finland increasing power to 600kW.  Some University internal loop stations operating on 963kHz complained when they were wiped out at night. 1.3MB
1983_08_19_fri_caroline_963am_0730-0745_test_robinross-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 The first announcements we heard at dxarchive were on the morning of Friday 19th August 1983.  This clip is between around 0730 and 0745, where Robin Ross announes a test and that regular programmes start at 'noon tomorrow'.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
1983_08_19_fri_caroline_963am_0800-1000_test_tx_robinross-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Following on from above between 8am and 10am approx, the continuous music tests continue with Robin Ross doing occasional announcements.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. There is some local electrical interference. 110MB
1983_08_19_fri_caroline_963am_1000-1200_test_tx_tonygareth-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 More continuous music tests between 10am and mid-day approx, with Robin Ross and the Toy Gareth doing occasional announcements.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz where there was some local electrical intereference. 139MB
1983_08_19_fri_caroline_963am_1200-1430_test_tx_tonygareth_andyarcher-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Following on from above from around mid-day to 2:15pm. Continuous music tests with Tony Gareth and Andy Archer doing occasional announcements.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz with some local electrical interference. 96MB
830819_2246_963_caroline_testing_dixie_peach_c90_678_kb.mp3 Later on in the evening, here is Dixie Peach doing some tests. Recorded in Scotland. 34MB

This promotional card from Robin Ross was one of the few pieces of memorabilia advertising
Radio Caroline when it returned from the Ross Revenge in 1983.
Robin was the first voice we at dxarchive heard from the new Radio Caroline.
(Click image for full size - Size is 1MB)
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_test_robinross_lots_of_static-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 A short extract from the continuous music tests early on Saturday morning 20th August. Robin Ross does one announcement on this recording to say that programmes would start at 12 mid-day.  This recording is not not very easy to listen to due to the intensity of the static storm that day and is here for completeness. The storm caused a lot of interference in the Yorkshire area. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 22MB
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_1056-1255_officialopening_tomanderson-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 The signal on these next three recordings from Radio Caroline on their first official day suffered not only from local electrical interference, but sadly also a lot of electrical storm static.  This first 2 hour segment starts at 1056, and has Tony Gareth announcing full programmes starting at mid-day.  Tom Anderson hosts the first show and this is his first hour. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_1255-1453_tomanderson-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Tom Anderson continues from the above recording until 3pm.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_1453-1722_andyarcher-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Andy Archer follows Tom Anderson at 3pm, and this recording lasts until 1720. The static seems to be lessening as the afternoon went on thankfully. Andy says hello to a number of TV and other media crews which had visited the ship to report on the return of Radio Caroline. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 139MB
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_1725-1925_andyarcher_robinross-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 The last minutes of Andy Archer's show followed by Robin Ross at 6pm. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_1925-2125_robinross_tonygareth-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Robin Ross followed at 9pm by Tony Gareth. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
830820_2016_963_caroline_robin_ross_tony_garreth_c90_680_kb.mp3 Robin Ross from 8:16pm followed at 9pm by Tony Gareth on the first day of official programmes.  Recorded in Scotland from 963kHz. 121MB
1983_08_20_sat_caroline_963am_2125-2350_tonygareth-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Tony Gareth between approx 9:25pm and 11:50pm. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 139MB
830820_2325_963_caroline_tony_garreth_dixie_peach_c90_682.mp3 Tony Gareth from 11:23pm followed by Dixie Peach at midnight from the first day of official programming.  Recorded in Scotland from 963kHz. 59MB
830821_0156_963_caroline_dixie_peach_sign_off_1st_day_back_c90_683_kb.mp3 Dixie Peach signs off the first official day of programming at 2am on Sunday morning. Recorded in Scotland from 963kHz. 9mins
1983_08_21_sun_caroline_963am_2050-2310_tomanderson_dixiepeach-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Tom Anderson until 10pm wth the last hour of his first evening show on Sunday 21st August. He is followed at 10pm by an hour of Dixie Peach who seemed to be having some issues with the equipment, so the links are minimal.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 127MB
830821_2220_963_caroline_dixie_peach_struggles_with_controls_c90_686.mp3 Dixie Peach on Sunday evening 21st August from 10:20pm, as received in Scotland. 48mins
1983_08_22_mon_caroline_963am_0700-0901_robinross-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Robin Ross signs on with the first weekday breakfast show at 7am on Monday 22nd August 1983.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz with some crackling and occasional 'Luxembourg' type fading. 110MB
1983_08_22_mon_caroline_963am_0901-1105_robinross_tonygareth-gh477.mp3 New Aug 2023 Continuing the above recording from Monday 22nd August 1983 with Robin Ross followed at 10am by Tony Gareth.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 114MB
830823_2000_963_caroline_tom_anderson_c90_687_kb.mp3 kb 15M
1983_08_24_wed_caroline_963am_0755-1000_robinross-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 A rather crackly recording of Robin Ross from 7:55am to 10am the morning of Wednesday 24th August 1983. At 9am Robin comments on trips out to see the Ross Revenge, saying there are plenty of boat owners and fisherman with correct navigation equipment willing to bring out sightseers.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 113MB
1983_08_24_wed_caroline_963am_1000-1215_tonygareth-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Following the above Robin Ross programme, Tony Gareth takes over at 10am. This recording is from 10am until lunchtime around 12:15pm. At one point Tony mentions Radio Nova's Bob Gallico who might be listening in Dublin. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 125MB
830824_2215_963_caroline_dixie_peach_c90_689_kb.mp3 kb 20M
830824_2250_963_caroline_dixie_peach_20m_c90_687_kb.mp3 kb 14M
830824_2322_963_caroline_dixie_peach_inc_small_boats_ann_c90_687_kb.mp3 kb 32M
830825_0130_963_caroline_dixie_peach_inc_sign_off_ann_at_0200_c90_686_kb.mp3 kb 24M
1983_08_25_thu_caroline_963am_1146-1210_tonygareth-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 A short clip of Tony Gareth around midday on Thursday 25th August 1983. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 21MB
1983_08_26_fri_caroline_963am_0700-0900_robinross-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Sign on at 7am with Robin Ross on Friday 26th August 1983. Caroline by the Fortunes was played as the second track, and sounded a bit worse for wear . There is some crackling and also there were occasional trips on the signal, probably due to heavy seas. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
1983_08_26_fri_caroline_963am_0900-1055_robinross_tonygareth-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Following the above Robin Ross programme, Tony Gareth takes over at 10am. This recording is from 10am until around 10:55am.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 106MB
1983_08_26_fri_caroline_963am_1946-2145_tomanderson-gh478.mp3 New Aug 2023 Tom Anderson on Friday evening 26th August 1983 between 7:45pm and 9:45pm.  Recorded in Ickenham, West London from 963kHz. 108MB
1983_08_26_fri_caroline_963am_2145-2300_tomanderson_dixiepeach-gh478.mp3 New Aug 2023 Following on from the above recording from Friday evening 26th August 1983, Tom Anderson finishes his show and Dixie Peach takes over at 10pm.  Recorded in Ickenham, West London from 963kHz. 70MB
1983_08_27_sat_caroline_963am_1210-1410_tonygareth_andyarcher-gh478.mp3 New Aug 2023 From Bank Holiday Saturday afternoon 27th August 1983 this is Tony Gareth from around 12:10pm until 2pm, followed by the start of Andy Archer. Recorded in Ickenham from 963kHz. 109MB
1983_08_27_sat_caroline_963am_1410-1520_andyarcher-gh478.mp3 New Aug 2023 Just over an hour of Andy Archer from Saturday 27th August 1983 between 2:15pm and 3:25pm. Recorded in Ickenham from 963kHz. 65MB
830828_0700_963_caroline_sign_on_inc_carrier_robin_ross.mp3 kb 7.6M
830829_0015_963_caroline_dixie_peach_do_it_to_the_music_c90_693_kb.mp3 kb 35M
830829_0115_963_caroline_dixie_peach_inc_close_c90_693_kb.mp3 kb 28M
1983_08_29_mon_caroline_963am_0019-0200_dixiepeach_signoff-gh480.mp3 New Sep 2022 From the same night as the above recording made in Scotland, Dixie Peach with the last 90 minutes of his show until sign-off at 2am, on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August 1983.  Despite being recorded in Ickenham, West London the 'Luxembourg Effect' is still evident at times on 963kHz.  The comparison between this one from London, and the above received in Scotland is interesting. 96MB
1983_08_29_mon_caroline_963am_0709-0835_robinross-gh480.mp3 New Sep 2022 Robin Ross from just after sign-on on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 1983. Recorded in Ickenham, West London. 83MB
8308xx_0036_963_caroline_2_airchecks_dixie_peach_about_small_boats.mp3 kb 1.1M
8308xx_1800_963_caroline_nx_simon_barrat_poss_tues_27th_sept_c90_705_kb.mp3 kb 3.3M
830910_0013_963_caroline_dixie_peach_c90_697_kb.mp3 kb 33M
830910_0119_963_caroline_dixie_peach_c90_697_kb.mp3 kb 30M
1983_09_14_wed_caroline_963am_1040-1310_peterclark-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Two and a half hours of Peter Clark with a late morning / lunchtime show from Wednesday 14th September 1983.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 139MB
1983_09_14_wed_caroline_963am_1324-1534_peterclark_andyarcher-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 The end of the above Peter Clark show and start of Andy Archer at 2pm.  Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 110MB
1983_09_14_wed_caroline_963am_1535-1745_andyarcher-gh476.mp3 New Aug 2023 Continuing the above Andy Archer show from 14th September 1983. Andy also reads news and weather at 5:30pm. Recorded in Leeds from 963kHz with later on some  'Luxembourg' type fading. 130MB
830918_2315_963_caroline_dixie_peach_inc_tk_hendrix_at_start_c90_702_kb.mp3 kb 65M
830920_2130_963_caroline_simon_barrat_1st_show_dixie_tk_on_cars_c90_699_kb.mp3 kb 30M
1983_09_26_tuesday_caroline_963_1910-2225_simonbarrett_dixiepeach.mp3 NEW 01/13 gh 137,132k
830928_1400_963_caroline_clip_archer_c90_705_kb.mp3 kb 195K
830928_1756_963_caroline_simon_barret_weaker_than_night_rec_later_c90_705_kb.mp3 kb 31M
830928_2030_963_caroline_simon_barret_inc_mention_chicago_c90_705_kb.mp3 kb 33M
830929_0120_963_caroline_dixie_peach_inc_s_off_c90_706_kb.mp3 kb 31M
1983_10_02_sunday_caroline_963_0600-0910_signon_robinross.mp3 NEW 01/13 gh 179,997k
831005_2148_963_caroline_simon_barrat_carl_kingston_c90_712_kb.mp3 kb  
831117_2315_963_caroline_dixie_peach_c90_723.mp3 kb 24M
831120_0238_963_caroline_tony_scott_c90_723_kb.mp3 kb 25M
831121_0325_963_caroline_scottie_some_kind_of_pause_toth_c90_726_kb.mp3 kb  
831121_0415_963_caroline_scottie_45m_c90_726_kb.mp3 kb  
831123_2349_963_caroline_dixie_peach_c90_729_kb.mp3 kb 31M
831123_0017_963_caroline_dixie_peach_c90_727_kb.mp3 kb  
831123_0444_963_caroline_scottie_c90_727_kb.mp3 kb  
831123_0825_963_caroline_peter_clark_peter_quinn_c90_727_kb.mp3 kb  
831124_0037_963_caroline_dixie_peach_inc_jingles_c90_729_kb.mp3 kb 30M
1983_12_20_mon_caroline_963am_0740-0920_peterquinn_robinross-gh77.mp3 New Nov 2021 A Monday breakfast show in the week before Christmas with Peter Quinn, followed at 9am by Robin Ross. Simon Barrett reads the news at 8am and 9am. This is the first of 4 audio files from this day recorded in Leeds, and suffering from some interference underneath, which was possibly a spurious signal from BBC Radio 3 at Moorside Edge.  Signals from that site seemed to be coming out on several places on the band, including on top of their own BBC Ulster on 1341kHz as well as 963kHz. There was also a lot of local electrical clicking along with the wintertime 'Luxembourg Effect' on 963kHz. 93MB
1983_12_20_mon_caroline_963am_0920-1050_robinross-gh77.mp3 New Nov 2021 Following on from the above recording, this is Robin Ross. Recorded in Leeds, and suffer from a lot of clicking and the wintertime 'Luxembourg Effect' on 963kHz. 82MB
1983_12_20_mon_caroline_963am_2325-0108_robinross_carlkingston-gh77.mp3 New Nov 2021 Later at night, Robin Ross returned to the air, and was followed at mdnight by Carl Kingston. Recorded in Leeds, and suffering from a lot of the wintertime 'Luxembourg Effect' on 963kHz. 93MB
1983_12_21_tue_caroline_963am_0108-0235_carlkingston-gh77.mp3 New Nov 2021 A continuation of Carl Kingston in the early hours from the above recording. Received in Leeds, and as normal in those years suffering from a lot of wintertime 'Luxembourg Effect' on 963kHz. 81MB
831229_1730_963_caroline_barrat_benson_nx_anderson_skywaving_c90_766_kb.mp3 kb 31M
831229_1846_963_caroline_tom_anderson_skywaving_c90_766_kb.mp3 kb 32M



1984_01_22_sunday_caroline_963_2345-2400_dixiepeach_signoff.mp3 gh 14,258k
1984_01_29_sunday_caroline_963_1030-1250_brian_allen.mp3 gh 130,206k
1984_02_12_sun_caroline_963am_2324-0106_tonywhale-gh52.mp3 New Jan 2024 A partly airchecked late night show from Tony Whale on Sunday 12th February 1984 and into Monday morning 13th February. Received in Leeds, and as normal in those years suffering from a lot of wintertime 'Luxembourg Effect' on 963kHz. 80MB
1984_02_20_mon_caroline_963am_0809-1052_tonywhale_stevephillips-gh106.mp3 New Feb 2024 Breakfast programming from Tony Whale on Monday 20th February 1984 followed by an hour of Steve Phillips from 10am. Steve was only on the ship for a short period. As received in Leeds on 963kHz. 149MB
840305_2118_963_caroline_andy_howard_robin_ross_c90810_kb.mp3 kb 63MB
1984_05_13_sun_caroline_963am_0035_signoff_blakewilliams.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_05_16_wed_caroline_963_2150-2320_stuartvincent_dianelauren.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
840716_2250_000_963_caroline_andy_johnstone_s_off_c90_908_kb.mp3 kb 7.2MB
1984_08_14_tue_caroline_963am_0619-0903_johnlewis-gh116.mp3 New Mar 2024 Nearly three hours of John Lewis on breakfast from Tuesday 14th Augusy 1984. Jay Jackson reads the the news. As received in Leeds. Although the tape information says 963kHz, this frequency is not certain, and as there is some splattering it would suggest 576kHz rather than 963kHz. 153MB

(tnx Philip in Belgium for time correction. Paul ann Dave Richards as Dave Lee Richards, in response to Dave Lee Stone who was on Laser!!)
kb 19MB
841024_2050_963_caroline_dave_richards_dave_winsor_gd_night_am_c90_1027_kb.mp3 kb 34MB
841031_0643_963_caroline_johnny_lewis_jj_nx_poorish_20m_only_c90_1034_kb.mp3 kb 13MB
1984_11_10_sat_caroline963_0850-1155_signon_johnlewis_susancharles.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_11_13_tue_caroline963_0445-0500_signoff_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_11_15_thu_caroline_963_0045-0315_stuartvincent_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_11_17_sat_caroline963_0115-0430_stuartvincent_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_11_24_sat_caroline963_0135-0440_stuartvincent_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_11_25_sun_caroline963_0200-0335_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_01_sat_caroline963_1220-1530_keithking_daverichards.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_08_sat_caroline963_0920-1230_martiwright_daverichards.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_09_sun_caroline_576_0900-0945_keithking_aircheck_martiwright.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_12_wed_caroline963_0655-1030_johnlewis_jayjackson.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_12_wed_caroline963_1030-1300_jayjackson_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_12_wed_caroline963_1033-1300_jayjackson_keithking.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
841214_0020_963_caroline_c90_1067_kb.mp3 kb 37MB
841214_0716_963_caroline_john_lewis_steve_w_25m_p_lenton_47m_c90_1067_kb.mp3 kb 37MB
1984_12_30_sun_caroline576_1040-1355_jayjackson_marti_tonyjames.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_31_mon_caroline963_0210-0525_jimmy_signon_radiomonique.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1984_12_31_mon_caroline963_2200-0200_daverichards_brucepurdy_newyearsparty.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  



1985_01_01_tue_caroline576_0730-1045_simonbarrett_marti_jayjackson.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
850120_0217_963_caroline_nick_richards_rough_audio_2nd_half_c90_1107_kb.mp3 KB 23M
850322_1610_576_caroline_johnny_lewis_rec_in_leicester_c90_1142_kb.mp3 KB 19M
850322_1700_576_caroline_johnny_lewis_rec_in_leicester_c90_1142_kb.mp3 KB 19M
1985_04_07_sun_caroline_963am_1930-2030_johnlewis_21st_birthday-gh114.mp3 New Feb 2024 John Lewis beween 7:30pm and 8:30pm, part of a several hour marathon on Easter Sunday 7th April 1985, celebrating the 21st birthday of Radio Caroline. John talks to Simon Barrett in the mess about the darts competition. As received in Leeds on 963kHz with some heavy co-channel interference, fading and wobbling in places. 57MB
1985_04_07_sun_caroline_963am_2030-2130_johnlewis_21st_birthday-gh114.mp3 New Feb 2024 More of John Lewis between 8:30pm and 9:30pm celebrating Radio Caroline's 21st birthday. John mentions Fergy, who helped with the brewing of the GBH beer currently being drunk in the mess. As received in Leeds on 963kHz with co-channel interference and wobbling.. 57MB
1985_05_04_sat_caroline576_0648-1005_jamesday_jayjackson-gh538.mp3 New Jun 2023 James Day with a Saturday morning breakfast show on 4th May 1985. Brian Marshall reads the news at 7am, 8am and 9am. Jay Jackson takes over at 9am. Mention was made of Raffles the ships dog snoring. Recorded in Leeds from 576kHz where there was a lot of splatter from RTE on the next channel, and some background whistles and with what sounds like tape 'print through' in the quieter sections.  179MB
1985_05_09_tue_caroline_963am_2100-2200_simonbarrett-gh114.mp3 New Feb 2024 Simon Barrett on Tuesday evening 9th May 1985, playing the personal top 5 of Caroline in Sevenoaks. As received in Leeds on 963kHz.  58MB
1985_05_09_tue_caroline_963am_2200-2300_susancharles-gh114.mp3 New Feb 2024 Susan Charles follows Simon Barrett at 10pm on Tuesday evening 9th May 1985. As received in Leeds on 963kHz.  58MB
1985_05_19_sun_caroline_576am_0957-1313_jayjackson_peterphilips-gh537.mp3 New Sep 2022 Jay Jackson with two hours of his Sunday morning show, on which he was reading out plenty of letters, followed at mid-day by the first hour of Peter Phillips.  This must have been deejay changeover day as Peter said it was his first day back. Recorded in Leeds, from 576kHz with some background interference from a German station.  180MB
1985_06_29_sat_caroline_576am_1035-1240_jayjackson_peterphillips-gh549.mp3 New Jun 2021 Jay Jackson with part of his penultimate show on Caroline, followed at mid-day by Peter Phillips. Recorded in Leeds, from 576kHz which had interference from RTE on the next channel.  120MB
1985_06_29_sat_monique-jamming963_963am_1730-1850_delrogers-gh549.mp3 New Jun 2021 The end of a day's broadcast from Radio Monique and then into 'Jamming 963' at 6pm with Del Rogers. Recorded from 963kHz in Leeds, with some interference and fades.  75MB
1985_06_30_sun_caroline_576am_1040-1200_jayjackson_final_show-gh549.mp3 New Jun 2021 The final 80 minutes of Jay Jackson on Radio Caroline. Recorded in Leeds from 576kHz, with some interference from RTE on 567kHz. 75MB
1985_07_28_sun_caroline_963am_2357-0103_fergymcneil_to_signoff-gh548.mp3 New Jun 2021 Fergy McNeil signs the station off for routine maintenance on a Sunday night / Monday morning. Recorded in Leeds, from 963kHz, when the station was also operating on 576kHz.  60MB
1985_08_27_tue_caroline576_0555-0912_johnlewis_peterphilips-gh558.mp3 New Jan 2024 A full John Lewis breakfast show from Tuesday 27th August 1985, Peter Philips reads the news and also follows the 9am news with his own programme. Recorded from 576kHz in West London.  180MB
1985_08_27_tue_monique_963am_0655-1012cet-gh558.mp3 New Jan 2024 Three hours of Radio Monique morning programming from Tuesday 27th Augist 1985. The deejay is not known but the International News at 0930 is read by Peter Philips. Recorded from 963kHz in West London.  180MB
1985_10_19_sat_caroline576_1500-1602_susancharles-gh572.mp3 New Oct 2022 Susan Charles with an hour from Saturday afternoon, 19th October 1985. Recorded from 576kHz.  58MB
1985_10_19_sat_caroline576_1605-1707_susancharles-gh572.mp3 New Oct 2022 A continuation of Susan Charles for another hour from the above afternoon, with Andy Johnson on news. Susan was asking for tapes from new bands. As received on 576kHz. 57MB
1985_11_04_mon_monique_963am_0855-1210cet-gh567.mp3 New Oct 2022 This is a three hour recording of Radio Monique from the morning of Monday 4th November 1985, the day before Laser 558 went off the air permanently. Recorded in Leeds, from 963kHz with some 'Luxembourg' type fading in places. The recording starts at 0855 cet. Not sure of the presenters, but the International News at 0930 was read by Susan Charles. 181MB
1985_11_07_thu_caroline558_0550-0753_nickrichards-gh571.mp3 New Oct 2022 The day after the mv Communicator sailed into port, Radio Caroline changed frequency to 558kHz, announcing they were 'holding the frequency' for Laser. After some continuous music, here is Nick Richards with the theme tune and first sign on at 6am, where he announced they were broadcasting from 'The Free International Waters of The North Sea'. Andy Johnson reads the news. The recording was made in Leeds and the signal this early on a winter morning so far away, suffered a lot of foreign interference. At one point here is also a brief tunaway to RTE on 567kHz. The initial broadcasts were slightly off channel, causing a low frequency hum.  This was fixed shortly afterwards. 112MB
1985_11_07_thu_caroline558_0753-1110_nickrichards_susancharles-gh571.mp3 New Oct 2022 Another 3 hours from the first morning on 558kHz, continuing from above with Nick Richards. Susan Charles follows Nick at 9am.  Andy Johnson is reading the news. As received in Leeds with some RTE splatter. 181MB
1985_11_12_tue_caroline558_0747-1105_nickrichards_susancharles-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 A week after Laser 558 had gone off the air, Radio Caroline had already moved from 576kHz onto 558kHz and here is the first part of a six hour recording from Tuesday 12th November 1985. Nick Richards is on breakfast and is followed at 9am by Susan Charles.  Andy Johnson is reading the news. By this time the frequency was exactly on-channel. Recorded in Leeds, from 558kHz and there is some splatter from RTE on 567kHz.  185MB
1985_11_12_tue_caroline558_1105-1415_susancharles_neilfrancis-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 Continuing the above recording with Susan Charles until mid-day when Neil Francis takes over after the news read by David Andrews.  The recording stops about 2:15pm. and was received in Leeds on 558kHz, with some splatter from RTE.  175MB
1985_11_15_fri_caroline558_0751-0931_nickrichards-gh568.mp3 New Oct 2022 Nick Richards on Friday breakfast, with a new newsreader Graeme Vega. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz, with some splatter from RTE and a bit of background foreign interference in quiet sections.  93MB
1985_11_16_sat_caroline558_1113-1248_andyjohnson-gh568.mp3 New Oct 2022 Andy Johnson with part of his Saturday lunchtime show. News is read by Graeme Vega. As received in Leeds on 558kHz, with some splatter from RTE.  88MB
851114_radio_caroline_1135-1345.mp3 NEW 3/12 149M
1985_12_18_wed_caroline558_0755-0940_nickrichards_peterphilips-gh572.mp3 New Oct 2022 The last hour of Nick Richards on Wednesday breakfast 18th December 1985 until 9am when Peter Philips takes over following Graham Vega on news. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 97MB



1986_01_07_tue_caroline558_1920-2056_fergymcneil-gh597.mp3 New May 2023 Fergy McNeil hosts on the evening of 7th January 1986 announcing the sea was a bit rough.  Recorded from 558kHz in the East of England. 79MB
1986_03_28_fri_caroline558_0927-1027_peterphilips-gh597.mp3 New May 2023 Peter Philips from the morning of Good Friday 28th March 1986. Recorded in the East of England from 558kHz. 57MB
1986_04_07_caroline558_0740-1055_johnlewis_peterphillips-gh587.mp3 New Nov 2020 John Lewis on the breakfast show on Monday 7th April 1986. News at 8am and 9am is read by Mark Matthews and Peter Philips follows after the 9am news. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 176MB
1986_04_13_sun_caroline_overdrive_963am_0100-0200_stevielane-gh597.mp3 New May 2023 Stevie Lane presents Caroline Overdrive from 1am Sunday 13th April 1986. This is an hour of her show as recorded in the East of England from 963kHz. 57MB
1986_04_19_sat_caroline558_1315-1400_ianakers-gh597.mp3 New May 2023 Ian Akers on Saturday afternoon 19th April 1986. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 47MB
1986_04_26_sat_caroline558_0958-1315_simonbarrett_daveandrews-gh597.mp3 New May 2023 Simon Barrett with the final 3 hours of his first show on Caroline 558.  Simon has a few issues with the equipment and comments it had been while and he is a bit 'rusty'. Dave Andrews is on news news at 1pm and follows with the first few minutes of his show. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 180MB
1986_04_27_sun_caroline558_0830-1145_ianakers_simonbarrett-gh597.mp3 New May 2023 Ian Akers is on Sunday breakfast until 9am when John Lewis reads the news. Simon Barrett follows with the first half of his second show on the Ross Revenge. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 180MB
860429_0800_558_caroline_johnny_lewis_rec_cambridge_tandy_c60_kb.mp3 kb 35M
860429_1645_558_caroline_simon_barrat_kevin_turner_rec_cambridge_tandy_c60_kb kb 36M
1986_04_30_wed_caroline558_0546-0902_johnlewis-gh598.mp3 New Aug 2022 Three hours of John Lewis on breakfast from Wednesday 30th April 1986. Andy Johnson reads the news on the hour.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 180MB
1986_05_09_fri_caroline558_0708-0916_johnlewis_daveandrews-gh606.mp3 New Aug 2022 Two hours of a John Lewis breakfast show from 9th May 1986.  Kevin Turner reads the news, and Dave Andrews takes over at 9am. John mentions the latest batch of 'GBH' is ready, and so the pub will be open later on. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 118MB
1986_06_06_fri_caroline558_1850-2100_johndwyer-gh598.mp3 New Aug 2022 Two hours of John Dwyer from Friday 6th June 1986. John Lewis does the 9pm station ID.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 121MB
1986_06_06_fri_caroline558_2130_johnlewis_reads_weather-gh598.mp3 New Aug 2022 John Lewis reads the 9:30pm weather on Friday 6th June 1986.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 1.2MB
1986_06_12_thu_caroline558_2300-2400_carolinemartin_signoff-gh113.mp3 New Feb 2024 Caroline Martin with an hour up until midnight closedown on Thursday 12th June 1986. The closedown announcement is from John Lewis.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 60MB
1986_07_23_wed_caroline558_0555-0730_johnlewis-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 Breakfast with John Lewis on Wednesday 23rd July 1986. This section is from 0555 to 0730.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz with a few crackles and pops. 87MB
1986_07_23_wed_caroline558_0730-0905_johnlewis-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 Continuing the above John Lewis show between 0730 and 0900, with news read by Kevin Turner.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz with a few crackles and pops. 88MB
1986_07_23_wed_caroline558_1845-2020_tonypeters-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 Tony Peters with drive time on Wednesday 23rd July 1986.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. There is some crackling and static from lightning. 87MB
1986_07_23_wed_caroline558_2020-2115_tonypeters_jamieking-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 Continuing the above recording of Tony Peters until 9pm, when Jamie King takes over.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. There is some static from lightning. 48MB
1986_07_24_thu_monique_963am_0700-0850cet-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 Radio Monique breakfast show from Thursday 24th July 1986 between 0700-0850 cet, although not sure of the deejay. Elly van Amstel reads the news. As received in Leeds from 963kHz. There is some static and 'Luxembourg effect fading' in places. 100MB
1986_07_24_thu_monique_963am_0855-1030cet_elly_van_amstel-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 Carrying on from the above recording on Thursday 24th July 1986, Elly van Amstel reads news at 0900cet and then hosts a programme until 1000cet. Kevin Turner reads the 'International News' in English at 0930cet. As received in Leeds from 963kHz. 87MB
1986_07_24_thu_monique_963am_1030-1205cet-gh951.mp3 New Apr 2024 More of Radio Monique from Thursday 24th July 1986, this time between 1130-1205cet. As recorded in Leeds from 963kHz. 88MB
1986_07_26_sat_caroline558_0350-0600_davejames-gh113.mp3 New Feb 2024 Two hours of Dave James in the early hours of Saturday 26th July 1986, finishing at 6am.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 114MB
860828_caroline_558_thu28aug86_0630-0820_john_lewis[gh].mp3 gh 101M
1986_09_06_sat_caroline558_1705-1750_davejames-gh521.mp3 New APR 2021 Recorded near Blackpool, sadly with some electrical interference. 42MB
1986_10_01_wed_caroline558_1717-1836_dennisjason-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2024 Dennis Jason on Wednesday 1st October 1987 drive time. Dennis mentions the fog and height of the mast. News at 6pm is read by Jamie King.  Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE on 567kHz. 72MB
1986_10_02_thu_caroline558_1230-1530_peterphillips_richardjackson-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2024 Three hours of programming from Thursday 2nd October 1987 with Peter Phillips and Richard Jackson.  Richard Jackson reads the 1pm news and then follows with his own show. Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE on 567kHz. 163MB
1986_10_02_thu_caroline558_1615-1820_richardjackson_dennisjason-gh837.mp3 New Jan 2024 The same afternoon as above, with the last part of the Richard Jackson up until 5pm whan Dennis Jason takes over. Jamie King reads the 5pm news.  Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE on 567kHz and some electrical clicking. 128MB
1986_12_31_wednesday_caroline_overdrive_963_2130-2310_end_viewpoint_peterphilips.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1986_12_31_wednesday_caroline_overdrive_963_2310-0030_peterphilips_johntyler.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  



870123_fri_1305-1430_caroline558_richard_staines_gh_.mp3 gh 81M
870124_caroline_558_sat_24_jan_1987_1700-1758_richard_staines[gh].mp3 gh 54M
870128_caroline558_wed28jan87_0750-0845_kevinturner[gh].mp3 gh 51M
870128_caroline558_wed28jan87_0850-1045_kevinturner_robcharles[gh].mp3 gh 104M
870128_caroline558_wed28jan87_1215-1325_robcharles_richardstaines[gh].mp3 gh 72M
870128_caroline558_wed28jan87_1340-1510_richardstaines[gh].mp3 gh 88M
870129_caroline558_thu29jan87_0755-0935_kevinturner_robcharles[gh].mp3 gh 91M
870129_caroline558_thu29jan87_0935-1115_robcharles[gh].mp3 gh 91M
870129_caroline558_thu29jan87_1115-1255_robcharles[gh].mp3 gh  91M
870129_caroline558_thu29jan87_1255-1410_ricthardsaines[gh].mp3 gh 75M
870129_caroline558_thu29jan87_1420-1520_richardstaines[gh].mp3 gh 58M
870209_caroline558_mon09feb1987_1210-1410_robcharles_richardstaines[gh].mp3 gh 109M
870209_caroline558_mon09feb1987_1410-1530_richardstaines[gh].mp3 gh 72M
1987_03_01_sun_caroline558_1127-1300_markmatthews-gh626.mp3 New Jan 2024 A late morning show from Mark Matthews on Sunday 1st March 1987. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE. 89MB
1987_03_01_sun_caroline558_1300-1406_markwarner_1st_show-gh626.mp3 New Jan 2024 Following on from the above Mark Mathews show and Steve Conway reading the news is Mark Warner with his first appearance on Radio Caroline. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE. 60MB
1987_03_21_caroline558_1505-1630_markmatthews-gh857.mp3 New Jun 2021 Afternoon show from Mark Mathews. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE and later foreign interference. 75MB
870413_caroline558_mon13apr87_1545-1845_mick_williams_mark_matthews_615[gh].mp3 gh 159M
1987_05_06_wed_caroline558_0100-0411_davefoster-gh644.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 180M
1987_05_06_wed_caroline558_0420-0510_davefoster_kevinturner-gh644.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 47M
1987_06_11_thu_caroline558_0810-0855_peterphilips-gh626.mp3 New Jan 2024 The first breakfast show with Peter Philips from the new anchorage on Thursday 11th June 1987, after having moved the previous day. Peter reads the sea state as from 'The North Sea', as opposed to The Knock Deep', and announces the ship's new co-ordinates following the news headlines by Steve Conway. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE. 42MB
1987_06_11_thu_caroline558_0859-0945-andyrobin-gh626.mp3 New Jan 2024 Continuing programming from Thursday 11th June 1987 with Andy Robin who followed news at 9am with Steve Conway. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE and some electrical clicking. 42MB
1987_07_01_wed_caroline558_1300-1433_andyrobin-gh647.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 85M
1987_07_03_fri_caroline558_0900-1033_jackielee-gh647.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 85M
1987_10_30_fri_caroline558_2100-2300_steveconway-gh666.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 113M
1987_07_07_tue_caroline558_0629-0716_kevinturner-gh639.mp3 New Feb 2021 Breakfast show with Kevin Turner and John Tyler on news.  Recorded in Suffolk. 43M
1987_07_07_tue_caroline558_0716-0801_kevinturner-gh639.mp3 New Feb 2021 Continuation of the above Kevin Turner show recorded in Suffolk.. 43M
1987_07_07_tue_caroline558_0900-1032_davidbaker-gh639.mp3 New Feb 2021 John Tyler on news followed by the first part of the David Baker morning show.  Recorded in Suffolk. 87M
1987_08_24_mon_caroline558_2100-0100signoff_simonwest-gh624.mp3 New Feb 2023 Simon West with his full four hour show from Monday evening 24th August 1987 until closedown at 1am on Tuesday.  There was a storm at the time and the station left the air around 2120 for around 8 minutes due to a generator failure. The dead air has been left in the recording. Recorded in Essex but with a lot of background electrical noise, as is heard when the generator failed. 229MB
1987_08_25_tue_caroline558_1300-1720_keithfrancis-gh624.mp3 New Feb 2023 Tuesday afternoon 25th August 1987 with a full show from Keith Francis, who comments about the storm the previous night. News is read by Steve Conway. The recording goes just past 5pm into the Paul Graham show. As received in Essex from 558kHz, but with a lot of background electrical noise in the location. 238MB
1987_10_30_fri_caroline558_2300-0100_mikewatts-gh666.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 113M
1987_10_31_sat_caroline558_0100-0320_patbrookes-gh666.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 133M
1987_10_31_sat_caroline558_0337-0541_patbrookes_timallen-gh666.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 116M
1987_10_31_sat_caroline558_0541-0745_timallen-gh666.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 116M
1987_10_31_sat_caroline558_0745-0930_timallen_peterphillips-gh666.mp3 NEW 11/20 GH 100M



880223_caroline_6210_1250-1430_james_day_richard_lee_peter_philips_nx_1st_day_on_sw_kb kb 70M
880225_caroline_6210_1304_steve_conway_pakistan_qrm_at_end_reel_2_kb.mp3 kb 170M
880226_caroline_6210_0811-1435_robbie_jay_steve_conway_reel_2_kb.mp3 kb 291M
880303_1130-1625_6210_caroline_robbie_j_steve_conway_engineer_at_end_reel_3_kb.mp3 kb 193M
880304_fri_0850-1421_6215_caroline_robbie_j_steve_conway_reel_3_kb.mp3 kb 227M
880308_tues_1026-1543_6210_caroline_lots_breaks_due_to_tx_audio_trouble_reel_3_kb.mp3 kb  234M
880311_caroline_6210_0916-1220_robbie_jay_reel_3_kb.mp3 kb 137M
880403_caroline_6210_1542-1759_paul_graham_chris_kennedy.mp3 kb 95M
1988_04_03_sun_caroline558_2100-2225_adroberts-gh704.mp3 New Aug 2022 Ad Roberts with the start of a late evening show on Sunday 3rd April 1988.  Recorded in Essex from 558kHz. 77MB
1988_04_03_sun_caroline558_2330-2413_adroberts-gh704.mp3 New Aug 2022 More of the above Ad Roberts show from 2330 until after midnight.  Recorded in Essex from 558kHz. 39MB
1988_04_04_mon_caroline558_0020-0100signoff_adroberts-gh704.mp3 New Aug 2022 The final 40 minutes of the above Ad Roberts show up until closedown at 1am for essential maintenance. Recorded in Essex from 558kHz. 35MB
880413_caroline_6215_0915-1321_james_day_richard_lee_paul_graham.mp3 kb 167M
880415_fri_0016-0100_caroline_6205_paul_graham_couple_of_annoying_retunes_s_off_0100_reel_6_kb.mp3 kb 35M
880416_sat_0955_6205_caroline_steve_conway_paul_graham_inc_tune_in_reel7_kb.mp3 kb 270M
880420_wed_2227-0100_caroline_6205_rich_lee_paul_graham_off_0100_2250_q_on_air_reel_6_kb.mp3 kb 118M
880427_1552-1735_wed_caroline_6215_ernie_ad_roberts_abrupt_off_reel_6_kb.mp3 kb 77M
880428_thurs_0032-0100_caroline_6215_john_something_s_off_0100_reel_6_kb.mp3 kb 21M
880429_caroline_6215_0915-1400_kb.mp3 kb 198M
880429_caroline_6215_1523-1730_dutch_dj_43m_steve_conway_nx_ad_roberts_1700.mp3 kb 85M
880430_caroline_6215_0725-1350_steve_conway_at_10_inc_tx_died_8am.mp3 kb 276M
880708_radio_caroline_1756-1932.mp3  new 3/12 43M
1988_07_08_fri_caroline558_0630-0715_steveconway_last_daytime_before_dutch_service.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1988_07_08_fri_caroline558_0715-0930_steveconway_robharrison_last_daytime_before_dutch_service.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
880709_radio_caroline_0742-0826.mp3  new 3/12 20M
1988_07_09_sat_caroline558_0645-0730_ianmack.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1988_07_09_sat_caroline558_0730-0815_ianmack_signoff_then_radio558_signon.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1988_07_09_sat_caroline558_1730-1815_radio558_signoff_then_ianmack.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
1988_07_09_sat_radio558_0815-0900_erwinvanderblieck.mp3 NEW 02/16 gh  
880713_caroline_6215_0029-0200_ann_sw_reel_10_kb.mp3 kb 69M
881105_1200_caroline_558_return_all_day_rec_in_cambridge_tandy_c60_kb.mp3 kb 23M
881105_1231_caroline_558_return_all_day_rec_in_cambridge_tandy_c60_kb.mp3 kb 21M
881106_radio_caroline_1259-1430.mp3  new 3/12 70M
881107_radio_caroline_0920-1320.mp3  new 3/12 111M



890406_radio_caroline_1025-1701.mp3  new 3/12 182M
890807_2317-0000_close_caroline_6215_reel_33_kb.mp3 kb 28M
890819_sat_0529-0820_caroline_558_day_of_raid_reel_gh.mp3 gh 129M
890819_sat_0850-0916_caroline_558_day_of_raid_reel_gh.mp3 gh 21M
890819_sat_0923-1300_caroline_558_approx_raid_day_reel_gh.mp3 gh 174M
890930_sat_2345-2400_caroline558_test_tx_carolinemartin_signoff_[gh].mp3 gh 15M
891027_1245-1415_caroline_558_peter_chicago_thundery_rec_cambridge_vg_c90_1417_kb.mp3 kb 64M
891117_1605_caroline_558_steve_conway_alex_lee_rec_cambridge_c90_1418_kb.mp3 kb 69M
891222_radio_caroline_1458-1800.mp3  new 3/12 84M
891223_radio_caroline_1025-1605.mp3  new 3/12 140M
891224_radio_caroline_1350-1505.mp3  new 3/12 39M
891225_radio_caroline_0950-1645.mp3  new 3/12 188M
891226_radio_caroline_0857-1315.mp3  new 3/12 120M
891227_radio_caroline_0905-1530.mp3  new 3/12 179M



900120_radio_caroline_0935-1620.mp3  new 3/12 183M
900121_radio_caroline_0800-1438.mp3  new 3/12 178M
900203_radio_caroline_1020-1532.mp3  new 3/12 145M
900204_radio_caroline_0850-1525.mp3  new 3/12 187M
900216_radio_caroline_0855-1515.mp3  new 3/12 182M
900217_radio_caroline_0955-1615.mp3  new 3/12 182M
900218_radio_caroline_0805-1435.mp3  new 3/12 179M
900302_1645_caroline_558_90m_rec_cambridge_inc_roy_masters_1800_c90_1458_kb.mp3 kb 69M
900310_radio_caroline_0830-1455.mp3  new 3/12 179M
900311_radio_caroline_0650-0730.mp3  new 3/12 17M
900311_radio_caroline_0912-1458.mp3  new 3/12 161M
900326_radio_caroline_0801-1425.mp3  new 3/12 179M
900327_radio_caroline_0650-1903.mp3  new 3/12 342M
900328_radio_caroline_0705-1605.mp3  new 3/12 247M
900407_radio_caroline_1527-1927.mp3  new 3/12 112M
900409_radio_caroline_1206-2145.mp3  new 3/12 265M
900410_radio_caroline_0612-1926.mp3  new 3/12 357M
900411_radio_caroline_0850-1208.mp3  new 3/12 89M
900415_1245_caroline_558_rec_cambridge_c90_1474_kb.mp3 kb 31M
900415_1400_caroline_558_rec_cambridge_c90_1474_kb.mp3 kb 55M
900415_1515_caroline_558_rec_cambridge_c60_kb.mp3 kb 23M
900426_radio_caroline_1540-2150.mp3  new 3/12 174M
900427_radio_caroline_0720-1330.mp3  new 3/12 174M
900427_radio_caroline_1540-2150.mp3  new 3/12 174M
900428_radio_caroline_0601-0650_0720-1245.mp3  new 3/12 173M
900512_radio_caroline_0625-2400.mp3  new 3/12 471M
900516_radio_caroline_0940-1115.mp3  new 3/12 45M
900519_radio_caroline_0826-1450.mp3  new 3/12 178M
900612_radio_caroline_0750-1415.mp3  new 3/12 178M
900616_radio_caroline_1310-1935.mp3  new 3/12 178M
1990_10_09_tue_caroline_819am_1330-1750_rickyjones_carolinemartin-gh636.mp3 New May 2023 There was a change of frequency to 819kHz in October 1990 due to the issues with Spectrum in London on 558kHz. This is a four hour recording from the afternoon of Tuesday 9th October 1990 with Ricky Jones followed at 3pm by Caroline Martin. Ricky Jones reads the news at 5pm. The tape has a lot of dropouts, especially at the start, as the original recording levels were low. 241MB
901013_radio_caroline_0845-1610.mp3  new 3/12 208M
1990_10_26_fri_caroline_819am_0705-1120_rico_neilgates-gh636.mp3 New May 2023 A four hour recording from 819kHz on Friday 26th October 1990 with Rico on breakfast followed by Neil Gates at 9am. Rico apologised for lack of news, and asks for anyone with knowledge of drains due to an issue in the galley.  Comments were also made about the strong wind and rough state of the sea. The tape has a lot of dropouts as the original recording levels were low. 241MB



1991_03_31_sun_caroline_astra_1105-1530_keithlewis-gh636.mp3 New May 2023 Following the end of transmissions from the mv Ross Revenge at sea in November 1990, this was a return to the air using the Astra Satellite. Radio Nova had been using this transponeder, but had recently closed, and Chris Cary offered the remaining lease to Radio Caroline. On this recording Keith Lewis hosts the show from the Camberley studios on Easter Sunday 31st March 1991. This extract is between just after 11am and 3pm when the station closed and went into continuous music. 362MB
1998_08_14_radio_caroline_satellite_part_1_inc_ronan_johnny_walker.mp3 125MB
1998_08_14_radio_caroline_satellite_part_2_inc_ronan_johnny_walker.mp3 9MB
1998_08_14_radio_caroline_satellite_part_3_inc_ronan_johnny_walker.mp3 32MB


1998_11_15_radio_caroline_raid_nigel_johnny_etc.mp3 60M



LASER 558 / 576

LASER 729 / 558 / 576

Test transmission from the mv Communicator were heard on 729kHz on a few days in January, February and early March 1984.

Recordings of Laser in it's two official incarnations on 558kHz and 576kHz are listed below. Many are made by Steve West who recorded them on reel to reel. Notice that the Laser 576 recordings start a little ropey, but as early morning conditions give way to daytime MW conditions, they become much much better. The files are left in their original state. These were recorded approx 160 - 170 miles from the ship. Bitrate for the Laser recordings is generally 160k.


1984_02_17_fri_laser_729am_1335-1645_johnlewis_blakewilliams_slow_at_end-gh106.mp3 New Feb 2024 Three hours of a test transmission on 729kHz from Friday 17th February 1984 with John Lewis and Blake Williams alternating the shows.  There is some splatter from BBC Radio 4 who at the time were on the adjacent channel of 720kHz from a transmitter at Lots Road, Chelsea. The aerial was strung between the two towers of the power station. Unfortunately this tape starts to sound slow towards the end. Recorded near Bromley from 729kHz. 134MB
1984_02_19_sun_laser_729am_1015-1210_johnlewis-gh106.mp3 New Feb 2024 John Lewis with another 729kHz test transmission on Sunday 19th February 1984. This section is between 10:15am and 12:10pm. The recording was made near Bromley and is a little muffled and the tape has a bit of a speed problem. 105MB
1984_02_19_sun_laser_729am_1530-1600signoff_johnlewis_blakewilliams-gh106.mp3 New Feb 2024 The last half hour of the 729kHz test on Sunday 19th February 1984 with sign off at 4pm.  John Lewis and Blake Williams join together for this part. Recorded near Bromley from 729kHz. The recording is a little muffled. 31MB
1984_06_28_thu_laser558_0500-0732_pauldean_signon-ght18.mp3 New Feb 2022 A sign on at 5am with Paul Dean and the first 150 minutes of the breakfast show. David Lee Stone reads the news.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 134MB
1984_09_12_wed_laser558_1740-1900_jessiebrandon-gh80.mp3 New Nov 2021 Part of a mid-week teatime show from Jessie Brandon. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE Radio 1 on 567kHz.  76MB
1984_10_25_thu_laser558_0755-1105_rickharris_davechaney-gh519.mp3 New Mar 2024 Rick Harris on Thursday breakfast 25th October 1984 until 9am and followed by Dave Chaney. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  174MB
1984_10_25_thu_laser558_1120-1430_davechaney_davidleestone-gh519.mp3 New Mar 2024 Continuing from the above recording from 25th October 1984 with Dave Chaney until 1pm when David Lee Stone takes over. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  174MB
841225_laser_558.mp3  new 3/12  128M
841231_laser_558_2220-0520.mp3  new 3/12  131M
1985_02_28_thu_laser558_0800-1000_rickharris_erinkelly-gh531.mp3 New Mar 2024 Laser 558 had some antenna issues in early 1985 following a mast collapse, and they returned to full power at the end of February.  Here is Rick Harris followed at 9am by Erin Kelly.  Erin signs off the station at 10am for antenna maintenance. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. At the end of the recording are few airchecks from later in the day and which are not great as they were recorded in a concrete building. 124MB
1985_03_01_fri_laser558_0800-1120_rickharris_erinkelly-gh531.mp3 New Mar 2024 Friday morning 1st March 1985 with Rick Harris from 8am until 9am, when Erin Kelly takes over. The station seemed to be back on full hours and high power. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  184MB
1985_05_01_wed_laser558_1742-1900_laserchartaction_lizwest-gh537.mp3 New Sep 2022 Liz West with Laser Chart Action on Wednesday 1st May 1985. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  72MB
1985_05_13_mon_laser558_0745-1100_craignovak_chriscarson-gh537.mp3 New Sep 2022 Three hours of Monday morning shows, with Craig Novak on breakfast, followed by Chris Carson. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  180MB
850524_laser_558_0300-0635.mp3 1st Birthday  new 3/12  214M
850524_laser_558_0645-0945.mp3  new 3/12  215M
850524_laser_558_1020-1330.mp3  new 3/12  216M
850524_laser_558_1335-1645.mp3  new 3/12  216M
850524_laser_558_1705-2015.mp3  new 3/12  130M
850524_laser_558_2020-2105.mp3  new 3/12  32M
1985_06_12_wed_laser558_1735-1915_laserchartaction_chriscarson_erinkelly-gh537.mp3 New Sep 2022 Laser Chart Action from Wednesday 12th June 1985 with Erin Kelly and Chris Carson.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  93MB
1985_07_30_tue_laser558_0658-0904_jonell_erinkelly-gh548.mp3 New Jun 2021 Jonell on breakfast followed at 9am by Erin Kelly. Mention is made of the rough weather. Recorded in Leeds, with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz.  115MB
1985_08_02_fri_laser558_0745-1100_signon_jonell_erinkelly-gh548.mp3 New Jun 2021 Laser signed on late this morning at 0745 with Jonell hosting until 10 am when Erin Kelly took over. Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz. 170MB
1985_08_03_sat_laser558_0700-0820_signon_jonell_generator_fail-gh548.mp3 New Jun 2021 Laser signed on late again this morning at 0700 with Jonell. At around 0820 the generator failed and the station went off the air, as can be heard by the slowing down of the record. Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz. 70MB
1985_08_03_sat_laser558_0834-1012_generator_back_on_jonell_erinkelly-gh548.mp3 New Jun 2021 Laser were off for around 15 minutes before returning at 0834.  Nothing was said by Jonell, except that the sea was a bit rough.  Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz. 90MB
1985_08_06_mon_laser558_1825-2145_tommyrivers_lizwest-gh547.mp3 New Jan 2023 Laser had been off since Sturday evening, but returned early evening on Monday 6th. On this recording Tommy Rivers hosted until 8pm and then Liz West took over.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz and cracking from a lightning storm. 180MB
1985_08_07_tue_laser558_0700-0938_jonell_signon-gh547.mp3 New Jan 2023 Jonell with the late station signon for Tuesday 7th August 1985.  Recorded in Leeds with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz. 145MB
1985_08_07_wed_laser558_1958-2115_charliewolf-gh547.mp3 New Jan 2023 An hour of Charlie Wolf from Tuesday 7th August 1985, where he mentions it would be his last month aboard.  Little did he know that 'Eurosiege 85' was about to happen. Recorded in Leeds with some atmospheric fading towards the end. 70MB
850822_laser_558_1525-1830.mp3  new 3/12  219M
1985_08_26_mon_laser558_2325-0100signoff_chriscarson-gh558.mp3 New Jan 2024 A late Monday evening show from Chris Carson who had just returned from leave.  The recording lasts until signoff at 1am Tuesday morning 27th August 1985. Recorded in West London from 558kHz. There is slight background co-channel interference from a European station. 89MB
850827_laser_558_0930-1540.mp3  new 3/12  275M
850827_laser_558_1615-1920.mp3  new 3/12  220M
850908_laser_558_1115-1725.mp3  new 3/12  389M
1985_09_19_thu_laser558_1739-1917_chriscarson_jaymack-gh558.mp3 New Jan 2024 Thursday afternoon 19th September 1985 and the end of Chris Carson's show at 6pm, followed by the first show from Jay Mack. As received in Leeds o 558kHz. 91MB
851013_laser_558_0900-0945.mp3 New Mar 2012 Sixties Sunday with John Leeds. 32M
1985_10_13_sun_laser558_0945-1120_johnleeds-gh536.mp3 New Nov 2021 A continuation of the above 'Sixties Sunday' shows with relatively new deejay John Leeds. Laser was having a lot of periods off the air at this time.  Here is the first part of a three hour recording as received in Leeds with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz. 86MB
1985_10_13_sun_laser558_1120-1259_johnleeds-gh536.mp3 New Nov 2021 Part two of the above John Leeds recording as received in Leeds with some splatter from RTE 1 on 567kHz. 90MB
1985_10_14_mon_laser558_0800-1122_craignovak_johnleeds-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 The first 3 hours of a six hour recording from Monday morning 14th October 1985. Craig Novak hosts until 9am, when John Leeds takes over.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 185MB
1985_10_14_mon_laser558_1122-1432_johnleeds_jeffdavis-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 Part two of the above recording continuing with John Leeds until 1pm when Jeff Davis starts his first show aboard the mv Communicator. The recording has about 90 minutes of Jeff's first show and was recorded in Leeds from 558kHz.  There is an advert for 'I Spy For The DTI' from the Moronic Surveyors just before mid-day. 175MB
1985_10_16_wed_laser558_2300-0100signoff_chuckcannon-gh572.mp3 New Oct 2022 Chuck Cannon with two hours of a show from Wednesday night 16th October 1985 up to closedown at 1am on Thursday. Not sure of the recording location, but the signal was stable for this time of night. 113MB
1985_10_28_mon_laser558_0630-0750_craignovak-gh541.mp3 New Nov 2022 After being off the air for nine days, Laser returned on Monday 28th October 1985. Here is Craig Novak on breakfast from 0630 until just before 8am. As received in Leeds from 558kHz, with some early morning atmospherics. 76MB
1985_10_28_mon_laser558_0759-1120_craignovak-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 Following on from the above, here is a 6 hour chunk of recording starting with Craig Novak on breakfast at just before 8am. Craig hosted until mid-day and announed they were back to stay, so keep your fingers crossed! This section of the recording lasts until around 11:20am and was received in Leeds from 558kHz. 185MB
1985_10_28_mon_laser558_1120-1423_craignovak_jeffdavis-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 This recording carries on from the above with the end of Craig Novak's show.  Jeff Davis takes over at mid-day and the recording lasts until around 1423.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 175MB
1985_10_28_mon_laser558_2245-0115_chuckcannon_to_signoff_then_numbers-gh567.mp3 New Oct 2022 Chuck Cannon from 10:45pm until sign off at 1am. The recording has been left on after closedown, as at around 0115, Craig Novaks voice appears reading out some numbers for those listening on shore.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 133MB
1985_10_29_tue_laser558_0741-1103_craignovak_johnleeds-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 Another six hour recording, this time from Tuesday 29th October 1985 and starting at 0741 with Craig Novak. John Leeds is back this morning at 9am to his previous spot.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 185MB
1985_10_29_tue_laser558_1103-1415_johnleeds_jeffdavis-gh583.mp3 New Oct 2022 Continuing the above John Leeds show until 1pm when Jeff Davis takes over. The recording continues until about 1415.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 175MB
1985_11_01_fri_laser558_0747-1102_craignovak_johnleeds-gh567.mp3 New Oct 2022 A three hour recording of Craig Novak followed by John Leeds on Friday morning 1st November 1985, the day of a new government spy ship 'Gardline Tracker' appearing nearby to replace the 'Dioptric Surveyor, which was unsuitable for the heavy seas.  Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 180MB
1985_11_04_mon_laser558_2345-0100signoff_chuckcannon-gh567.mp3 New Oct 2022 A pretty awful quality signal of part of the final Chuck Cannon show on 4th November 1985. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz, the foreign stations were very strong that night and Laser disappeared a lot under their signals.  The Laser signal did come up as Chuck Cannon signed off at 1am on Tuesday 5th November.  It was to be his final sign off as the ship sailed into port the following day.  The recording is here for completeness and there are probably better quality extracts on other sites. 71MB
1985_11_05_tue_laser558_0753-1107_craignovak_johnleeds_final_morning-gh568.mp3 New Oct 2022 Part of the final morning's broadcast from Laser 558.  The recording starts at 7:53am with Craig Novak, who reads out some codes every 15 minutes between 8am and 9am, indicating that something was terribly wrong. John Leeds follows on and plays a few cryptic songs.  There are some short gaps between records which sounded like he may not have been in the studio all the time.  The recording lasts until just after 11am.  An hour later at 1220, the station would leave the air and sail into port the following day. Recorded in Leeds from 558kHz. 181MB
851102_laser_558_1055-1355.mp3  new 3/12  219M
851105_laser_558_0805-1115.mp3  new 3/12  200M
851105_laser_558_1118-1220.mp3  new 3/12  71M
861228_laser_576_1017-1250_1314-1503.mp3  new 3/12  296M
861228_laser_576_Tests.mp3  new 3/12  25M
870203_laser_576_0720-1400.mp3  new 3/12  445M
870204_laser_576_0740-1400.mp3  new 3/12  438M
870205_laser_576_0815-1500.mp3  new 3/12  356M
1987_02_17_tue_laserhothits_576am_0712-0758_brandylee-gh648.mp3 New Feb 2024 Brandy Lee breakfast on Tuesday 17th February 1987. This section is between 0712 and the news with Andrew Turner leading up to 8am. 42MB
1987_02_17_tue_laserhothits_576am_0759-0845_brandylee-gh648.mp3 New Feb 2024 Following on from the above Brandy Lee breakfast show, starting with the rest of the news with Andrew Turner.  42MB




The earlier recordings here were made by a friend of Gary's who worked as a navigator on a ship which occasionally sailed from Israel.  They were all made in November 1978, and recorded when his ship was anchored near Haifa.  They are only short extracts of 30 minutes maximum and the presenters on most are unknown, other than Crispian St John.  They do however show the nice audio quality on the AM transmitter.

Additional recordings from the 1980's were from a variety of sources.


1978_11_16_thu_voice_of_peace_1539am_1700-1730_johnnycash_special.mp3 New Nov 2021 Following the 5pm news, Crispian St John introduces a Johnny Cash Special. Recorded inear Haifa from 1539kHz. 28MB
1978_11_00_sat_voice_of_peace_1539am_0026-0041_1540partynight.mp3 New Nov 2021 The 1540 Party Night from just after midnight on a Saturday morning.  Recorded near Haifa from 1539kHz. 12MB
1978_11_00_voice_of_peace_0045-0120_1540partynight-airchecks.mp3 New Nov 2021 More airchecks from the 1540 Party Night from 0045.  Recorded near Haifa from 1539kHz. 12MB
1978_11_00_voice_of_peace_1539am_0930-0950.mp3 New Nov 2021 Part of a morning show recorded near Haifa from 1539kHz.  This recording suffers from a whistle. 17MB
1978_11_00_voice_of_peace_1539am_a_song_for_you-15mins.mp3 New Nov 2021 Part of what appears to be a request show as received near Haifa from 1539kHz.  This recording also suffers from a whistle. 17MB
1984_07_21_sat_voice_of_peace_100fms_1103-1200_daveasher-gh467.mp3 New Jun 2023 The first of several recordings from July 1984. This first one features an hour of Dave Asher on Saturday morning 21st July 1984. The news from the official Kol Israel is relayed on the hour. The recordings were from FM in stereo on the announced 100MHz but from an unknown source. 134MB
1984_07_25_wed_voice_of_peace_100fms_0803-0903_robscott.mp3 New Jun 2023 Rob Scott with breakfast on Wednesday 25th July 1984. The news from the official Kol Israel is relayed on the hour. The recording was from FM in stereo on the announced 100MHz. 139MB
1984_07_25_wed_voice_of_peace_100fms_1103-1203_davethomas-gh467.mp3 New Jun 2023 Dave Thomas on late morning Wednesday 25th July 1984. The news from the official Kol Israel is relayed on the hour. The recording was from FM in stereo on the announced 100MHz. 140MB
1984_07_25_wed_voice_of_peace_100fms_1304-1405_kevinvangelden-gh467.mp3 New Jun 2023 Here is an hour of Kevin van Gelden in the early afternoon from Wednesday 25th July 1984. The news from the official Kol Israel is relayed on the hour. The recording was from FM in stereo on the announced 100MHz. 143MB
1984_07_26_thu_voice_of_peace_100fms_0329-0431_quentinmartin-gh467.mp3 New Jun 2023 An hour of early morning programming from Quentin Martin on Thursday 26th July 1984.  The recording was from FM in stereo on the announced 100MHz. 143MB
1984_07_26_thu_voice_of_peace_100fms_1803-1905_davidfortune-gh467.mp3 New Jun 2023 David Fortune with an hour of drive time on Thursday 26th July 1984.  The recording was from FM in stereo on the announced 100MHz. 143MB
1985_06_24_mon_voice_of_peace_1539am_1202-1505_grantgoddard-gh547.mp3 New Jan 2023 Three hours of Grant Goddard with the 'clutter free' afternoon show on Monday 24th June 1985.  There are not too many links, but it does include jingles and on the hour news bulletins. Don Stevens took over at 3pm following the news, but the recording runs out before his first link.  This was received in Cyprus on 1539kHz. Apparently engineer Keith York had been doing some work on the transmitters and improved the signal immensely during 1985, which is why the signal was so good in Cyprus at this point. 174MB
1987_01_29_thu_voice_of_peace_100fms_2203-2250_timshepherd-gh616.mp3 New Mar 2023 Tim Shepherd with Thursday Rock File on Thursday 29th January 1987.  He announces this as his final rock show. This is in stereo and possibly recorded on the ship by Tim himself. 107MB
1987_01_29_thu_voice_of_peace_100fms_2306-2400_timshepherd-gh616.mp3 New Mar 2023 Partial airchecks of the final hour of the above Tim Shepherd Thursday Rock File.  This is in stereo and possibly recorded on the ship by Tim himself. 99MB
1987_02_01_sun_voice_of_peace_100fms_0746-0900_timshepherd-gh616.mp3 New Mar 2023 Tim Shepherd on Sunday 1st February 1987 with the final part of his last breakfast show on his first stint on the Peace Ship.  This is in stereo and possibly recorded on the ship by Tim himself. 168MB




Radio Scotland:

Recordings of Radio Scotland are pretty scarce. They used to broadcast from off the coast of Ayrshire at in the 1960's, as well as off the East Coast.

A selection of unique recordings have came our way in 2005. They were recorded by "Alistair" at the time when the future of the station was doomed. They were made onto an old reel to reel recorder and kept for old times sake. Discovered by "Alex", and copied, they are here in all their glory. The last of the "Fireside Chats" with station owner Tommy Shields are particularly interesting. There are no real dates, but if it was said they are mainly from August 1967 as an estimate, it would not be far out.

The first file contains the last fireside chat with Tommy Shields, after the last Dr Arnhold D Cowan message. It seems to end just as Tommy was saying goodbye, but that's all we have. There is a lot of talk of legislation coming in, so dates must be roughly July or August 1967.


NB: These recordings are for sharing and enjoyment but are subject to copyright, and are not for resale.

Anyone found selling any of this material on e-bay will be given very negative feedback and e-bay WILL BE informed. I have not spent time making these old recordings available to the public for muppets to try and profit from.

Commercial use is strictly forbidden.


660518_1335_1347_242_scotland_jack_mcglauchlan_swing_across_midday_[under_tow_wick].mp3 9,286k
660518_2029_2045_242_scotland_bob_spencer_[under_tow_thurso].mp3 11,814k
670813_approx_1320_radio_scotland_242_inc_tommy_shields.mp3 14,928k
670813_1715_1755_242_scotland_richard_park_back_track.mp3 22,494k
offshore_radio_scotland_lp.mp3 22,494k





APRIL 2010:

Added a few files from the day of the illegal raid on Radio Caroline in 1989. The reel this came from was a copy of the master, which may be slightly better, but of course I don't have it. I initially thought that this was recorded in Blackpool, but seemingly it is more likely to have been recorded in the SE of England. It runs almost continously from 0530 through to the last words during the raid just after 1300. There are a couple of gaps. (Hence 3 separate files, I don't mean gaps on the recording)

Added about four files of late night Caroline from SW, 1988, including sign offs, as well as four new long recordings from the SW. It seems I recorded a lot from the SW service then, as we knew the transmitter was going to be for religion in the long run.

I just made a check. I have made available about 65 hours of SW alone here. Not bad at all.


MARCH 2010:

Have updated the Caroline 1980's files dramatically, with many recordings from the time just after the Ross Revenge arrived in the North Sea. Scroll down to view files, or click here


MAY 2008:

Reloaded the late 1980s Caroline SW files with direct links, and not split rar files through RAPIDSHARE. Much easier. Also some new and unique recordings from 1978 from gh. Direct links.

EASTER 2008:

Radio Caroline is doing some fantastic broadcasts this weekend, and I e mailed this old photo from 1980 off to them for a laugh. The lads are: Back Row: Martin Fisher, Robb Eden, James Kaye, Mike Stevens. Front Row: Stevie Gordon, Steven Bishop, Tom Hardy, Tom Anderson, Brian Martin, and unid listener?? Click to enlarge.


Added another 700 meg of Radio Caroline SW from the Ross Revenge in 1988. These are direct downloads this time and not via RAPIDSHARE. The files should download OK. Some are large files are around 300 meg, so make sure you have a reliable connection! I may be able to upload the rapidshare stuff to the same server for ease of download.


This section began after some inspiration from sites like AZ Anorak, and John Patrick's superb downloads on offshoreradio.de. I have a ton of manky old tapes in dire need of MP3ing. I am gradually working through them.

Unlike many of the download web sites, I use a high bitrate for the recordings. I used to use a mere 64k, but sometimes the audio quality was a bit watery. This is still the case unfortunately with some of the download files on various web sites, which are sometimes produced in even lower bit rates. The sad thing is that the original recordings in many cases sound very good, and are spoilt by low bit rates. But on the other hand, I lived a long way from the radio ships of the 70's, and reception was often poor. To have recordings that dont fade, or disappear altogether etc is a bonus.

I began these archive pages with some unique recordings I made myself on rather inferior equipment in those days, but the content is quite unique in the fact the tapes never did the rounds. I will be adding to these files soon hopefully.

Phase two is a set of long recordings from 1980's reel to reel tapes. These are generally of much better audio quality than the older 1970's stuff. The Caroline recordings made from their SW outlet, while being of good quality, does suffer from the some fading, as SW signals do.